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Publication numberUS1607803 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1926
Filing dateDec 31, 1924
Priority dateDec 31, 1924
Publication numberUS 1607803 A, US 1607803A, US-A-1607803, US1607803 A, US1607803A
InventorsSchank John E
Original AssigneeR H Buhrke Co
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Golf bag
US 1607803 A
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J. E. SCHANK GOLF BAG Filed Dec, 5l. 1924 nnnn nnnnnnnnrmnnn f/w/E/vrd/f.-

Patented Nov. 23, 19265.

'unirse S'rarss teensex sies.




Application filed. December 31, 1924. Serial No. 758,996.

My invention is concerned with golt bags having adjustable handles of the general character shown in my Patent No. 1,461,459, issued July 10, 1923, and is designed to produce a bag having an adjustment for the handle that is simple in its construction, ca pable ot ine adjustment, and that will be durable.

To illustrate my invention, I annex hereto a sheet of drawings in which the same reterence characters are used to designate identical parts in all the figures, ot' Which,-

Fig. 1 is a side. elevation of a golf bag embodying my invention;

Fig. 2 is a central, longitudinal section through the adjusting mechanism, but on a larger scale than is shown in Fig. 1;

Figs. 3 and 4 are details in section on the lines 3-3 and 4-4, respectively, of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5 is a perspective view ot a covering cap employed in connection With the bearings for the screw rod.

The body of the gol3 bag may be of any desired material and construction, and I have illustrated the. same as formed `01" canvas with the customary reinforcing strips, and rods, and top and bottom. Rigidly secured to the body portion, preterably by a series of rivets 11 passing through the body portion, as Well as a leather covering strip to be hereinafter described, is a strip 12 ot sheet metal, which I preferably employ for strengthening purposes, and to which is secured the bearings 13, 14 and 15, in which rotates the screw-threaded rod 16, which has the milled head 17 by which it is rotated. rIhe bearings 13, 14 and 15 have as their bases a metallic block 13, Which is provided on its bottom with one or more extensions 19 which are passed through suitable apertures in the, strip 12 and secured in place by sWaging. These blocks 18, of course, have suitable. unthreaded apertures 'j in which the screw rod 16 rotates, and the bearings 13 and 15 are provided with the caps 20, one of which is shown in perspective in Fig. 5, which caps are stamped up from sheet metal and are complementary at the two ends, being provided with recesses 21 through which the rod extends, and with the prongs or extensions 22, which are passed through suitable apertures in the strip or plate 12, and turned over to secure them in place. The cap 2()a for the bearing 14 is similar to the caps except that it has no side portion, and these three caps for the bearings 13, 14 and 15 have, in addition to their protecting function, that Ot holding in place the slightly concave metallic covering strip 23, Which extends the length of the adjusting apparatus (and which is preterably protected by a covering 23a ot thin leather), and covers the nuts 24 to be next described. rIhese nuts 24 are best shown in Fig". 3, Where they Will be seen to consist ot a block 25 having a threaded aperture through which the threaded rod 16 passes, and provided with the extension 26 which passes through an aperture in the generally U-shaped frame 27, Which is composed oi' sheet metal, the parts 25 and 27 being secured together by svvaging the extension 26. Secured in the turned-up ends of the sheetmetal U-shaped portion 27 are the ends ot the loop or ring 28, which is passed through the apertures 29 in the ends lof the handle 30, which is of the customary construction. rIhe loops 28 are formed ot spring metal so that it it is desired to detach the handle, all that is necessary is to spring its ends apart suliciently to disengage them from the apertures formed in the portion 27.

As a means for adding to the appearance ot the structure, I provide the leather strip 31, which extends the length of the metal strip 12, and is secured to it and the body fabric by the rivets 11, as heretofore pointed out. It has an elongated aperture 32 `formed therein to permit the movement of the nuts 24.

'Ihe strap 33 for the bag is secured thereto at its upper end by any desired means, and at its lower end I provide a buckle 34, Which is held by a suitable loop in the metallic strip 35, Which is secured to the metal strip 12 and to the leather strip 31 by the rivets 36.

The operation of the apparatus Will be readily apparent. By simply turning the knob or head 17 the body of the handle can be adjusted With great eXactness so as to balance the bag for any particular set of clubs that may be carried therein.

While I have shown and described my invention as embodied in the form which I at present consider best adapted to carry out its purposes, it Will be understood that it is capable of modifications, and that I do not desire to be limited in the interpretation et the following claims except as may be necessitated by the state of the prior art.

Vilhat I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is:

l. In a golf bag, the combination with a body portion, of bearings secured to the upper portion thereot,a screw rod mounted to be rotated in said bearings, a nut on said rod held from rotation, and a handle connected to said nut.

2. In a golf bag, the combination with a body portion, of a strip of rigid material secured to said body portion, bearings secured to the strip, a screw rod mounted to be rotated in said bearings, a pair of nuts on said rod held from rotation, and a handle connected to said nuts. y

3. In a golf bag', the Combination with a body portion, of bearings secured to the upper portion thereof, a screw rod mounted to be rotated in said bearings, a pair oit' nuts on said rod held from rotation, a handle connected to said nuts, and a covering strip over the nuts and secured at its ends to the bearings.

4. In a golf bag, the combination with a body portion, ot a metallic strip, bearings secured to the metallic strip, a scren7 rod mounted to be rotated in said bearings, a' pair of nuts on said rod held from rotation, a handle connected to said nuts, a leather strip covering the metallic strip, and rivets connecting the body portion, the metallic strip and the leather strip, said leather strip having an elongated aperture threrein in which the nuts move.

5. In a golit bag, the combination with a body portion. of a strip, bearings secured to the strip, a screw rod mounted to rotatein said bearings, a pair oi nuts on said rod held 'from rotation, a handle Connected to said nuts. a covering strip, a third strip overlying the Central portion of the eovering strip, and means for connecting the body portion and the three strips, said covering strip preferably having an `elongated aperture therein in which the nuts move.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this 29th day of December, 1924.


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U.S. Classification206/315.3
International ClassificationA63B55/00
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