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Publication numberUS1610244 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1926
Filing dateNov 10, 1924
Priority dateNov 10, 1924
Publication numberUS 1610244 A, US 1610244A, US-A-1610244, US1610244 A, US1610244A
InventorsLouis Bonaccolta
Original AssigneeLouis Bonaccolta
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US 1610244 A
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Dec. '14 1926. 1,610,244


f v r lg eg A ORNEYI,

Patented Dec. 14,1926. 1,610,244




Application filed November 10, 1924. Serial No. 748,868.

This invention relates to new and useful least one transparent wall, as 2, formed im rovements in arefrigerator. with transparent panes, as 3, spaced apart 35 Sue object of the invention is to provide to form chambers 4 between them. In ordera refrigerator some of the walls of which to prevent condensation on the panes 3, and 5 are formed of transparent panes, usually a consequent obstruction of the view through H of glass, and spaced apart to form air chanithem provision has been made for circulating bers between them, and containing m'eans air through said chambers to maintain them 4" for permitting the circulation of air through of uniform temperature with the air in the said chambers. refrigerator. To accomplish this circulation Another object of the invention is to proupper and lower air ducts, 5, 5 have been vide a display refrigerator having one, or provided which lead from the interior chammore, transparent walls, usually of glass, her bf the refrigerator into the up er and and embodying means for preventing conlower parts, respectively, of the c amber-s clensation on said walls. 4. The inner endsof these ducts may be "With the above and other objects in view op d and closed y me of Perforated the invention has particular relation to cersliding gates, or valves, as 6. WVhen the contain novel features of construction, operation densation begins to form on the glass, said and arrangement of parts an example of valves 6 may be opened and the air in the which is given in this specification and illus- 3 refrigerator chamber will .circulate about trated in the accompanying drawings, 'said' panes 'and bring them to a uniform 1 wherein: temperature with the air and the condensaa Figure 1 shows a vertical sectional view tion will be stopped and the panes kept clear. 55

of the refrigerator. What I claim is:

Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view, A refrigerator wall comprising a frame. taken onthe line 2-2 of Figure 1, and glass panels secured and sealed in said frame Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional view in spaced relation, said frame having pastaken on the line 3-3 of Figure 1. sages leading from the interior of the refrig- Referrin now more particularly to the eratorto the space or spaces between said drawings t e numeral 1 designates the reglass panels. i

430 frigerator, as a whole, which may be of any In testimony whereof I have signed my conventional contour and construction. The name to this specification. refrigerator is particularly designed for disi I play purposes and for that reason has at LOUISjBONACCOLTA.

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U.S. Classification62/248, 312/116, 62/255, 62/405, 62/272, 52/171.3
International ClassificationA47F3/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47F3/0434
European ClassificationA47F3/04A3B