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Publication numberUS1608745 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1926
Filing dateMar 9, 1926
Priority dateMar 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1608745 A, US 1608745A, US-A-1608745, US1608745 A, US1608745A
InventorsAnton Holbek
Original AssigneeAnton Holbek
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Fireplace furnace
US 1608745 A
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Nov. 30 1926.


DDDEIEIDEIDD Panarea Noir. 3o, i926.




' Application tiled March 9, 1.926. Serial No. 93,395.

, of the heat from a construction of this character passes direct' through the flue of the chimney and is Wasted, thereby rendering the heating unit a 'cheerful but inefficient heater. i

An important object of my inventlon is to l intercept the Waste-heat gases just referred to. by an improved furnace struct-ure adapt ed to take the place of the present grate, lburn the same type of fuel, and adapted to convert the waste heat to a saving and do usefulwork.

Another object is the provision of a furnace consisting of a built-up structure of identical heat-absorbing sections and identical receiving' and dispensing headers, the finished Astructure being adapted to be easily slid into and outof a fireplace', whether new or old, thereby rendering the flue, fireplace and furnace most accessible for inspection, v repair and cleaning. 4

Another object is to incorporate in the invention a grate to burn small solid" fuel, and Whichgrate may be removed when burning large fuel such as blocks or logs of ivood.

A further object is the provision of a furnace consisting of but few simple east elements needing substantially no machining, so that.- the invention may be manufactured at a low cost and sold at a reasonable price.

The invention possesses other advantageous features, some of which, with the foregoing, will be set forth at length in 'the following description where I shall outline in full that form of the invention which I have selected for illustration in the drawings accompanying and forming part of the present application. In said drawings I vhave shown one form of my invention, but it is to be understood that I do-not limit myself to such form, since'tlie invention, as expressed in the claims, may be embodied in a plurality of forms. y Referring to said drawings.:

Figure 1 is a sectional plan of the invention, with the upperhalf thereof and a portion of thegrate removed;

tially. broken away;

Fig. 3 is a'front elevation of the furnacel set within a fireplace, certain parts being broken away'to clarify -the construction; Fig. is a sectional side elevation of Fig. 3 along the line 4 4;

Fig. 5 is a vertical section through a fragment of the invention showing a section resting directly upon' a fl'oor surface.

The numeral 10 indicates a fireplace and in which myfurnace 11, asa unit, may be rolled or slid therein, and just as easily removed therefrom as a unit for purposes heretofore mentioned.

TheY furnace iscomposed ofa plurality of 'preferably identical cast-iron sect-ions 12, U-

shaped i'n formation and tubular througliout, and with no recesses, projections or perforations therein, so -that the interior Walls vthereof, will be smooth and continuous to induce-'an efficient circulation of heated '-air to pass through the section. As fireplaces vary in width, it is obvious that any number of sections may constitute an installation. The' lower' leg 13 of eachsection may be positioned substantially horizontal'while the upper leg 14 may be curved for effective flame contact and easeof passage of the heated air therethrough. On the bottom of eachfleg 13 are a pair of bosses 15 for supporting the section upon a. floor surface 16 or to receive roller supporting means 17 to facilitate the moving of an assembled i unit furnace. Onthe lower leg and opposite Vthe open end 18 thereof is an externallug A19 formed so that its extreme surface 2O opposite the said open end does not project beyond the bottom of the section at the U-bend,l so that there will be no Wall interference at the back 21 of the fireplace when the furnace is positioned in the replace.

The lug 19 is formed transversely to the section and projects a predetermined and equal distance from each side of the section, so that when the desired number of -sectionsare placed lug to lug, as shown to advantage in Figs. 1 and 2, and -a bolt 22 inserted through the holes of the lugs and gradually tightened, thesections' resting with their bosses upon the floor surface will align themselves, by their weight, in spaced relation and also so that their open ends 1S and 2 3 will lie in a perpendicular plane.

24 and 25 are headers preferably identical structiorand chea ness in manufacture, and

have their front aces 26 grilled and their 'in shape and size, vfor simplicity in con-l Fig. 2 is a full plan with a' top corner parrear faces .formed with projecting rings 27 surrounding openings-28 of a shape to easily receive the ends 18 and 23. Collars 18 and 23y` on the section ends serve as. supporting.

.stops for the headers, 'andset screws 29 at the ends of the headers serve to firmly se.

vcurejthe headers and sections together thereat The rings 27 are spaced on 'the headers to'align `and register with the ends of the previously .assembled sections A12.v

A grate 30 is provided for the removable mounting thereof upon the lower legs 13 of the assembled unit.v Upon theoutsidetb'ottom ofthe grate are cast wedge-shaped projections 31 in pre-determined spaced rela? tion to accomplish the means for the mounting in a` ready, non-slip manner. The said `v bottom, of the grate has transverse slots 32 ,provided therethrough in registry with the spaces between each section for an uninterrupted vent air passage for the combustion of. the solid fuel in the grate. The remaining portion of the. bottom vof the grate is solid and covers the lower legs of the sections and thereby 'protects them from the' direct heat of the burning fuel, should.7 the latter be small chunks of fuel. When large chunks of fuel or logs are'desired to be the grate may be removed if 'der S1 l l In operation, the'iiames from the fuel inf.

their passage .through the fliie 33 of the chimney are intercepted by t e major por- .tion of the tubular sections 12 vand are thus confined to rise and pass *between the sections, and r as a consequence must im art U-.shapedV tubular sections, each section havl the heretofore waste Cheat to the metav of the sections and the unconstrained air. in the latter. ,'And, as one header is within close proximity of the iioorand the other -header spaced above and therefrom, it is obvious that a circulation of 'air must trav-v erse through the furnace. Therefore. heated air `must issue from the grilled face of' the upper l header into the room, and the cooler airV of the room next to the iioor must Venter the lower header for the vreplacement:-

of the out-going heated air, and the velocity of the interchange of air varies with the intensity of the-temperature ofthe fire..

Straight arrows indicate the path of the flames to and through the iiue 33,l and curved arrows indicate the course of the air traveling through the furnace and issuing into the room at the top'of the'furnace.

l I claim; 1. In aI fireplacefurnace, a plurality' of ing an exterior lug provided withv a ble 1 therethrough, and a bolt lthe sizeof said holes adapted to be insertedthrough the said holes for aligning and securing the sections together in spaced relation: said lugs 7 being wider than said sections whereby the lug of each section abuts the lug of' an ad- {acent section to: determine the spacedlref ation and to provide a rigid assembly.

2. In a fireplace furnace,a plurality ofo `U-shaped .tubular sections, provided with open; ends, each -section having an exterior lug provided withl a hole therethrough, and

means adapted to be inserted through the bosses `and the said .leg further provided opposite to its open end with atr'ansversely positioned'lug 'of alength greater than the transverse diameter of the tubular secti0n,

a rod adapted to b'e`insertedxthrough the lugs to align and secure the Ysections together in spaced relation and so that when the assemblage, is set with its bosses u ny a iloor surface the open endsof the sectlons with openings -to receive the ends of the sections in .the spaced relation determined .b'y the lugs, the said ends supporting the headers, and the latter provided with grilled faces for circulatory purposes, the said tubular sections being identical and the said headers also being identical.

. 4.-; A fireplace furnace' comprising a' plu' rality of U-shapedopen-ended tubular secs will be in-alignment, and headers provided tions, one leg of each section-adapted to be positioned horizontally and the bottom side of the leg provided with a pair of bosses and the said leg further provided opposite to its open end with a .transversely positioned lug-of a length greater than the transverse diameter of the tubular section, a rod adapted to be inserted through clos'eitting holes lin the lugs to align and secure the sections together in spaced relation and so that when the assemblage is set withits bosses upon a' floor surface the openends of the sections will be in. alignment, and headers provided with openings to receive the ends 'of the sections in the spaced relation determined by the lugs, thesaid ends videdj with grilled faces for circulatoryV pur'- poses, and means carried by the headers to l secure* the latter to the assembled sections wherebyfa unit structure isfornied.

.rality .of bosses Qr. moving the furnace in and out of a fireplace.` I

supporting,k the headers, and the latter pro-- y 5. structure as set forth in claim i5-and l. in which roller means is\ provided in a plll- A 6. A structure as set forth in @lai-m 4 and in which a grate is provided .having a bottom with downward rejections for Emsltioning the grate on t e lower legs o the sections, and the bottom further provided with openings in spaced relation to the projections adapted to register with the open spaces between the sections for permitting vthe air to pass therebetween andy through the grate -from the oor, the balance of the grate bottom being adapted tov protect 'the sections thereunder from'the di-v rect heat rays from the burni ANTON HoLBEK.

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