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Publication numberUS1607194 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1926
Filing dateJul 27, 1926
Priority dateJul 27, 1926
Publication numberUS 1607194 A, US 1607194A, US-A-1607194, US1607194 A, US1607194A
InventorsBarnes Doctor D, Gammon Lester C
Original AssigneeBarnes Doctor D, Gammon Lester C
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Dilator for piles or hemorrhoids
US 1607194 A
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l.. c. GAMMON Er AL nunon Foa PILES on Hmommoms v Filed July 27. k1926 atl Patented Nov.v16, 1926. i4

LESTER o rGiAMli/rou Ann DOCTOR DfBARNEs, 'or sniunrotnrrr,'1D-Arm.:


` Application filed July 27, 1926. Serial No. 125,254.

This invention relates to Ysurgical implements and particularlyto rectal dilators.

Piles or hemorrhoidsare Atumors upon the walls of the rectum andV about the anus and this is caused by a diseased conditionv ofv the veins and arteries of the lower bowels and tumors form from the size ofgrains of rice to the size of large walnutsp If these are neglected the tumors will not return toV their places and finallydisappear. 'l Y The general object of theA present inven-l tion is to provide a 'dilator'which may be inserted in the rectum fromtimeto time and expanded tov thus cause a pressureto bear upon the veins and cause the blood which collects in these sacs or-tumors to be 'forced into circulation.

A further object is to provide a device of this character which may be use-d with very little/pain and which from day to day may vbe used to dilate the rectum more and more and with greater pressure until-the piles dis-v appear and a still further object is toV provide means'whereby the dilator may be held for any desired length of time in its' expanded condition. i Our invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings wherein'z'- Q y 9 Figure 1 1s an elevation ofan instrument constructed in accordance with ourfinvention, the instrument lbeing closed; y e

Figure 2 is a like view to Figure 1 but showingv the instrument expanded, the rubberenvelopebeing in section;

. Figure 3 isa section on the 'line 3-3 of Figure 1." Y Referring to these 'drawings it will be Vseen that thedilator comprises two handles 10 and llpivoted to each other at 12. One of the handles is provided with a shackle or ring 13 and the other with a series of teeth 14 with which the ring or shackle is adapted to engage.v The extremities of the handles beyond the pivotal point 12 are extended in the form of outwardly divergent rods or' shanks 15A and mounted upon these Shanks is a rubber sheath 16. This sheath is made of one single piece of'rubber approximately semi-circular in cross section which is bent into an approximate U-form and the rshanks 15 are inserted in the ends of this U-'shaped sheath. The bight portion of the sheath is somewhat notched at 17 so as to permit the rectum. Y n

In the use of this device,;the rectum should'4 be dilated from" day to 'day'ras muchas pos-v *bending of the sheath as illustrated and as the handles are forced toward each other the sheath will be caused` to expand from the shownl in Figure 2'. l. i Disposed over this sheath positionv shown in Figure 1, to the position 16A is av thin rubs ber casing .18 which extends downto the lower end ofthe sheath'and rwhich is readily expanded or contracted. This rubber legs of the sheath so as to "provide a continuous outer `surface for 'that Vportion of 'thei'nstrument which is to be inserted into the sible without pain and everyday the rectum envelope fits varound the rounded outer edges of the sheath and extends across between they'A should be dilatedwith. greater and greater c ,pressure until the dilator is opento its limit.-

Of course this principle ofthe dilation of the rectum has been used before for the cure of hemorrhoids but inall cases known to us a plurality of orl a set of dilators have been used of different sizes which must be forced intothe rectum and itis impossible to securel the very slight increasefinl dilation day afterv yday as ispossible with ourv construction.

VIt will be seen that the instrument is very simple, can vbel readily used by anyone, and' that it operates ina natural V,but thoroughly effective manner.

vWe claim 1. A Y dilator ofv the character described comprising handles .pivoted to each" other,

a U-shaped dilating element of yielding material mounted upon the extremities of the handles and dilated thereby, and an en- Vvelope of thin rubber extending over the U- shaped element and enclosing the same.

2. An instrumentof the character described comprising handles pivotedto each other, and having shanks projecting there` from, a Ushaped member of rubber mounted upon said Shanks, the member having an outer rounded edge surface and being ada ed to be dilated Vby the compression of the handles towardzeach other, and an envelope of thin soft elastic rubber extending over the U-.shaped member.

scribed comprising handles pivoted to each 3. An instrument of the character de from, means locking the handles in various adjusted positions with relation to each other,

and an approximately U-sheped member of rubberv into thel en'ds of which the handle shankspare inserted', the rubber member being adapted to be expanded by the compression of the handles, and an envelope of kthin rubber surrounding the U-shepedA member and enclosing the same end expnsble with In testimony whereof We hereunto affix

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U.S. Classification606/198, 606/197
International ClassificationA61M29/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61M29/02
European ClassificationA61M29/02