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Publication numberUS1608748 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1926
Filing dateJun 1, 1925
Priority dateJun 1, 1925
Publication numberUS 1608748 A, US 1608748A, US-A-1608748, US1608748 A, US1608748A
InventorsHundemer Walter F
Original AssigneeHundemer Walter F
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Detachable booster pump for grease guns
US 1608748 A
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Nov. 30 1926.


INVENTOR. WALTER. FT HuNnEM ER Nov. 30 1926. 1,608,748-



Patented Nov. 30,A 1926.




Appucatien'mea .Tune 1, 1s25. serial No. 33,999.

My invention is a detachable booster pump for a grease gun, adapted to be attached to any type of grease gun. The object being to provide a booster pump which maybe A J have the booster pump providedwith an attachment or an adjustable connecting end so that it may beattached and fit tightly against the ordinary grease guns.- y

I provide several .types of booster pum s one of which is built in a fixeda size to he attached to the different types of grease guns. Another type has an adjustable conh zo nection or sleeve which, by being threaded in and out, may be adjusted to diierent types of grease guns. A third type has a removable sleeve which may be utilized in a position between the booster pump andthe 2l end of the grease gun. In this type it is necessary to Shave detachable sleeves which will be constructedto tit different Vtypes of grease s now on4 the-market.

The ooster pump itself has a small bore 30 cylinder preferablyfplaced at right angles or across the grease gun with a small plunger and a long lever connected to the plunger so that highpressure may be developed in the bo'oster pump. This forces the grease into a suitable conduit tothe bearings to be greased.

c My invention will be more readily understood from the following descriptions and drawings in which Figure l isa side view, partly in sections, ofagrease gun with .the booster pump attachment in which the booster is made of a fixed size and adapted to suit only one bo t and shape of grease gun. igure 2 1s a longitudinal section of a boosterpump with a detachable sleeve adapted to lit various types of grease guns and In this type having a spigot of hard metal. the sleeve 1s a separate unit. p Figure a lon 'tudinal vsection of a "booster pump in Winch the sleeve is connected to the booster pump by a 'screw' threaded connection whereby ,the sleeve may .beadjustable.

Figure l is an end view direction of the arrow 4. v

Figure 5 is a modilied form of booster pump in which the oil or grease is fed to a receptacle attached to the booster pump by some form of pumping for the grease.

of Figure 2 in the Figure 6 is a modification of Figure 5 in which the grease Apipe is directly connected with the booster pump conveying grease thereto through any suitable pumping system.

Referring particularly to Figure 1 the booster pump it designated generally by the numeral 1 and a grease gun by the numeral 2. The grease gun illustrated by 3 may be ofrany suitable shape and it is the purpose of my invention to accommodate the attachment of grease' gun to my booster pump by which will fit against the ends. 3 of the ordinary grease gun.

The booster ump has a pump body 4 having a longitudinal bore 5 which is usually placed at right angles lto the axis of the grease gun. A plunger 6 operates in this bore being reciprocated by the lever 7 which is pivoted toa bracket 8 by means 'of pintles 9, pivot pin 10 connects the lever to the plunger. An inlet bore .11 leads into the ore of the booster pump and outlet 12 has a screw threaded fitting 13 to connect to a grease conduit or grease to the bearing.

In Figure 1, the spigot 14 is shown in form integral with the metal of the body of the booster pump. The spigot is screw threaded having a standard thread for the outlet of an ordinary grease gun. Collar 15 is formed integral with the body and atl its outer end 16 bears against the surface 3 of a grease gun. f f

Referring to Figure' 2 the body of the oster` pump, the bore, and the plunger are the same as shown in Figure 1. The

spigot however, is constructed with a re- A movable screw vthreaded spigot element 17 being screw threaded into a socket 18 aving a connection on the -booster pumppipe which conveys the formed at the inlet of the booster pump. y

This spigot end has a nut section 19 by which it may be tightly screw threaded into the socket and connect with a lock-nut 20, sol

that the spigot end 17 will be firmly held in the socket. This spigot end is made of a hard metal, usually of steel, whereas the booster pump is usually made of brass, and

hard metal this dithculty is overcome, as the hard metal will not break so readily and has a better connection to the heavy socket 18.A v

The collar, or' sleeve, 21, is entirely detachable and separable from the annular shoulder 22' of ythe booster pump the shoulder and sleeves being of proper size to form a tight lit, and the end of the sleeves fitting tight against the end 23 of the booster pump. Different length sleeves will be supplied with a booster pump of the type shown in'Figure 2 in order to accommodate grease guns havin diierent shaped ends 3 or being of a ifferent configuration.

In Figure 3 the booster pump is of substantially the same style or type as shown in Figure 2, the spigot being the same as disclosed therein. The detachable sleeves or collar l24, however, is screw threaded to the .shoulder 25 and forms an adjustable connectioru, With this type of screw threaded connection of the sleeve vand the body of the booster pump, the sleeve can be rotated to fit it inward or outward, and thereby make a close vfit with v different types of grease guns.

The operationof my booster pump is as followsz. The pump may be threaded onto any standard grease gun and if lthe gun is not self filling the handle or other device forV feeding the grease from the gun will be operated to fill the bore of the booster pump.

Itis necessary that the end of the grease. gun and the booster pump form a tight connection and that the .spigot is tightly while the lever 7 is operated to pump lthe booster pump. With some types of grease guns the booster pump will automatically suckv the grease from the grease gun and force, it into the conduit through the outlet13.

`It will be readily seen that my booster pump may be modified considerably in detail and may 'be positioned in' any s'uit- .f able connecti'onto the outlet'end of a grease gun. The principal characteristics being that the booster pum and grease gun -form two hand-holds whic allows the o erator to useconsiderable' pressure tol orce the grease :outof thevboosterpump into the s bearing; However, different types of con.

nections' co'uld be used between the boost the" grease Ji121 order to make an adjustable connection'which will tit any end of any type of grease gun on the market.r In the several forms- I have shown are illustrations of different connections I 'have found which are-suitable to a great variety of grease guns.

In some types of high pressure booster pumps it is desirable to have a packing gland 6 having a packing 27 and a screw threaded packing gland sleeve nut 28 'to hold the packing in place.

In Figures 1 to 4 inclusive I show a pumping arrangement for operating the plunger somewhat similar to that shown 1n application, Serial No. 556,393, filed April 25, 1922 for a grease gun by Albert T. Shere.

In ldigures 5 and 6 I show a booster pump attachment having a single'handed pumping arrangement as shown in patenttofNelson, N o; 1,37 7 ,023.. In this type the booster pump may be held in one hand and for many of the bearings of an automobile or other machinery may be placed directly against the bearing inlet and the pump operated by one hand.

In Figure 5 the booster pump designated by the numeral 30 has aplunger operating in the body portion of the pump 31 in much the same manner as in Figures 1 to 4. A spring 32 is tensioned between the bushing 33 anda cross pin 34-so as to force the upper handle 35 upwardly so that the operator merely needs to squeeze the upper andlower handles 35 and 36, together to operate the pump. A tubular `receptacle 37 Ais screw threaded into a collar 38 forming part of the pump and has a reducing coupling 39 to attach the pipe 40 which leads from a grease tank 41. AIn this type of construction the grease is shown as fed to the receptacle 37 by forcing compressed air through the pipe 42 into the grease tank.

The manner of feeding the grease to the -rece tacle 37 may be in accordance withany oft e well known ways of pumping grease either by direct pumps or by the compressed air tyfe as illustrated in the drawings.

` In igure 6 `the booster pumpfis shown with the pipe 40 threaded directly onto' a nipple 19 similar to that shown in Figures 2 and 3; -When sutiicient-pressure is used to pump the oil or grease to maintain a steady supply this type is quite `:satisfactory and is a much lighter weight so that a person may readily hold the device and operate it wi one hand. L

It is manifest that the pumping system of supplying 'cquld be utilized "with a booster pump as vshown in Figures l to .4 and also that the .type of booster pump. shown 1n" Figures 5 and 6may be utilized with detachable grease guns in the manner similar to that shown in'Fi res 1 to 4: The connection shown in Figurefv from the booster pump to-the bearing indicates a'jointed-pipe 'construction similar to that described in my Lemans ment of the booster pump to the bearing to' be lubricated. Y

Having described my invention, what I claim isf- 1. In combination, a booster pump comprising a cylinder having a plunger recip-l 10 rocable therein, a lever operating the plunger,

a link connection between the lever andthe cylinder, a discharge port, a nipple extending from the peripheral body section of the cylinder, a grease gun having a tapered discharge end adapted to be screwed on the said nipple, a shoulder on the booster pump n concentric relation to the nipple and a sleeve threaded thereon and adapted to be backed u cylinder or bracing the latter.

2. In combination, two conduitsl arranged at right an les to one another, a nipple extending ra ially from one of the conduits, a tapered end on the other conduit adapted -to be threaded on the nipple and a centering and bracing Yelement threaded on the first conduit in concentric relation to the nipple and adapted to be backed against the tapered end of the second conduit for bracing the latter after the nipple thread has-been engaged.

n testimony whereof I affix my signature.


against the tapered end of the`

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