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Publication numberUS1609899 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1926
Filing dateFeb 25, 1926
Priority dateFeb 25, 1926
Publication numberUS 1609899 A, US 1609899A, US-A-1609899, US1609899 A, US1609899A
InventorsStowe Bigelow Lucy
Original AssigneeStowe Bigelow Lucy
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Toy valise
US 1609899 A
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Dec. 7,1926. v 1,609,899

L. S. BIGEYLOW T OY VALISE Filed Feb. 25, 1926 n 2 Sheets-5h99?. 1

' IN1/EN role.


A A ATTORNEY Dec. 7 1926. 1,609,899

L. s. BlGELow TOY VALISE Filed Feb. 25, 1926 2 'Sheets-Sheet 2 E i /l/ l/ i I l E 3o 5 l l 1,-

//0\ 2 Il! l I3 .9 f

. L r/fv ,e8 w rf/ 32 Y .92 u? 'I A LAI I e a .99 f 6 I v 3/ /g E i l 4 l :Q0 I 8 Patented Dee. 7, 1926.



Application led February 25, 1926. Serial No. 90,460.

' provision of novel structural features as hereinafter set forth. y

The novel features of my invention are hereinafter' fully described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings which illustrate the preferred embodiment of my invention,

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my iinproved toy valise equipped interiorly to represent the interior of a sleeping car or a r breakfast room, and having the side opening closed.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged cross section on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged cross sect-ion on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is a cross section of one ofthe car seats, on the line 4-4 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmental end elevation of the valise, showing the lid disposed under the body to form a oor.

Fig. 6 is an enlarged perspective view of the valise, showing' the interior, with the lid supporting the body.

Fig. 7 is a horizontal section, partly broken away and the parts removed, of the device, as shown in Fig. 6.

Similar reference characters designate similar parts in the different views.

.My toy valise has a rectangular body 1 having one side provided with a large open- Y ing 2 through which the interior of the valise may be seen and access had thereto.

The body 1 at opposite sides of the opening 2 has two vertical guides or grooves 3 res-pectively, which may be formed between the body l vand an interior lining 4, which may be card board or other suitable material. In the guides 3 is removably fitted a lid 5, having at its upper end a liangel 6 adapted to rest on the top of the body 1.

As shown in the drawings, the interior of the valise has equipment means arranged to represent, in miniature, the interior of a portion of sleeping car, 7 designating a section having the usual end walls to which are respectively attached, in any suitable manner, as by gluing to the lining 4, the backs of two seats S, which face each other in the usual manner. v

In the side of the valise opposite the side having the opening are two windows 9, which are disposed between the seats, and may be respectively provided with curtains 10. Over the seats is a folding upper berth 1l which is fastened by hinges 12 to the side wall having the windows 9. The berth 11 is'adapted to be swung from the closed posi Vtion shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 6, to a position resting on two brackets 13, which are fastened respectively to the end walls of the section 7, which is the position for use. For holding the berth 11 closed, a turn button 14 is pivoted to the ceiling of the section 7 and is adapted to engage the under side of a longitudinal flange 15 at the outer edge of' the berth 11.

Intermediate of the seats 8 is removably fixed a table 16 the inner end of the top of which has a downwardly extending lip 17 which is adapted to be inserted behind a horizontal band 18 attached at its ends to the lining 4 of theside wall of the section 7.

The table 16 has a leg 19 the lower end of whichv removably engages the under side of a horizontal band 2O by means of a horizontal lip 21 at the lower end ofthe leg.

The ends ofthe band 2O are attached to the floor of the section 7.

Mounted on the side wall of the section respectively over the seats 8 may be two electric lamps 22, Fig. 6.

23 designates two dolls seated on the seats S to represent two persons.

Each seat 8 may have its back, ends and seat portions formed from a single sheet of suitableV material, such as card board, Fig. 4. The seat portion 23 of each seat 8 is bentfhorizontally forwardly fromthe back of the seat, and may be provided at its forward edge with a downwardly extending stiliening lip 24, the ends of said seat portion being respectively fastened, as by gluing, to the ends of the seat, the latter forming the arms and legs of the seat.

The upper end of the back of each seat is provided with two forwardl and down- Wardly extending lips 25, whic embrace the upper edge and forward side of a back cushion 26. A seat cushion 27 rests on the seat portion 23.

Aty one end of the section 7 is a linen closet 27 havinO a doorway adapted to be closed by a door 28. The latter is retained in the closed position by the lid 5 when the latter is in the guides In the closet' 27 may be placed things usually held in such car closet, as a step ladder 29, linen 30, and a Satchel 3l.v

iside from the windows 9,- the valise when closed, has the usual appearance oi' the usual traveling bag When the valiseris' to be used, to play with, the-lid 5 is withdrawn from the guides 3 and may be disposed under and arranged to sup- 1 port the body l, Fig.- 5, the flange 6 being` disposed vagainst the Window side ot the body, and the lid extending laterally beyond the opening side of the body, so as to represent the floor of the aisle of the car, Fig. (i. lWith the omission of some of the parte usually used in a sleepingcar, such as the berth 1l, and brackets for supporting it, the interior equipment could Well represent a breakfast room and anadjoining closet.

I do not limit my invention to the struc ture shown and described, as many modifications, within the scope of the appended claims, may be made Without departing 'lij'oni the spi-rit oi'iny invention.

lllhat I claim is l. A toy valise having in one side ank opening and in the other side a Window, and having interior equipment means including two seats at opposite sides respectively ot said window, and a miniature folding upper berth above said seats. 4

2. A toy valise having an opening in one side and in the other side a window, a lid for said opening forming one side of'the valise, and equipment inea-ns in said valise including in miniature tivo seats at opposite sidesrespectively of said Window, a table between said seats, and a folding upper bert-h above said seats and table arranged to represent the interior ol a sleeping car section.

3. A toy valise having a side opening and in the other side a Window, a removable lid forV said opening forming one side oi" said vali Ae, and interior equipmentmeans including in miniature tivo seats at opposite sides respectively of said Window, and a folding upper berth above said seats and WindenY ar ranged to represent the interior Voli a sleeping car section, said lid being adapted to be disposed nnderand forni a support for the bodyY of said valise and to extend laterally beyond said opening so as to representthe tloer ot the aisle of the car.

4. A toy valise having a side opening and in the opposite side a Window, and li vertical guides at opposite sides respectii ry oi said opening, a lid removably litted in said guides and forming one side oit the valise and having at its upper end a flange adapted to rest on top ot the body of the valise,and interior equipment means including in miniature two seats at opposite sides re of said Window, and a folding berth over said seats arranged to represent the interior of a sleeping car section, and a linen closetat one end oi' said section having a door arranged to be held closed by said lid when the latter is in said guides, the lid being adapted to be disposed under and to support said body and to extend laterally beyond said opening to torni the floor of the aisle oi' the car when said flange contacts with the'opposite side of the body of the valise.

In a toy of the kind described7 the combination with a side Wall memberV and a floor member, each having an outstanding band having its ends attached thereto, of a miniature table havinga top member havingr an end lip engagingthe inner side of the wall band, and having' 'afleg provided with a lip engaging the inner side of' the floor band,Vv

In testimony whereof I have signed my ame to this specification.v y



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