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Publication numberUS1606883 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1926
Filing dateJul 9, 1926
Priority dateJul 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1606883 A, US 1606883A, US-A-1606883, US1606883 A, US1606883A
InventorsEarl Baker Ralph, John Mccrory Louis
Original AssigneeEarl Baker Ralph, John Mccrory Louis
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Sanitary toothpick holder
US 1606883 A
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Nov. 16 1926.

L. J. MccRoRY ET AL SANITARY TO OTHPICK vflilOLDER Filed July, y192'@ y A Thejrttarrzey.

Fatented Nov. i6, 1926.



Application liled July 9.

Our invention consists of a sanitary toothpick holder and has for its object the provision of a means for delivering toothpicks in a safe, sanitary and economical cribed of a means of providing toothpicks for removal therefrom without the interposition of human hands, thereby effecting said delivery in a sanitary manner.

Another object of our invention is to provide, in a device ofthe character described,

means whereby said toothpicks will be prevented from jamming in said holder', thereby promoting the delivery of said toothpicks in a uniform manner.

lilith the above and other objects inA view, the invention. consists of the combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that within the scope of what is claimed, changes in the precise embodiment of the invention shown can be made, withouty de'- parting from the spirit of our invention.

ln the drawings- Figure l is a sectional view o f our invention transversely through the delivery chute and reservoir thereof;

Figure 2 is a sectional view along the line 2 2 of Figure. l;

Figure 3 is a detail of the feeder arm.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, toothpicks are placed in the receptacle B and are delivered through the chute A. lVhen a toothpick such as M is removed from the said chute A, said chute oscillates ou the trunnions l, rotatably mounted in the container H, communicating its motion to the link C by mea-ns of the pin 9, the other end of the link being rotatably attached to the crank G by means of the in 8, said crank G being mounted on the shaft 7 journaled in the bracket l() supported by 1926. Serial No. 121,314.

the container H. The relative location of the pins 8 and 9 and link C is such that about ten degreesrotation of the chute A will cause aboutninety degrees rotation of the crank G aboutv its shaft 7. The pins l and 5 are afliXed at opposite points on thecrank G, vengaging respectively in the slot 3 provided in the linger E and the slot 6 provided in the linger D so as to permit vertical movement of the lingers D andv E slidably positioned in the bracket l0 supported by the container H. Attached to the linger E by means of the arm 2 is the feeder F having provided on its ripper side a plurality of serrations 13 and on the discharge side the cam face 12,v said feeder F being positioned in the slots A17 provided in the licor of the reservoir B so ,as to thereby form the feeder lips ll. .As the crank Gr rotates as heretofore described, the linger D rises and the finger E lowers so as to permit a toothpick such as J to pass into the position as shown at L and resting against the linger D, the said movement of the said toothpick being aided 'by the cam face 12. `Further downward ,movement of the linger E causes the feeder F attached to said linger, to pass below the said feeder lips ll so as to leave a row of toothpicks similar to those shown as at K resting on said feeder lip, the action of gravity causing lone of the said toothpicks K to pass through the opening 16 provided in the front wall of the said reservoir B so as to take approximately the position as at J, said opening 16 being y formed with the notches 18 so as to permit the feeder F to project upwardly therein. lVhen the toothpick M is entirely removed from the chute A, said chute is caused by gravity to oscillate about the trunnion l in the reverse manner to that heretofore idescribed, so as to thereby cause the finger D to lower and release the toothpick L into the chute A, said toothpick being aided in its movement by the rising finger E, said finger at the same time forcing the toothpick J into its position asshown. At the same time the feeder F rises into the reservoir B, agitating the toothpicks therein and arranging the bottom row thereof in order as shown at K,

The chute A is shaped so as to permit one end of a toothpick such as L, as said toothpick is delivered therein, to have a freer fall than the other end; atvthe same time the said chute is sloped downwardly and to one side so as to cause said free end to advance ahead of the other end of said toothpick, thereby causing said toothpick to assume the position as shown at M, said toothpick being restrained from complete emergence from said chute by means of the spring la positioned in the said chtite at the delivery end thereof.

In the preferred embodiment of our invention, as shown, we have indicated two feeder' mechanisms comprising the cranks G, fingers D and E, feeders F, brackets l() and associated parts as substantially indicated in .i Figure 2, the motion ofthe first said crank (l rotatably attached to the link() being communicated to the other crank (i by the shaft 7, but itis obvious that ,more or less such mechanismsmay be used at the option of theperson constructing the device.

XVe claim: Y Y

1. In a sanita ry toothpick holder, the combination of a container, a toothpick reservoir positioned in said container, a delivery chute oscillatably mounted on trunnions positioned in said container, `said chute being sloped downwardly and to one side and having pro vided at its delivery end a spring whereby to prevent the complete emergence of tooth picks therefrom, delivery lips provided on the lower portion of said reservoir and registering with said delivery chute, mutually re eiprocating lingers positioned intermediate said vdelivery lips, feeders cooperating with said fingers and positioned rearwardlyithereof, so as to be capable ofprojecting` upwardly into said reservoir, sald feeders having provided on theirupper side `a plurality of sers.'

ations and having provided on the side to wards the said fingersacam shaped face, and means for communicating the oscillatory motion of said chuteto said reciprocating ngers and said feeders. y

2. In a sanitary toothpickholder, the combination of a container, a delivery chute oscillatably mounted on trunnions positioned in said container, said chute `being slopedv downwardly and to one side and having provided atits delivery end afspring whereby to prevent the complete emergenceof toothnicks therefrom, alink pivotally mounted on the back of saidchute, a bracket supported by the said container, acrank rotatably mounted onAsaid bracket, said link being piving fingers' positioned vertically in saidV bracket one in front of the other and having provided at their lower end slots suitably to engage said pins, whereby the said rotation of said crank may be converted into the vertically reciprocating.motion of said fingers so that as one linger goes up the vother comes down` and means for delivering toothpicks to said fingers, substantially as de scribed, so that the mutually reciprocating action of said lingers will cause ,said toothpicks to be delivered to said chute.

. In a device of the character described, a container, a-delivery chute Voscillatably mounted on trunnions positioned in said container, a toothpick reservoir positioned in said container suitably to register with said chute,v delivery lips provided on the bottom of said reservoir, said lips being provided with slots extending rearwardly therefrom and into the floor of the said reservoir, mutually reciprocating fingers positioned one rearwardly the other in said slots, a feeder positioned behind the saidrearward finger and affixed thereto but having its top surface above the top of said rearward finger, `and also having provided its top surface at a slope corresponding to the slope of the floor of said reservoir, said top surface having provided therein a plurality of serratious of .a size corresponding to a toothpick, said Louis Joint Meononv. RALPH man nanna.


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