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Publication numberUS1607007 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1926
Filing dateJul 27, 1925
Priority dateJul 27, 1925
Publication numberUS 1607007 A, US 1607007A, US-A-1607007, US1607007 A, US1607007A
InventorsBenjaman Eckstein, Harry Leviten
Original AssigneeBenjaman Eckstein, Harry Leviten
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Hand bag
US 1607007 A
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Nov. 16 1926.

H. LEVITEN ET AL HAND BAG Filed July 2'7' vlllllllllllil ,Illfllllllllla Il INVENTORS Harry Lez/'z Een .Fenjmnzn Patented Nov. 1.6, 1926.




- Aapplication niet uly 27, 1925. serial No. 46,250.

This invention relates to a hand bag which is provided with means for carryin toilet artlcles such as face 'powder and llpstick, and the object of the present invention is to provide a separate compartment independent of the other compartments or l. pockets for mounting the toilet articles.

The invention is designed to provide a compartment arranged in the frontportion of the bag which can be opened without unlocking an adjacent compartment for hold- .ing valuables or a purse.

Another object of the invention is to provide a panel for permanently mounting the individual units of toilet articles in the compartment, hence when an article such as a lipstick is used it is returned to the panel unit and cannot be misplaced or thrown loosely into the bag.

Another object of the invention is to provide an individual flap for closing the toilet carrying compartment which is entrelyin dependent of the flap for closing the other pockets or compartments so that the purse compartment can be opened without disturbing or opening the toilet compartment.

The novel features of the invention are more fully described in the following specication and claims and illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing the bag opened.

Fig. 2is a vertical transverse section showino* the bag closed.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section of a panel and lip stick holder.

Fi 4 is a similar section of a panel provide with a-rouge box.

In the drawing is shown a bag consisting of a back5 having a lining 6'and a front lap 7 forming a continuation of the back. The ap has a stud member 8 to coact with a socket member 9 located in the front wall 10 under the flap when the bag is closed as indicated in Fig. 2. At the rear of the bag is arranged a pocket 11 enclosed by the back and a wall 12 fixed in the bag. The pocket can be used for storing handkerchiefs and similar articles.

A compartment or receptacle 14 for carryin'g a purse or other valuables is arranged alongside of the pocket. This compartment is locked by a latch 15 mounted on. a jaw unit of the metal frame 16 to which the walls 17 enclosing the compartment are/secured. The wall 12 of the rear pocket is also .fastened by sewing or otherwise to one of the walls of the purse compartment. A pocket 18 in front of the purse compartment has a rear wall 19 secured to the front wall of the compartment and the pocket can be employed to hold cards or other miscellaneous articles.

In lfront of the last named ocket is disposed a compartment 20 enc osed by the front wall 10 and a rear wall 21 forming the front wall of the pocket 18 in the rearof the compartment. The walls of the compartment and the pocket are fastened to the front wall of the purse receptacle. The compartment is on the outer side' of the receptacle and the upper end or mouth thereof 1s closed by a flap 22 secured to the rear wall of the compartment. The flap has a socket member 24 made to snap into engagement with a stud 25 secured to the front wall of a compartment. The wall 21 is provided w1th a mirror 26 glued or otherwise fastened to the Wall.

The inner face of the wall 10 is equipped with a frame 27 best seen in Fig. 1. The frame 1s secured to the wall by sewing along its two sides and upper portion leaving an opemng 28 for the insertion of an object. The compartment is closed by means of snap fasteners 23 the socket member being -fastened to the wall 21 and the stud to the front wall.

The toilet articles are all mounted on a panel or plate 29 which is usually slipped into the o ening 28 and remains in the space between t 1e frame and the inner surface of the wall. The toilet articles are mounted on the panel in a peculiar manner, for example, a box 30 for holding the rouge and powder puff is securely fastened to the panel and 1t has a cover 3l hinged at 32 to the box. There are two of the boxes shown. The rouge cannot spill out after the cover is snapped shut. V

Onv the panel is also mounted a sleeve 34 made to swing by being pivoted at one end 35 the panel. The tubular holder 36 for a llpstick 37 best seen in Fig. 3, is slip ed into the sleeve and the holder with the lipstick can be removed when necessary to use the lipstick by pullingl the holder out of the sleeve. The lipstick can then be moved up or down in the holder by means of a in 38 and a block 39 fastened to the pin. he. pin travels in a slot 40 formed in the holder and the upward movement of the pin and block forces thelipstick from the holder.

toilet compartment Two of the li stick holders and sleeves are shown both v eing arranged between the rouge boxes. v

It will be seen that when the compartment is opened to give access to the toilet articles the receptacle with the purse can remain locked. The flap 22 individually closes the independent of the other compartments. If desired the panel caube fastened in the frame but it is preferred to have it removable so that it can be more readily cleaned or polished and it ing a number of articles, vand a fla inside of the bag connected to the wall of t e compartment for'closing the compartment independent of the pocket.

2. A hand bag com prisin a back having a continuous front Hap for closing the mouth of the4 bag, a compartment secured to the front Wall of the bag, a pocket located behind the compartment, individual vmeans in- 'side of the bag for locking the pocket, a

pocket located behind and a pocket in front of the locked pocket, a frame' fixed-to the front wall of the compartment, a panel arcan be madeof bright metal or fancy leather\ranged in the frame for mounting a number or Celluloid.

We claim 1. A hand bag comprising a back having l a front Hap for closing the bag, a compartment secured to a wall of the. bag, a pocket located in the bag, individual means inside of the bag for locking the pocket, a

` frame fixed to awall of the compartment,

a panel arranged in the frame for mountbf articles, and a flap inside of the bag connected tothe rear Wall of .the compartment for closing the mouth of the compartment independent of the pocket.

In testimony whereof We have hereunto set our hands. v


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