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Publication numberUS1608142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1926
Filing dateOct 2, 1925
Priority dateOct 2, 1925
Publication numberUS 1608142 A, US 1608142A, US-A-1608142, US1608142 A, US1608142A
InventorsStephenson Melvin J
Original AssigneeStephenson Melvin J
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Toy tractor
US 1608142 A
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Nov. 23 1926. 1,608,142


TOY TRACTOR Filed oct. 2, 192s s'sheets-sheet 1 Nov. 23 1926. 1,608,142

M. J. STEPHENSON TOY TRACTOR Filed Oct. 2, 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 mrito@ Win/172% n Nov. 23 1926. l 1,608,142

M. J. sTEPHENsoN TOY TRACTOR Filed Oct. 2, 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 MEL V/A/ J STEPHEA/S/V Patented Nov. 23, 1926..

, UNITED STATES 1,608,142g imram* o Eric-E.

Marvinl J. sTEriIpNsoN, or GoonRIDGE, MINNESOTA."

'roy Tamron.'

Application nieavocvmbera, 1925. ls'eriaim. 60,126.

This invention appertains to toy threshing outfits and more ,particularly to a traction engine for operating a toy7 thresher being inadetlie subject matter of any independcnt application. f .Y

The primary objectof the presentinvention is to provide a novel toy traction engine, constructed tof simulate the appearance of a steam tractor and which includesl 10 novel vmeans for operating the 'variousrparts of the engine, such as .the piston, drive wheels and the like.

Another object of the invention isto provide novel mea-ns for constructing the cylinder and pistonof the traction engine so that the piston, whenin operation, will make a sound similar to the exhaust of a steani A further object lof the invention `is to provide means arranged within the'body of.

I0 the engine for directing finely ground material through'the smoke stack for simulat-v ing real smoke. l Y

A still further object of'theinveiition is toprovide a toy traction engine of the above character, which will be durableand eiiilcient in'use, simple and easy to manufacture andone which can bejplaced upon the market at a reasonable cost and whi'chlwill` present a pleasing appearance'to the trade.

Tith these and other objects in view, the invention consistsin the novel construction,V

arrangement and lformation of parts, as Willybe herein-after more specifically described, claimed and illustrated inthe accompanying drawings in which drawings:

away and in section, i v

- Figure l2 Yis atop plan view of the improved toy engine, v

Figure 3 is an-enlarged vertical' Section through the whistle operating means,

Figuretis afragmentary side elevational viewof the engine looking from the opposite side las shown in Figure l, the engine being'partly brokenaway and in sect-iony to Figure l lis sidel elevation of thehtoytraction engine, parts thereof being broken;

illustratethe novel means employed for diviectin'g 'the viinel j commutated material through the smo re stack` for simulating smoke, i Figure I5 is a fra'rrnientary rear elevation ofthe engine showing'a. Aslightly modified forni of means for operating the drive wheels and other operating'parts thereof,`v

AReferring to" the drawings in "detail, wherein similar reference characters designate corresponding .parts throughout lthe several views, the letter A generally indicatesrtheiimproved toy engine, which com'- prises a body 10` shapedlto simulate the appearance ofaboiler; VThe inner end ofthe Sion 11,'for simulating the appearance of a` iirelboxV anda platform 12 projects 'rearwardly'from thelirebox'and can'have fuel" boxesilS disposed onthe opposite sidesthereof. A d'ravvlheadliiL can be connected with the platform i12l if'soy desired. The' boiler l0,

lfire lbox 1l 'and platform 12can' be constructed vfrom any'desire'd' material, such as* hard wood or sheet metal. In the drawings,

'the entire apparatus is shown constructed of ymetal'. 'y The lfront end ofthe boiler lO supports an' arched `bolster l5 on which is mountediby means lof a'suita'ble fifth wheel i' or -the'like, a swinging aXle'lG. The axle` '16V has 'rotatably mounted thereon' the front ground. 'wheels'lf andthe laxleis adaptedyto "be swung on the bolster l5 similar to Van Ordinar-yv steamv` traction engine. `.As shown, the axle lllias connected to'terminals there- 'body is'providedwith a `depending exten#l of'fchain's 1.8, which lead to aV transverse cross shaft 19' rotatably mounted in'suitable'hang-- ers 20 carried vby thelower surface of the body orjboiler y10. This'shaft;l9has=keyed or otherwise secured'thereto awormfwheel 21 which-meshes with .a worm ,22' keyed or otherwise' securedto the steering shaft 23 which extendsv upwardlyand rearwardly at i anV langle through the lire 'box and terminates vdirectly above ithe Aplatform l2'. If preferred thesteei'ing shaft'can berdisposed at oneside of the Vbody and `fire'fbox. This `rsteering Aposit .'23 .is provided with a steering wheel 24.' The '-irebox ll'rotatabl ports a Vrearlive drive axley 25 to'w ich'is .keyed relatively broad-rear ground wheels sup-l 26.l This' axlelVV isdriven by means, which Y will be" hereinafter-.more fully described," but it A-is tobe notelllthatv the axlehas rigidly secured Vthereto a sprocket whee1127. The

lboi-ler ll()I supportsadjacent'to the forward terminal thereof the upstanding smoke stack 29, which is to simulate an ordinary smoke stack and the stack has communicating therewith the rearwardly and downwardly inclined flue or tube 30 disposed in the body or boiler l0. The inner end of this pipe or flue 30 extends into a blast chamber 3l formed by placing transverse partitions, 32 and 32 in the boiler or body. rlhe rear end of the chamber 3l can have communieating therewith a feed chute 33 closed by a door 34 which is arranged above the platform l2. This door can simulate the ordinarylire box doorl of a steam traction engine. A shaft 35 extends transversely through the chamber 3l and has formed on or secured thereto any preferred type of blast fan 36 for creating` a blast of air tl'irough the flue 30 and stack 29. in air inlet opening 37 can be formed in the chamber in order to insure the correct supply of air to the air chamber. rllhe chamber 3l, flue 30 and stack 29 is utilized for throwing the commutated material out ofthe stack to simulate smoke and any substance can be used, such as flour, finely ground saw dust,

small pieces of paper or the like, and this material can either be'introduced through the opening` 37 or through the chute 33. The fan blower shaft 35 can bedriven from the drive axle 25 if desired but it is preferred to operate the same directly from a main operating shaft 50, which will be described later and the shaft 35 and the shaft 50 can be provided respectively with friction pulley wheels 38 and 39 around which is ,trained a pulley belt 40. lt is obvious that when the line material is thrown out of the stack, that the saine will give'the appearance of real smoke, issuing from the stack. Arranged on one side of the boiler adjacent to the forward end thereof is the cylinder 4l and the piston 42. VThis cylinder 4l and piston 42 perform no function other than adding to the appearance of the engine and to give a sound similar to a traction engine in operation. The cylinder' at a point intern'iediate its ends isprovided with a flexible partition or sounding diaphragm 43 and the cylinder is provided with a sound outlet opening 44. During the reciproca.h tion of the piston 42, by means which will be hereinafter described, the 'piston will strike the diaphragm 43 causing a sound to be made similar to the exhausting` of steam from a cylinder. The youter end of the pis ton 42 has secured thereto a rigid piston rod 45 connected with a cross head 46 which operates in cross head guides 47 carried by the body or boiler. 'This cross head is in turn connected by means of pitmanE rod ,43 with a i crank wheel 49 which is rigidly secured iny any preferred way to the main operating shaft 50. This main operating` shaft extends transversely of the body l0 and is mounted in suitable bearings 5l carried by the upper end of the boiler or body. The opposite end of the main drive shaft 50 from the crank wheel 49 has secured thereto a relatively heavy fly wheel 52 which is utilized for storing energy, in the present inA stance, to drive the operating parts of the engine a'considerable length of time after power has ceased to be applied to themain drive shaft 50; This drive shaft 50 can be driven in any desired way, which forms no part of the present invention, and the shaft can be driven by a spring motor, an electric motor or the like.

sprocket wheels and 27 and thus it is ob-' vious that when shaft 50 is driven, that drive axle 25, the piston 42 and a fan 36 will be operated therefrom. In order to permit the operation of the blower and other parts of the device when the engine is standing still without operating the drive axle,

the sprocket wheel is loosely mounted on the shaft 53 and can be connected and disconnected thereto in anypreferred way, suoli as by a set screw 55. ln the embodiment shown the shaft 53 is provided with a hand crank to permit the operation of the device.

lf preferred a whistle can also be provided for the toy and the boiler or body l0 has secured to the upper fac-e thereof a dome (30 made to simulate a steam dome andthis dome provides a housingl for a blower fan (il which is mounted upon a crank shaft (32 rotatably carried by the said dome. @ne end of the sh; t (32 protrudes beyond the dome and is provided with a sprocket wheel l (S3 which is in direct alinement with a sprocket wheel G4 rigidly secured to shaft .5o. fr sprocket chain 35 is trained Vabout .the sprocket wheels 63 ando/4 for operating the said blower fan 6l. the dome 6G is provided with an outlet opening lili which connnunicates with a nipple y seY llo

The* upper end of" Vfofrin' I provide a'transversely` extending adapted to vclose the inlet off' the f whistle .and

of the lever and leading baclr through a guide Tcarried bythe rear, end of the body directly above the platform l2. A vAs heretofore stated, any suitable means canrbe 'provided for operating the .toy en- `eine, and in Figure ofthe drawing I have shown a slightly modified operatingmeans which is also of the manual/type. Iirthis main drive cranlr shaft 'rotatably carried bythe body. This shaft at la point'iiitermediate its ends is provided with a crank arm 7G which, is in alinement with crank arm V77 formed on the shaft 50, which is utilized for operating the piston and other parts of the device. provided with a handle l78 to facilitate the manual operation thereof while the other end is provided with a crank 79 having coniiected thereto a pitman rod S0 operatively connected to a crank 8l formed on the said drive shaft 25. The cranks 77 and 76 are operatively connected by a suitableI linlr or pitman rods 82.

From the foregoing description, it can be seen that I have provided a novel toy traction engine, which is constructed to closely simulate a real steam traction engine and which embodies a number of attractive features which will please children nieclianically inclined.

Changes in details may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of this invention, but:V

Vhat I claim as new is: Y

l. 'A toy traction engine constructed to simulate the appearance of a steam tractor` comprising a boiler shaped body, a depending re box at one end of the body, steering wheels carried by the front end of the boiler shaped body, a drive axle rotatably carried by the iirebox, wheels upon said drive axle, a drive shaft rotatably carried by the body, means for operating said drive shaft, means for operating the drive axle from the' drive shaft, a piston and cylinder mounted upon the boiler body, means for operating the piston from the drive shaft, and means op- TJO erated by the piston for creating a sound to simulate the sound of a steam piston cylinder in operation.

2. A toy traction lengine constructed tok simulate the appearance of a steam tractor comprising a boiler shaped body, a depending fire box at oneend of the body, a plate form supported by the fire box, steering,

One end of the crank shaft is wheels carried by the front end of the boiler shaped body, a driv-e'axle carried bythe axle, a;drive'shaftirotatablyy carried by th body, means for operating, the drive shaft,

fire box, ground V,wheels secured to the' drive releasable meansfor operating the drive axle from thedriveshaft, apistonf aiidcyl inder supported' upon the body, a whistle carried by the body, and-means on saidbody for oreatingpressureto ractuate the ,whistle` and means yfor operating the piston `from the .Y

drive shaft.

y3. A. toy traction engine constructed to simulate the Aappearancepofa steam tractor comprising ar boiler shaped; body,` a dependbox, la swinging steering laxle carriedy by the 4front end ofv the body,'wheels upon thefaxle,

ying lire box `at one end of thebody, a rcar- Yward extending platform carried byatheiire A,

cured to the drive axle, awdriveV shaft ,ref

tatably carried bythe body, means for operating the drive shaft, a piston and cylinder mounted upon the boiler shaped body, a whistle, a dome on said body supporting the whistle having an opening communicating therewith, a fan in the dome for creating a blast of air through the whistle, and means for synchronously operating the drive axle, piston and fan from the drive shaft.

4. A toy traction engine vconstructed vto simulate thev appearance of a steam tractor embodying a boiler shaped body, a depending fire box formed on therear end ofA the body, a swinging steering axle carried by the front end of the boiler, wheels upon the u Y swinging axle, a rotatablek drive axle carried by the `lire box, wheels secured to the drive axle, a drive shaft rotatably carried by the body, means for operating the drive shaft, a piston and cylinder mounted upon the boiler shaped body, a dome mounted upon the body, a fan wheel in the dome for creating a blastA of air, a whistle mounted upon the dome, a valve for directing the blast of air at the desired time through the whistle, means fory operating the valve from the rear end of the boiler shaped body, and

Vmeans for synchronously operating the drive axle, piston and fan from said drive shaft. 5. AV toy traction engine constructed to simulate the appearance of a steam tractor embodying a boiler shaped body, a depend# ing fire box carried by. the rear end of the body, a swinging front axle carried bv the front end of the boiler shaped body, wheels upon the axle, a drive axlecarried by the fire box, ground wheels secured to the drive axle, meansfor swinging the front axle from the rear end ofthe body, a pist-on and cylinder carried upon the boiler `Shaped body, a drive shaft rotatably supported by the body, means for operating the drive shaft, a dome mounted upon the body having an outlet opening, a Whistle mounted upon the dome,

a valve for directing air from the dome outlet opening through the Whistle at desired intervals, means for operating the valve from the rear end of the tractor, a fan Wheel in said dome for creating a blast of air through tlieroutlet opening in the dome, a stack carried by thei'orward end oi' the boiler shaped body, a chamber Within the body, a tube connecting the sta-cl: and chamber together, a blast fan arranged Within the chamber for creating the blast of air through the tube and stack, means for introducing fine material into the chamber and means for synchronously operating the piston, the drive axle, the vfan Wheel in the dome and the blast fan in the chamber from said drive shaft.

6. In a toy traction engine constructed to the nipple, air inlet for the Whistle partially communicating with the air inlet, a fan including a shaft rotatably mounted on the dome for creating a blast of air through said outlet opening, one end of the ian shaft being ext-ended beyond the dome, a drive shaft rotatably carried by said body, the fan shaft and drive shaft being provided With sprocket Wheels, a drive sprocket chain trained about said sprocket Wheels, a slide valve provided with an opening for directing'the blast of air from the outlet nipple thro-ugh the Whistle, an operating lever roclrably mounted intermediate itsends upon said nipple connected at its lower end with the slide valve, a guide secured to the rear end of the boiler body, anda cable slidably mounted through the guide and connected to the upper end of said lever.

In testimony whereof I atiix my signature.


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