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Publication numberUS1607014 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1926
Filing dateApr 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1607014 A, US 1607014A, US-A-1607014, US1607014 A, US1607014A
InventorsPercy M. Moak
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US 1607014 A
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mmm@ Nov. 16 1926..

P. M.` MoAK VENDING DEVICE Filed April 19, 1926 Patented Noia lo; 1926@ vnivnine nnvron.

Application iiled April 19, 1826. Serial llo. 102,982.

The object of my invention is to provide a simple inexpensive device by means of which articles such as cigarettes in bulk can be dispensed or vended one at a time.

A further and particular' object is to pro vide a vending device composed of but few parts and hence inexpensive to manufacture and not likely to get outlof order or to reduire adjustment and repairs. K

The invention. consists `s gfenerally in various constructions and combinations all as hereinafter described and particularly pointed out in the claims.

In theaccompanying drawings `forming p a-rt ofV this speciiication,

Figurel is a perspective view of a. cigarette .vending device embodying my invention; s p y Y Y .Figure 2 is a vertical sectional y.view of the same showing the parts `in their normal position;vv

Figure 3 is a similar view ,showing the plungerk andslide inposition to discharge a cigarette from the hopper;

L Figurefl is a Ysectionalview on the line llf- 4l of Figure 2; i

Figure 5 is a sectional view on the line 5*--5 of Figure 2. i

l'n the drawing, 2 represents a suitable casing having av cover 3 adapted for removal to place the cigarettes therein; and 4 is an inclined wall forming one sid ofthe bot.

tom of the cigarette containing; chamber ,5. 6 represents the side walls of this chamber having offsets 'Yat the lower ends forming `guides 8 wherein auslide 9 is adapted to reciprocate and be `operated back, and `forth ltheguides by' means ofia finger grip `10 that is adapted to be operated by the person desiring a cigarette.. An opening. 11 is provided in the bottom. of the casing; over which the slide moves and cross members 12 and 13 are provided in said slide formed bybending the material. of which it iscomposed, an lopeningrlf being provided between these, crossv members through whichl the cigarettes mai7 drop one at a time upon the inclined y shelf 15 having the upwardly turned lower end 16. The front wall of the casing has a horizontal inwardly turned eX- Ltension 17 over which the yslide is adapted to operate, and above this shelf isl a flat spring 18 substantially the full width of the casing and secured at 19 to the front wall thereof. This spring is made of a suitable metal and has suliicient tension to normally two functions.

@il further function of this sprinO Vllhe coiledisprino havino' no other function hold the slide in its \\'ithclrawn position as indicated by full lines yin Figure 2, and when inthis position the lower cigarette of the pile in the chamber 5 may drop down off the rshelf Ll into thespace between the transverse sections 12 and 13 and rest upon the edge of the shelf 1'?.

ed position as shown in'Figure '2 and rper-- mits the lower cigarette in thechamber 5 to rest upon the end of theshelf l?. The lower end'of thelplate 18 is suificientlj,7 below the plate /iso' that whenthe slide is pushedrin by the pressure of the on the grlp 10;the plate 18 will be tensioned andy its lower end engagingn thel lower :cigarette of the pile will push it off the shelf 17 into the opening- 11 and from thence the cigarette will drop bv gravity upon the shelf 15 and slide down against the stop ,1G in position tobe Irasped b v the fingers oftheu user. The plate 18 has. therefore, By-itsy tension, it normally holes the slide iny afretracted position and returns the slide to this position when a cigarette or other article has been, eieoted plate is to push the cigarette or othenarticle beine vendedloif the edge of the shelf 1? so that it will drop by gravity into the'openingi` l1 when the slide is manipulated.

lthus am able to provide dispensing device having: a. minimuinnumber of na is except that of'afsprino normallv found in devicesof this hind is entirely eliminated in my improved vending: device. The flat spring plate 18 composed of suitable material has thedouble function of aspiring; and

has aireiecting means for ythe cigarette and l; therefore am able to produce an article of this kind that will bemore simplein construction thandevices of this kind as usually P made and hence willvnot only be less e71- pensive to manufacture in the first instance but will `be lesslilelv to get out of order and require repairs. f

As soonasthe slide has movedto the limit l of its inward movement and discharged the ciga1'ett'e5-the spring, uponr the release of the slide by the operator will return it to its normal position moving the transverse section 13 to a point Where it Will prevent the bottom cigarette from tipping off the shelf 17 until the slide has again been moved in- Wardly to tension the fiat spring and eject the lower cigarette from its resting place on the shelf. Y p L lt have shown andl described the' device used? particularly for the vendingof cigarettes, butit may be used for vending other articles of somewhat similar4 form or' the construction ofthe supportwin the bottom of the chamber may bemodilied and other different shaped articles vended, utilizing the'flat spring both as anvv aid thevending operation and as a means for returning. the slide manipulated. by the user to its normal positiomv 4 Y Thed'evice may of course be made of any suitable materialbut E prefer to vutilize g5 sheet metalof suitable gauge on' account of its comparatively' light Weight and the ease with which it may be formed or fashioned ifn'to the desired sha'ipe.

The device may be used in different positions and locations and is adapted particularly for attachment tof the instrument bo'ard" of an automobile so'A that the driver of the car can manipulate the plunger and slide withV one hand' and' obtain. a cigarette from the device Without the necessity of removing'both hands from the Wheel. It Will be understood also that I do not Confine myself to the vending-'or dispensing of cigarettes alone as other articles similar inform may be placed Within the' .vending chamber.

and dispensed one at' a time in the manner described.

In' various Ways, the detailsof rconstruction herein shovvn andA described may be modified'and still be Within the scope of my invention.

1 claim as my invention:

A vending device comprising a casing having a chamber therein and a support in the bottom of said chamber',- a shelf belovv said supportv to receive' the articles' to be vended, said casing having a vending opening through which the articles iny said chamber maybe delivered one'at a time', a recipro'catin'g slide adjacent said opening and spring plate' adapted tol normally hold said slide in its retracted position and serveV as a means forV discharging the article fro-msaid sl'ie'lf-When said slide is operated.

2. 1n a vending device, al reciprocating article-'eje'cting means and a support over which said` ejf'ecting means operates, said ysupport being adapted to receive the lower article to be vended' in the path of said ejecting means, and a spring devicehaving `the tion-,i and.v returning i-tto such position, and discl'iarging the article to be vended from sai'd' support when said reciprocating means is operatedp 3. A vending device comprising a casing having an inclined plate thereinterminating at a point near the middle of said cas-` ing, a. shelf provided beneathl said. plate and spaced therefrom for the disch-arge' of the articles in sai-d casing one at a` time, an ejecting' means operating above" said shelf and a flat spring plate engaging saidE ejectinp; means and normally holding it;` in a retracted' position and also engaging 4the article to'be vended and discharging it from said shelf when said slide is operated.

A V.vending device having ya chamber ladapted to receive `articles to be vended and provided withY a discharge opening, and a support in the pathpf the articlesy falling throughu saidopeningT a slide operating above saidf support and comprising` -side members and transverse sections between thema said sections inwind. an opening bej tweenv them'. tol resister with: thel opening in the bottom of said casing, and means:` tendingnormal-lv to hold said slide in1 its retractedposition-'andv permit an article to Lfall upon said support and@ beheld. thereon by one of. said: transverse sectionspandz saidvr means being also adapted when said slide is operated to` disch-arge the article toT be vended from said support and also return said slide to its normal retracted position when released. Y

A vending device comprising. a suit` able casing adapted to contain cigarettes or like articles placedloosely oneupon another therein, as support in the lower portion of .said casing, Whereon the articles normally tion and adapted When. said ejec'ting` device is' operated to discharge the lovve'r article from the vending device.

7; A vending device having a chamber adapted to receive articles to be vended and provided with ak floor in its lower portion and a vending opening.. ma shelf 1bel-ovv said floor, an ejecting device having opening therein through which the articles drop one at a time upon said shelf, and a spring device normally holding said ejecting device in its retracted position and adapted to engage the lower article of the pile resting upon said shelf and discharge it therefrom when said ejecting device is operated.

8. A vending device comprising a casing having a chamber therein and an inclined floor in the lower portion extending partially across said chamber and adapted to support articles placed loosely within said chamber, a spring plate forming a wall of said chamber and depending below said floor, the space between said plate and the edge of said fioorallowing the articles to feed through one at a time, a shelf below said opening whereon the lower article of the pile normally rests, an ejecting device operating between said shelf and ioor and having an opening therethrough to register with the opening in the bottom of said chamber, said Vspring plate depending into the opening in said ejecting device in position to engage and discharge the lower article from said shelf when said ejecting device is operated.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set i my hand this 14th day of April, 1926.


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