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Publication numberUS1608592 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1926
Filing dateFeb 24, 1926
Priority dateFeb 24, 1926
Publication numberUS 1608592 A, US 1608592A, US-A-1608592, US1608592 A, US1608592A
InventorsFunk Herbert C
Original AssigneeFunk Herbert C
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Toy construction unit
US 1608592 A
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Nov. 30 1926. 1,608,592

H.CJFUNK TOY CONSTRUCTION UNIT Filed Feb. 24, 1926 A Inventor T C. Fun/r Attorneg The present nwmtim; "iwvei unit Faction orbuii mg pieceii i0 1 1 5111. 11 i v Um of the im iimiiimt (ibjc cts H em mventimz to provicie a wet 0i 0;; 42011-- s'truction units wherein the pm-Ls may be readily and easily zissembicfi 0r uisiissemiiied, the units b'eiflg' (if such a constructimi is plfliidfi l rigid structure when 1111 the putts have liven assembled,

A still further objest is to provide a set 0f toy construction units which may be readily and sasiiy imnciieii f0? zsseiiiibiing; the SHIRE in construciing any desired piece, of 03 Em 211mm.

EL siiii further object is in pim'id e :1 set 01 toy construction units wherein each unit is simple in COIlSiLlllCtiGifl inexpensive, itz-01155;, and durable zinc} further weii adapted to iiie purpose for which it is (iBSigiflECi.

Other (ihjesis and advaniinges {if th s inweniim "iv-iii become apparent during; the

- coursn file fmiimving; description taken in connection with Hm flcco. 'ian'yirig; drawing.

In the nccmiipii' 'fiiitmiiigi fl mt (if this and in. "wh ch iiim mimeiais 6 F nite: like parts ihir'riugiioui (in: seve'i-iii V16 l iig'gure i ii 'ViE'W part1 elevation midi pziiti q i'i'l 0f him sex; m"; my cni'i'stiuction units en'ibodying my im'ciiiie'n s, ,cm'iiig the same ii"; the act of assembly Figure 2 is 2, detail perspective ViGW otf mm of the biockss.

Figure 3 is a, similar View of Hie iiiimiiin, and

Figure 4 is 21. detail perspective View of the canneciing bolt.

In the drawing, wherein 01" the purpose of iilustmtinn is simwii "the preferred embOfEXIlPM) .05 my invention, he mimemi i. designates a substan! inliy vecmnpguu r shamed block forming: one of ihe uniis 0i? iti'iii picsens device iii} ne beix'ip; proviitimi with i sni smn'tiaiiy i-sihapecisiot in each m? the sides ti'iereo'fi as is ciarly iihish'iii'ei in Figs;- are 2. Zfiw PUI'POSE of the pmvisimi (if the T-simpefi lat in the respective: 0f the N02 be hereinafter more 'fiiiiy tie: scri:

5.10 in; mm? Mich bin yet has par ti'iimifle is end of the m Em.

i theiaiiriiumi :i'm? mum 11113 descmim-A wit a The iiiiiiibiii is pi' i'viiied Wifli. (r i "mi iipizr mg 7 as cimi'iy i 1.1.). i i. in 'igur EiBSili'k'iEi, the m xer E'ili'l'w mt iiii: thimbie may ibfl iziim'ied am as t0 ,hciiiiziixa the was manipulation iheireef.

The wither unit 0"? the sci; crimpiises :1 bolt 5 mini ha Ween the ihiemiad portion 10 and Karim ci the shank which is dism the igi'iimhie 155 i i-iii iin preseiitiy a par- 1'5 em. The squnm sluipeni pm'tion oi the shank the liOiii meii'iil 11.

in iissemb'iiug tile 'm'iiis when constructing isxleaignaied by the m1- flw desired piece a? furniture one pair mi blocks EU'Q- iii'i'nngizd in WV/WM} reiiitimi. The

ii of 001 s have the fiat iimici's disposal iii. the OpQJSQLi siaiteci @5163 if the blacks so that fihe iiiflfifidfifi ends 0i"- ihe belts exiixnci. euiwzii'iiiy oi the oppnseri Side-s 0f said blocks as; do aim time minim portions of the Squaw-e g'iliiiimifi Hm shimii's 9f the baits A thimbiiz 5 than pinccici mm the square per men 11 01'? each 0i Hm 1.101% 8 s0 that the outer face of th s ciosi-id end 6 will be dis 0566. in

abuiiiiigielzitimi with the sides n; the respectiw blocks.

The threaded ends iibflnf time baits are dispuserl in the outer emi's m? the ihmade i suckets 4. provided in the respective ends of the real 3 and it is obvimis that when the thimbias 5 are i'oirziteci in QUE ciirectioni the bolts viii be caused 10 LOifli'fi so that the threaded semis 01? five: iioits Wiii move inwardiy Within the iin'eaded sockets -i-N films provide a rigid cannectim'i iie'iii'fien'ii'he spaced blocks and the rmi 3. It is 01" (nurse understood that the shank portions 01% the T-SilflfliFd slots 2 which are fm'imci in i110 sizieea of the blocks am of such width as 150 permit the rotation {if the square shaped shanks 11 of file baits iii order that the nocvssiir v tightening 01"- the units may be iiccoini'ii siicfi when Hi0 heads 01 iiifi bolts are dispiified in the slots,

1H3. this: manner the we? of units may he mfidiiy mini Prwiiy uswiniiiefi tngeihfii: to form thia CiC iH-Ed. piove 0% furniture, and also may be sired. 1

The provision of a set of toy construction units of the above mentioned character may be employed in forming warious pieces of furniture, and the parts are of such construc tion as to enable children to easily handle and manipulate the same in building the various desired pieces of furniture.

As many-units of the character above dereadily dissasseinbled whenever described and shown may be employed as is found necessary, and the simplicity of the same renders the set very inexpensive, yet

- strong and durable. 1

' blocks being provided with substantially T- shaped slots in the respective sides thereof, a rod having threaded sockets provided in the ends thereof, a bolt having its threaded end disposed in each of the thr aided sockets.

the head of each bolt being disposed within the slots provided in the opposed side; of the blocks, means for providing a tight connec tion' between the blocks and the ends of the rods, said last mentioned means comprising ',a pair of thimbles disposed over the ends of the rods and adapted for rotation thereon, the closed ends of the thinibles being pro reoaaes vided with substantially square shaped openings through which the bolts pass, the shank portions of the bolts adjacent the heads thereof being square for cooperation with the square openings in the closed ends of the thirnbles whereby said bolts will rotate simultaneous with the thinibles.

:2. A construction unit comprising a member having threaded sockcts'fornicd in its respective ends. a bolt having its threaded end received in each of said sockets, and 111M815 for adjusting the bolts with respect to the ends of said members, said means comprising a pair of thiinbles dispo ed over the edges of the member and adapted for rotation thereon, the closed ends of the thiniblcs being provided with square openin rs through which the bolts pass, the shank portions of the bolts adjacent the heads thereof being square for cooperation with 'the square openings in the closed ends of the thimbles whereby the bolts will rotate sin'iultancous with the thiinbles.

3. A :et of toy donstruction units con1- prising a pair of spaced blocks, each of said blocks being provided with substantially "l shaped slots in the respective sides thereof a rod having threaded sockets provided in the ends thereof, headed bolts "having their threaded cnd'a disposed-in the respcltztive socket the head of eachliolt being; disposed within the slot; provided in the opposed sides of the blocks. said bolts being adapted for longitudinal adjustment to afl'ord a tight connection between the blocks and the ends Oi the rod.

In testimony whereof l afiix my signature.


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