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Publication numberUS1611155 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1926
Filing dateSep 1, 1925
Priority dateSep 1, 1925
Publication numberUS 1611155 A, US 1611155A, US-A-1611155, US1611155 A, US1611155A
InventorsBisaillon George N
Original AssigneeBisaillon George N
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Display device
US 1611155 A
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Dec. 2l 1926.

G. N. BISAILLON DISPLAY DEVICE Filed Sept. l. 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet l Dec. 21 1926. 1,611,155

G. N. BISAILLON DISPLAY DEVICE Filed Sept. 1. 1925 2 sneetssneet 2 1 ypurr] i DISPLAY Application filed September The .invention relates 'display devices ,and has for its ebject to provide a device o this character. comprising a casing havinlg a rotatableplatform provided with a plura ity of rotatable discs, on..which discs figures may be placed fordisplaying garments or other articles, and means cooperating with the discs whereby during the rotation of the platform, they will have a planetary movement for rotating the figures thereon for displaying costumes on the figures from all sides.

A further object is to provide the device with a curtain extending transversel across the same, and which curtain is provi ed with an entrance and exit for the figures, and means whereby, during the movement of the figures, when passing through the entrance of the curtain, they will be in front elevation, and when passing through the exit of the curtain, they will be in rear elevation. Also to provide means whereby as the figures pass through the exit, rotation thereof will be stopped Vuntil the figures pass through the entrance, thereby presenting the figures as they pass through the entrance in front elevation.=

A further object is to providethe figure carrying disc with downwardly extending shafts, the lower ends of which are provided with friction discs, which engage a segmentally shaped track duringthe rotation of the platform and which track and friction wheels impart rotation to the iigure carrying discs.

A further object is to -yieldably mount the segmentally shaped track, thereby insuring a positive frictional engagement of the fric- 'v tion wheels therewith, and to provide adjusting means in connection with the track,

Y whereby the frictionalv engagement thereof with the friction-wheels may be varied particularly adjacent the ends of the track for accurately adjusting thestarting `and stopping of the rotation of the fi es in relation to the curtain entrance an exit.

With the above and other objects in view the invention-resides in the combination and arrangement of parts as hereinafter set forth, shown in the drawing, described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit ofthe invention.

In the drawings Gnonen N. BIsAILLoN, or FALL nrvnmmnssacnusn'rra DEVICE.

1, 1925. Serial No. 53,840.

taken on line 3-3 of Figure 2.

' F1gure'4 1s a perspective view of 'the' arcuate track, the discs and the vfriction wheels.

Referring -to the drawings, the numeral 1 designates a rectangularshaped casing, and' 2 a vertically disposed shaft within the casmg. gear B. which meshes with a -bevelled gear 4 carried by a motor 5 within the casing 1, and which motor forms' driving means for the bevel gear 3, shaft 2 and mechanism hereinafter set forth. Mounted on the upper end of the shaft 2 is a l.rotatable platform 6, which platform rotates in the direction of the arrow a and is disposed inthe round opening 7 in the upper side of the casing 1, however it is supported on antifrictional rollers 8 for insuring an easy'and noiselessl rotation of the platform.- Rotat'ably mounted within round openings 9 in the platform 6 are discs 10, which discs are supported on antifrictional rollers 11 and are provided with downwardly extending shafts 12, the

lower ends of which are provided with fric-` tion wheels 13, which are preferably rovided with rubber rims 14, which frictlonally engage the rubber strip 15 in the arcuate track 16 within the casing, therefore it will be seen that as the platform 6 is rotated, the figure carrying discs 10 will have a planetary movement for substantially one half the rotation of the platform 6, that is subst-antially one hundred and eighty degrees, and as the ends of the trackway 16 are subst-antially one hundred and eighty degrees apart, and in registration with the 'curtain entrance 1 .7 and the curtain exit 18, it will be seen that when the figures 19, which are mounted on the disc 10 are on one side of the curtain 20, they will be rotated, and when on the other side of the curtain they will not rotate. The trackway 16 and the friction wheels 13 are proportioned whereby when the figures pass through the entrance 17 of the curtain they will be shown in front elevation and when they pass through the exit 18, they will be shown in rear elevation, and ina position whereby when the rotation thereof stops the are in a position. where they will show 1n front elevation as they pass through the entrance 17 and at The shaft 2 is provided with a bevelled which time the rotation of the es starts of an. arcuate bracket 21, which is prol 23, which extend through apertures 24 in the vided with upwardly extendin bracket arms 22 secured to the under side of the top 1'L of the casing, however it is to be understood it may be supported in any other manner. Trackway 16 1s slightly Hexible and is provided with radially disposed bolts arcuate bracket 21, and ,are provided with nuts which may be tightened and loosened for bowing the trackway 16 for insuring a positive frictional engagement of the tires 14 of the friction wheels 13 therewith for obviating any jerky action and insuring a smooth steady rotation of the figures. The trackway 16 is also yieldably supported by means of coiled springs 26, which are interposed between the trackway and the arcuate bracket 21, therefore it will be seen that the trackway will be held in engagement with the friction wheels 13 atall times, and the track will yield incident to any irregularities in the mechanism. By 'adjusting the endbolts 23 it is obvious that ends ofthe trackway `16 may be adjusted outwardly .or inwardly for accurately timing the starting and stopping of the rotation of the wheels 18 in relation to ethe curtain entrance 17 and exit 18 for insuring the proper positionby allowing quick adjustment of the figures in relation to the entran e and exit of the curtain and at the same time providing a mechanism which will not get out of order andone wherein the'parts are reduced to a minimum.

is claimed as new and useful is The combination with a display device comprising a rotatable platform having iigure carrying discs rotatably mounted thereon, of means for imparting a lanetary movement to the figure carrying discs durlng thel rotation of the platform, said means comprlslng' an arcuately shaped trackway, friction discs carried by the ligure carrying discs and engaging the trackway, an arcuately shaped bracket adjacent one side of the trackway, bolts carried bythe trackway 4and extending l-through apertures in the bracket and forming means whereby said trackway may be adjusted in relation to the friction wheels, and springs interposed' between the trackway and arcuate bracket.

The invention having been set forth what name to this specification.

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International ClassificationA47F5/02, A47F5/025
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European ClassificationA47F5/025