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Publication numberUS1611111 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1926
Filing dateJul 12, 1926
Priority dateJul 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1611111 A, US 1611111A, US-A-1611111, US1611111 A, US1611111A
InventorsFrazier Cliver B, Hughes Clifford G
Original AssigneeFrazier Cliver B, Hughes Clifford G
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Combination can opener and sealer
US 1611111 A
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1,611,111 o. B. FRAzlER ET Al.

COMBINATION CAN OPENER AND SEALER Filed July 12, 192s com;marion caiiornivnnlenn si..innii.

Y appiieaiiqn ined .iuiyia ieee. snaai iifwieaoia.

Our said invention consists Vin an im`y 'proved construction and arrangement ofl combined can openers andsealers, the saine..

being av further development Vof the .inven-` tion disclosed in Letters Patent No. 1,567,- 950,'granted December 29, 1925 to Cliffordl G; Hughes, the improvements enabling the 1 d can to be more perfectly converted into AaI dispensing vessehfall as will be hereinafter morelfully described land claimed. Q

Referring to the accompanying drawings' which are made a part hereof and on which Vsimilar reference characters indicate similaiparts- Figure top of milk can or other container with our invention applied thereto,

' Figure 2 is a perspective-view of the spout with a poitionof the can shown in dotted lines, and` 4 K Y.

Figure 3 is asimilar View`v of the perfo,- v rating plug andstopper. Y In thedrawings, the numeral 1O7`denotes A Vtheca-n and 11 thetop thereof vwhich, is provided with the usual beading or ridge Our improvement Yconsists of a spout 14, a perforating plug 15' andA two gaskets or I Awashers 16 vand 17.

The spout 14 comprises stamping of sheet metal having a cylindrical body portion 1S with an outwardly extending rpouring lip 19 on one side. f The bottom 20 of thebody has formed therein a circular boss 21 the vbottom 22 of which is alittle higher than the bottoin20 ofthe body. An arcilate ridge 23'is formed inthe bottom 2O betweenv the `boss 21 and the pouring lip 19A and conforms with and is designed to fit over the beading or ridge 12 on the can to t prevent rotation or movement of the spout portion. Informing ythe spout 14 an inden-V tation. 24 is placed in the center ofthe bottom 22 to mark the spot Where a plug should' Y be drivenin.

of a *non-corro*-v The plug 15 is composed.V

A sive metal and comprises a cylindrical body 25 with one end'formed into a rectangular point 2GV having sharp cutting edges 27 for a purpose to be more fully explained. `.Bin annularV flange 28is formed about'inidway the body while the upperr end terminatesvin a flat face 29 to receivetheimpact of Va hammer or other .medium for driving it through the spout and can. j Y

In applying the device to a can, the gasket 17 is placed onthe can topvll andthe 1 is a section ofaportio'n ofthe i `contents of the can;

'device without departing' ourinvention and we therefore do not limit Yourselves to what is shown in the drawings y,through said Aand clinch fthe'two together, substantially as per for said can,

spout 14 .isplacedv overthe gasket the v doing, the edges27cut the. portions 22 and form burrs which tend to bend away from the point26 and clinch themselves to- Y gether.. The plug is driven.faienough. in Vto slightly compress the y ja tight'seal, While the gasket 16 forms a, A seal for the plug. f

By withdrawing-the plug 15, an opening intovthe canv lcoinmunieating- 'the Vplugv is placed'in the driven through the bot-V gasket 17 forming Yonivnit B. fritazinii Aivn cniiroiin a. Busreise; on Enifi-oon,iniirAi\Tii. .i p

with they spout isV establishedfenabling `the therefrom and directedrfby' means .of the spout, as will be readily understood, thus converting t-he can into a convenient disto be readilyv poured 'A penser for its contents and also providing -forthe perfectsealing of the can toprotect and preserve its contents when not used forv dispensing purposes. f *j It kwill be Vobvious to those skilled in the art thatvarious changes maybe made in our fromV the 4spirit of andy described in the specification, but only as set forth in the appended claims.

Having thus fully described our said invention, what weclairn as new and desire to Isecure by Letters Patent, is:

` 1. The combination of a can having la top, an annular ridge therein, a spout adapted to rest on said toprand project over' the edge thereof, Va ridge formed in said'spout conforming with said ridge Von said top anda perforating plug adapted to bel driven spout and the topvof the can set forth. l

2."-.The combination of acan having atop, 1

ofaspout adapted to rest on.. said top and progect overthe edge thereof, a circular boss Y' on said spout, a'depression in said boss, a Y

gasketbetween said depressionand said can tOp, agasket within said depression and a Y plugadapted to pierce said depression and can top to-clinchthe two to-l perforating removable to forni a stopubstantially as set forth.'

3. Acombined can opener and sealer lcoinl prising a spout having an loutwardly extendgether and then be 'ing pouring lip on one side of aV sizeto pro- `ject overl the edge ofa can, a bossen said spout and a perforating plug adapted to be driven through the spout and the top of a can for clinching the two together said plug being of a si'ze toA fit Vsnugly within the said boss, substantially as set forth.Y

'4. The combination with a canl top of a Aspout adapted to'rest on saidtop and pro- Y v as iset forth.

l5. The coniloination with a canv top of a spout adapted to rest on said topl and project over the edge thereof, and a perforating plug adapted to be driven through said spout and Vcan top for clinching the two together and forming a closure for said perforation said spout being provided with an upstanding boss snugly conforming to the periphery of they perforating plug, said Yupstanding boss having recesses to house a gasket at each side of the spout for sealing the yclosure hetween the spout and the can and between the plug and the spout, lsubstantially as set forth.

In witnessvwhereof, we have hereunto set our hands andseals at Elwood7 Indiana this 9th day of June A. D. nineteen hundred and twenty-six.

oLivER B. riuifziun.l [11. 5.]


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