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Publication numberUS1611440 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1926
Filing dateAug 14, 1922
Priority dateAug 14, 1922
Publication numberUS 1611440 A, US 1611440A, US-A-1611440, US1611440 A, US1611440A
InventorsHauft Charles H
Original AssigneeStandard Dev Co
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Tank construction
US 1611440 A
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Dec. 21 1926. 1,611,440

. C. H. HAUPT TANK CONSTRUCTION Filed August 14. 1922 3 Shee'os-SheeiI 1 Hmmm C. H. HAUPT TANK CQNSTRUCTION Dec. 21 1926.

Filed August 14, 1922 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Deo. 21; 1926;'




Application med August 14, 1922. serial No. 581,756.

The present invention relates to improvements inoil storage tanks and will be fully understood from theV following description i `thereof, illustrated by. "the accompanying drawings, inwhich: Figure 1 is a plan View of the tank; 'Fig'. 2 is a sectional view centrally through the tank; f

Fig. 3 "is a V,horizontal sectional .view through the tank below its top, sho-wing the floating roof of the tank in plan;

Fig. 41s a detailed 'Sectio al 'view taken through the center of the'tank on a horizontal lane;

Flg. 5 is a'verticaldetailed sectional view taken at right angles to the plane of section of Fig. 4;

Fig. 6 'is- 'a horizontal sectional view through the tank below its top, showing a modified vform-of ioating root in plan; 7 is a detailed .horizontal sectional View through the x7center: ofthe tank; and

.Fig 8 is a'detailed/vertical jsectional view through the center offthe tank at right angles 'to the planle'of section of Fig. 7. Referring more particularly to the drawings, the numeral 10 indicatesthe body of a tank, which may be, for example, cylindri- .cal in form. A central post 11,

likewise be \cylindrical inform, rises vfrom the center of the tank, its height being greater than the height of the walls of the tank.

At the top of the central post 11 is mounted a plate 12 of substantially circular form, which serves` as a central rality ofvk radial, downwardly inclined beams for rafters 13 which serve to support lthe that the beams 13 are spaced above the lat` ledge. roof 14. At theirouter ends the beams 13 are supported by uprights A15v extending upwardly from the wall of the tank 10, so

ter. The ledge-roof 14 isconcal inform, preferably with a low pitch, and thecentral portion. thereof is cut away, as shown by the lines 16 on The roof 14 hence is va ledge covering only the outer portion of the tank, over-hanging the wall and spaced aboveit. Within the tankis provided a oat of sectional construction, the assembled sections trally of which may support for a plu-- thereof forming a floating body of conigu lquadrant pans with, upturnedsides 183 At where they approach the centheir centers, tral post 11, the pan sections 17 are formed to provide a re-entra'nt angle 19, which in the form illustrated is approximately a 90 angle'. As a result of the formation of these re-entrant langles at the centers of the float sections, a polygonal opening is formed cenand the central Cxopening. l l

Means are provided for holdingI the pans in their proper spaced relation with respect to the central post. This means may suitably'be a frame 2 0 formed with depending spaced legs 21 whichl are respectively secured to aligned sides of i ,post l1 extends through this they meet, if desired.l

Evaporation of stored liquids 'from 'the fannular space within the vtank Asurrounding the tloat sections and from the polygonal space at the center'of lthe tank between, the float sections and around the central post is prevented by providing in these spaces a covering of suitable fillermaterial, such as stable foam, for example, that described in the patent of Howard, Jennings and Kent, No. 1,443,538, granted. January 30, 1923,.- Rain water or any other liquid accumulated within the pans 17 forming the ioating roof of the tankwmay be removed by any suitable means, for example, by siphoning or draining to .a point outside the As such meansdo not form a part of the present invention, no showing thereof'ismade in the drawings. r L

Any suitable means', such as is well known the re-entrant angles'v formed in adjacent float pans. Each of the the tank between the float sections roof is formed in fbur sections 17 a illustrated as quadrants, the inner angles being Vcut off at 19 to form a central square opening post 11".

surrounding 4he center post indicated by numeral a. The roof sections 17 a are secured together by any suitable means, for example, by bolts, by welding, or .the like. To each of the sides 19? forming the central `opening, a `vertical member 20 is secured, this member having its top Q1a bent or turned over toward the central The members 20 thus serve as guides in the upward movement lof the {loating roofs.' `As above described,C the central opening and the space surrounding the floatingroof are filled with any suitable material, forexample, the stable foam above referred to.

I claim: 1. '.lncornbination,l a tank, a float within the tank, said float being spaced from the walls ofthe tank, and a stable fluent foam lling the space between said lioat-and the wall of the tank and adapted to ioat upon i the surface of the liquid in thef/tank.

2. In combination, a tank, a 'float within ythe tank, said -oat being spaced from the walls of `thetank and being provided with a central opening, and a stable fluent, foam adapted to oat upon the surface of uid-in the tank and lillin the space between said oat and the wall o? the tank and also filling the centra-l opening in the loat.

`3.` In combination, a tank, a {ioat within the tank, said iioat being .spaced lfrom. the

. walls of theltank and being provided with v-ioat being formed of a'pluralityof pan secformed to a central opening, a stable fluent foam adapt'f ed to float u on the surface of the liquid in Lthe tank an filling lthe space between said oatand the wall' of the tank and also filling Athe central opening in the float and a roof mounted upon said tank and.' spaced thereabove, said roof overhang'in'gthe walls of said tank. z

4. A tank, va float 'within said tank, lsaid tions and saidpan sections being e provide a central opening in the ioat and a marginal opening between the Heat-and the Walls of the tank, and means for holding adjacent pan sections of said float together.

5. A tank,a float within said tank, Said float being formed of a plurality of pansections and said pan sections the float and thev ,means for holding adja-- cent pan sections 11a. The tank is the liqpost,

vsaid tank and spaced thereabove,

right post,.a float in said tank secured together and said'pan being formed vto provide acentral opening in the Boat and. a' marginal openin` between walls of. the tan 'the float, vertical uprights secured v the cen- I '-tralv opening, the said upzf.

l1 ofsaid float together and" rights being' turnedp inwardly toward the '6. A `tank provided withu central uprightv post, a float in said tank, said float being formed of a plurality of quadrant sections, each of which is provided with a reentrant angle whereby' a central opening is formed about said central post, and spac-v ing means comprising aframe having llegs depending into and secured to adjacent pan sections of said oat and means supported by said spacing ramesor holding said pan sectionsl in proper relation pto' the central ost. P7. A tank rovided with a central upright post, a oat insaid tank, said float being formed of la plurality of quadrant sections, each of which is provided with a reentrant angle whereby a central opening is formed about said central post, and spacing means comprising a frame having legs'depending into and secured to adjacent pan sections of said float, means supportedby said spacing frames for holding said pan sections ilf proper relation to the central post and a floating'filler between the oat -and thelwalls of the tank and in the central' opening of the float.

8. A tank provided with a central upright post, a oat in said tank, said-float being formed of a plurality of quadrant sections, each of which is provided with a reentrant angle whereby a central opening is formed about said central post, and spacing means comprisin a frame. having Vlegs depending into'an j secured to adjacent pan secti ns of said oat, means supported by said spacing frames for holding said pan sections 'in proper relation. to the central a stable'foamk filling between the ioat and thewalls 'of the tank and in the central opening of the loat and a roof mounted on dverhangin the walls -of the tank.A

-9. A anisaid rooie` provided with a central'VA upj said ,float beof 4pan sections sections being formed to provide a central op'enintgl in thel float, and spacing means secured to e sides of said an sections formi theN central ing formed of a ,plurality opening or holdjngfthe ,loatin proper relation to the central post.

10.'4 A tank rovidedj with a central 'upright a oat in said tank, said float being orl'ned of a plurality of pan sections l 'secured together and said pan sections being formed to provlde a central opening in to the sides'of saidpan sections forminfg r ends, o

central post, said vertical utprights thereby portion of the surface of the body of liq serving as spacing means or holding the uid in the tank, and a sealing means consist-y pan `sections in proper relation to the cening of a foamy, frothy substance oatinlg l0 tra] post. v `upon the surface of the liquid in the tan 5 11. A liquid storage apparatus, comprisbetween the side Wall of the tank and the ing a tank that is adapted to hold liquid, a peripheral edge of said deck.

floating deck or roof that covers the major CHARLES H. HAUPT.

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U.S. Classification220/216
International ClassificationB65D88/34, B65D88/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D88/34
European ClassificationB65D88/34