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Publication numberUS1609290 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1926
Filing dateApr 13, 1925
Priority dateApr 13, 1925
Publication numberUS 1609290 A, US 1609290A, US-A-1609290, US1609290 A, US1609290A
InventorsLeo H Brodrick
Original AssigneeLeo H Brodrick
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US 1609290 A
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Dec. 7 1926.

' L. H. BRODRICK CONTAINER Filed April 13, 1925 xi. A

NVENTOR I ATTORNEY Patented Dec. 7, 1926.



Application filed April 13, 1925. Serial No. 22,666.

My invention relates to containers and refers particularly to containers suitable for carrying a powder puff and a quantity of facep'owder.

As the application of face powdei and similar powders, is usually accomplished by means of a powder pufl, of some description, it is desirable that a commercial container should be so constructed that it will contain both of these commodities.

Containers of this character should be easily and economically produced, as the question of. cost is an important one, they should be easily fillable with powder in or-' der that the powder manufacturer may fill them at a minimum of cost of labor and they should be hermetically sealed when placed upon the market for hygienic purposes and to prevent leakage.

The advantages which they should possess to the ultimate user are ease of breaking of the sealing attachment and easy access to the contents.

The device of my invention possesses the above-mentioned, and other valuable features, as will be evident upon a consideration .of my specification, and the accompanying drawings.

My device comprises, in general, a powder container, the upper cover, or top of which is composed of an imperforate fragile material and a telescopic cover, the container and .the cover being hermetically sealed to each other by means of a sheet of fragile material, and a piece of cord, or other suitable material being enclosed beneath the sheet of material and encompassing the device in such manner that pulling the cord will rupture the sheet of material and allow the cover to be removed from the container.

It will be seen by a consideration of my device that it possesses economic, hygienic and operative features of great value and use fulness.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating forms of the device of my invention, similar parts are designated by similar numerals.

Figure 1 isa top view of one form of my" line of Figure 2.

The particular form of the device of my invention shown in Figures 1 and 2. comprises a bottom .10, having an opening 11 therein, and carrying the fixedly attached side 12. A supporting member 13 fixedly at tached to the bottom 10 has an opening 14 therein, the opening 14: being smaller than the opening 11, in order to form a shoulder upon which the closure member 15 may abut.

A sheet of imperforate' fragile material 16 is fixedly attached to the side 12 and extending across the device forms a lower compartment 17, within which loose face powder 18 may be placed. A sheet of paper 19 is fixedly attached to the side 12.

The cover for the device comprises the annular side 20, capable of abutting upon the extended portion of the bottom 10. A sheet of imperforate fragile material, preferably cellophane, 21 is fixedly attached to the up per edge of the cover side 20, and extending across the device forms an upper compartment 22 in which a powder pufl' 2.3 may be placed. A sheet of paper 24 is fixedly attached around the cover side 20 and extends 25 is positioned between the paper cover 24 and the side 10. v

A sheet of paper 26 is fixedly attached to the bottom 10.

If it is desired to open the container without rupturing the top member 21, thus reserving it as a permanent cover, the cord 25 is pulled, thus cutting or tearing the paper cover 24 along the line of the cord, and hence allowing the upward telescopic movement of the cover and presenting the pufl 23 for use. The powder 18 can now be reached by rupturing the fragile member 16.

The modified form of my device shown in I Figures 3 and 4 is in general, similar to that shown in Figures 1 and 2, except that the cover side 20 abutting u on the bottom 10, it abuts upon a side 27 xedly attached to the bottom and the side 12, thus causing the clearage due to the pulling of the string to occur partially up the side of the container instead of at the bottom.

I practice, the container would generally be delivered to the powder manufacturer with the puff enclosed but with the closure member 15 not fixedly attached to the bottom 10. The powder manufacturer would introduce the powderv 18 into the compartment 17 insert the closure 15 and alfix the sheet of paper 24, thus preparing the device for commerical use. i

The simplicity and economy of construction is to be particularly noted as it allows of a hermetically sealed,,hygenic and eflicient container to be produced at a mini-mum of cost.

The ease of operation is also to be note as access to the contents is accomplished by the' simple pulling of the cord 25 and the rupturing of the wall 16. a

I have shown my device in the form of an annular container but my .invention is adaptable to containers of other shapes and forms.

By fragile I mean a sheet of a substance which is readily ruptured, as paper, parch-' ment, cellophane and similar products having; the same property. 1 I

Ido not limit myself to the particular size, shape, number, material, or arrangement of parts as shown and described as these are given simply as a means for clearly describing the device of my invention.

What I claim is In a container, .in combination, an inner bottom having anopening therein, an upwardly extended side of the bottom, an outer bottom fixedly attached to the inner bottom and having an opening larger than the innerbottom opening, an imperforate fragile material fixedly attached to the outer face of the inner bottom side and extending across theinner bottom side wall forming a powder.

compartment, a cover closure having atop and a downwardly extended side, the cover closure when in closing pos1t1on forming a powder puff compartment above the powder compartment, a sheet of fragile material fixedly attached to the outer face of the cover New York and State of New" York this 9th day of April, 1925.


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