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Publication numberUS1611684 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1926
Filing dateNov 3, 1923
Priority dateSep 23, 1922
Publication numberUS 1611684 A, US 1611684A, US-A-1611684, US1611684 A, US1611684A
InventorsServa Adam A
Original AssigneeUnited Electric Company
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Rotary drive for vacuum cleaners
US 1611684 A
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Illll 1 I llllllllll'" A A SERVA ROTARY DRIVE FOR VACUUM CLEANERS Original Filed Sept. 23, 1922 nunuiillmnnm V x 1 w W m. OW 1 1 Dec. 21 1926.

%M WM 3 611301160414 Patented Dec. 21, 1926.





Original application 'filed September 23, 1922. Serial No. 590 113. Divided and this application filed November 3, 1923.

This invention relates to rotary brushes for use upon vacuum cleaners or slmilar .devices and the obje ts of th im rovenent are to provide a s'mple and efiicient means for rotatablv mounting the h" in the easing of the cleaner and pr-ovidin for rotating the brush from a traction w eel of the cleaner.

The above and other objects may be at tained by constructing the device as illustrated in the accompanying wl1ich Figure 1 is a bottom plan View of the nozzle and brush of a vacuum cleaner, parts bezn shown in sectionand Fig. 2, an enlarged seitional view of the bearing and driving means to which the invention pertains.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the drawing.

For the purpose of illustrating the application of the improvement to a vacuum cleaner, a portion of a vacuum cleaner of any usual type is illustrated and includes the nozzle 1 connected in usual manner to a suction chamber and arranged to be supported upon the floor by the wheels 2.

The rotary brush 3 is of nsual construction and is mounted for rotation within the nozzle 1. one end of the brrsh shaft which is preferably hollow, being inserted over the sprinrr pressed plunger 4 in the adja cut end of the nozzle, p oviding a journal bearing forthis end of the brush, theother end of the brush shaft having a transverse pin 5 which engages the transverse slot 6 in the pulley shaft 7, the pulley 8 being fixed or formed integral upon said shaft and condr'awing, in

auism for the an inlet Serial No. 672,626.

nected as by the belt 9 with the adjacent traction wheel 2 which is grooved as at 1.0 to receive the belt.

A brass brushing 11 is mounted in the inner wall 12 of the nozz e and forms one bearing for the pulley shaft 7, a screw cap 13 being inserted into the outer wall 14 of the casing and provided with a brass bushing 15 which serves as the outer bearing for the shaft.

lVith this construction of -driving mechbrush, it is possible to form the pulley of relatively small diameter to cooperate with the grooved traction wheel, in order to rotate the brush at a substantial y high speed. s

v forming the pulley shaftas. above desribed, the same may be quickly and easily disconnected from the brush, in. order to allow'the brush to be removed for cleaning, and the shaft may be easily and readily replaced in the cleaner brush.

This application is a division of my copending application Serial No. 590,113 filed September 23, 1922.

I. claim In a vacuum cleaner, the combination of nozzle, a bearing in one end thereof, a traction wheel at said end, a casing therefor, a screw cap in the outer wall of said casing having a bearing therein in 70 alignment with the first bearing, a short shaft j ournaled in said bearings and having a pulley geared to said traction wheel and a brush detachably connected to said shaft.


and connected to the

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U.S. Classification15/388, 15/392
International ClassificationA47L9/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47L9/0422
European ClassificationA47L9/04B6