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Publication numberUS1611084 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1926
Filing dateJun 24, 1925
Priority dateJun 24, 1925
Publication numberUS 1611084 A, US 1611084A, US-A-1611084, US1611084 A, US1611084A
InventorsHenry Storey William
Original AssigneeHenry Storey William
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Hand rest
US 1611084 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 14,'1926.

l W. H. STOREY HAND REST Filed June 24 '1925 2 Sheets-*Sheet l Dec. 14,1926. y 1,611,084

W. H. STOREY HAND REST Filed June 24 P9251 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 "SINVENTORS atented ADee. 1926.' f

:Lann REST f Application ined June a4,1v 17925.. serial ne; saale.

-The present invention' relates to improvefuting of type into magazines.

Vments vin means for facilitating the distrib-l 'Characters are contained' in type troughs or channels the type being `fed into the channels atrthe top of the fount andeXtracted Ltherefrom at the base,` no adequateprovi sion has yet been devised whereby-support is aor'ded to the hand of the operator while distributing. v

3 f y The operation of, distributing"type'vxinto' the `f zhannels' of the magazine,entails muchV strain upon, the operator VOwing to the fact thatxthe farm and hand/is required tofperfr form ay series'of movements while the lingers "are restrained by grasping the distributing I' position.

sticlnthe arm meanwhile being' ina raised Y In connection ,with the magazine used with'a printing -machine such as abovevreferred'to an arm support has been employed which, thouglrit .relievedthe arm'by supporting its weight near the elbow did not support'the wristA andfmoreover prevented rapid 'distribution of the Vtype as the 7arm support was'only' freetorotate on ak pivot forming a fixture of the magazine, Vand ythe arm had to be lifted from the rest tofreach .form one vside to the'other side of the magazine.. 'y y r' Inl other types 'of magazines` even the provision of an arm rest has floeenV lacking.

Now the object of the present invention Vis to provide means whereby the hand of the operator is supportedin such a manner that the distributing stick can reach any channel at the top of the magazine without the Vnecessity for removing the hand from its support. s The invention consistsv of a reacher or long arm constructed so that it moves automatically horizontallywunder the pressure of thev handof the operator to a lposition over any desired type channel of the magazine.

The invention further consists in constructing the reacher or long arm in such a manner that lwhen not requiredl for userit can be collapsed against the framework of v the magazine or may be entirely removed therefrom.

The invention will nowfbe described more particularly, referencebeing had to the accompanying drawings whereon:

Fig. 1 is a plan View ofthe reacher Vor ft ezine." Vith magazines ofw knownvtype, wherein f long arm the position it assumes when 4 collapsed Fig. 2 shows arear elevation -of `Figi-1.7V Y

the back ofthe `type Amaga- Sis a plan viewof the reacher or long On the drawings` parti of a typ Aarm .inI its extendedfor Yworlfting position.

e magazine 1s shown comprising banks of type carriers A' supported in vanangi'ilar plane'between, N`

.the side framesf'jfllhe reacheror long arm for use 'in/distributing type 'pinto the channels@ ofV` the carriers comprises' a bracket 10, ana1m20, a lever '-305 afrod 40 and 'a hand support 50;- Thefbraeket 1'() Vis1 t.rigidly'secured'tof one'of the side frames "as byscrews y11 or like'meansg, and the eX- r tremitie's-,of thebralcketl are formed with i. 75V from the side frame and are drilled and Y.

flanges e 12 and 13v which proj ect rearwardly socketed respectively to receive a pivot pin 14 which -is passedthrough the upper ilange 12 and is housed in the socket of the lower flange 13. e The arm 2O is .preferably of curved outline so that when 'the arm isV secured to the bracket 10 vthe free end of the arm is almost level with the y carriers (see Figg2'). The arm is formed with flanges 21 and22-at its extremitiesthe top ofthetype e ses?.

flanges 21 being drilled through to receive the pivot pin` 14 while the'rflangesf22 are "drilled and socketed respectively to receive a' pivot pin 23, l .y The leverV 30v is formed'withflanges 31 at one end which'aredrilled througlnthe lever i beingpivoted to the arm 20 by means lof the Vpin 23. The other end of the "lever 30 is bored out to form a socket for the pillar 41k of the rod 40 while -theother end of the rod is fashioned with aseat or pillar42 for the socketed hand support, 50.

The flange 13 of thebracket 10 vis fashe Y, ioned with lugs'l, and a lug orv lugs 24 is orV are formed on" the arm 20. As shown in Fig. 2, when the arm 20 is fitted between the flanges 12 and 13 ofthe bracket 10 and'is pivotally supported therefrom by the pin 14, the arm can be raised until the surface of the upperflange 21 contacts against. the under surface of the flange 12 of the bracket when it" can be extended to the position shown inF ig. 3, Vin which itis used.V In they positions'shown in Figs. land 2 the reacher or .long arm is foldel against the bac-k of the 1 type magazine and islocked in this position vas movement of theV arm 20 lis prevented by' the lug or lugs 24: abutting against the lugs K of the bracket 10. The lever 30 is valso prevented rom inovement'by the arm 20.

To bring the reaclier or long arm into'the position'sliown-in Fig. 3, the zii-m20 is raised yuntil the lug orV lugs'24 is 0i' are clear of the lugs 15.

The arm 20, lever 370,7*rod110 and'support 50 are then turned at right angles to the Vvplaneoi the type -magazine and lowered until the `tapers 24 yof lugs 24 'of the .armv

'2O Contact with the taper ,surfaces 15i and 15b (see detail view Fig. 4) on the socleted flange 130i the bracket 10 and so hold the larm '20 in tlieposition shown in Fig. 3,

the taper surfaces 24? and 15, 15b preventy ing side play.A

distributing type into the lchannels of the magazine. y Y Y. Y

When the reaclier or long arm'is in use, that is to' is at .or about the position shown 4in a. t, e distributiiiF stick,

' b C ,p I 1 A Ytion or type int-o tnev magazine used with whichmay be oi the nature described and shown fin 'patent speciiicati'on Seri-'al No. 735,747'led 1th September 1924,'is grasped between a i'lnigery `and thumb andthe Vhand ofthe operator isrested on the support 50,

Vthe movements necessary for distributingy the type into the dierent type channels being eected without raising Vtheliand from the support so that the operatorsjarm is completely supported and rested.

To disconnect. the reacher or long arm irom vthe bracket 10, the pivot 14 is pulled ont and theY arm 20, lever '30 and rod 4l() with hand support l can be .folded up as a separate unit. n

Having thus described my invention what I desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is as follows 1. A vdevice for facilitating the distribution of type into the magazine used with type duplicatingror like printing machines, in-V cluding a magazine having a traine, a brackl vet capable O'being attached-to said iframe,

a pivot carried by said bracket,`an arm carlried by said pivot andinovable longitudinally thereof and also.` to posit-ions vparallel turning Amovement of said ai-in relativer-to4 said pivot Vto permit of a swinging movement oi' said arin to 'either oifrsaid positions, a lever connected to said arm andn'iovable to an interposed position between the 'front foi' the magazine and said arm when the .lat-VV ter is vparallel to said magazine to prevent, vby contact with said arm, any pivotal movement othe lever relative'vt-hereto, a rod pivoted .to said Ilever and capablefof'swing-` ing n'ioi-'enients towai'da'nd away from and over said magazine and a hand .rest `pivot- QQ device for acilitatingtlie d'istribuI type duplieatingor like printingriiiaeliines,

'ally supported on the free end ofthe rod., H 70 including va bracket capable orfbeing attaclied to the frame of, saidinagazine, a, 'pivot carriedbysaid bracket, an arm Ycai'- riedby said pivot and movable loiigitudi` nally thereof and also to positions parallel with and inv angular relation to the ifrontL ,of said magazine, cooperating means on the bracket and arm Vcapable 'of engagement to lixediy maintain tlie arm in either oi'isaid positionatlie said cooperating means coin-- lprising lugs formed on the bracketand another lug tormedon the arm,'a lever con-V nected to said arm, a. rod pivotally connected with said lever, and a .hand rest mounted on tlie `free end of said rod.

ln testimony whereof I have lathiied -my signature.Y

Wiiiiiiaii HENRY eroina iz'

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U.S. Classification248/118, 248/282.1, 74/480.00R, 74/528
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