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Publication numberUS1611742 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1926
Filing dateJan 30, 1925
Priority dateJan 30, 1925
Publication numberUS 1611742 A, US 1611742A, US-A-1611742, US1611742 A, US1611742A
InventorsBedford Hammer
Original AssigneeJohn E Baird, Nolan M Doss
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Dispensing device
US 1611742 A
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Dec. 21,1926.-

1,611,742 B HAMMER DISPENSING DEVICE- Filed Jan. 30.- 1925 2s y f 'l fnvefn. ed ralf/am ef: fr# i lPatented Dec.u v2li, 1.4926. r I

UNITED A STATES n nnironn Hamann; or SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, VAssreaton or onu-T 'ro .man


NoLAN 1u. noss. Born or Loslrros, cnmronynrsrnnsnve nnvrcn.

application mea January 3c, 1925. serial no. avec.

A'lhis invention relates to `dispensiuug devices and more particularly topthosel adapted to the dispensing ofcigarettes, chewing gum, raisins,.candy and other commodities commonly Wrapped inpaclrages or cartons.

The object of this invention is to provide a dispensing Vdevice of the character `described which will have the capacity to maintain a substantial supply ot various commodities or brands of the same com- ,i modity, being provided with selective means to be manually operated for procuring articles from the dispenser. v

-A further obj ect is to provide in a dispensing device of the above described character a disp-lay yfront having dummy packages indicating the commodity contained in the dispenser' and thereby avoiding undue handling or exposure of the articles to be vended. 20 v My dispensing device is intended to be operated by storelreepe'rs or authorized persons but notv by the general public, except in such places where theyfma'y pay yfor the articles dispensed operated.

A further object is tor/provide counting devices in the dispensing device sso that an as the. device is not-coin accurate account. may be kept of the various' articles sold therefrom.

Referring to, the drawing, Fig. 1 is a.

perspective of the dispensingdevice. as seen `when set up for operation. v .l

Fig. 2 is a perspective view oi?V the device showing the door open to disclose thel interior construction.

Fig. 3'- is a sectional elevation of the dispensing device taken on the line 3--3 of Fig; 1. v

Fig. 4 isa fragmentary sectional elevation illustrating device Fig. 5 is a sectional planview of the dispensing device taken on 'the line 5 5 of Fig. 3. Y

Describing the invention, a cabinet 1 pro-- vided with a door 2 is mounted upon a platform 3 which is adapted to rest upon any table or counter 4. The cabinet comprises ends 5,.a top 6, a back 7 and ai'Ton-t platform 3. A

8. Within this cabinet is a partition 10 disposed parallel to the back 7 and extends from. the top 6 to a point 11 a distance the operation of the dispensingv tend from the large partition 10 forward a ldistance slightly greater than thev width of the carton 13 to 'be dispensed. A lower horizontal panel 9 ot the front 8 is disposed above the platform '3 and arallel thereto forming a passageway 15 tor the cartons."

13 ,from the interior of the cabinet 1.

'.lhe door 2comprises a trame structurev 16 having a glass front 17, a back 13 and a hinged rear panel 19, as'shown in Fig. 2. il display card or dummy cartons 3d ,are inserted inan opening between the glass- 17 and the back 18 and the panel 19 is' then closed and held shut by a latch 21.

rllhe platform 3 is formed ot a base 22, a diack 23, a front 2li 'and a'top a purpose hereinafter designated. Y

Mounted within the cabinet 1 and adapted to roll upon the latform 3 is a plurality of pushers 27. ach of these has a body 28 the approximate thickness of the'carton 15S-and is provided'with rollers 29 toA facilitate` its movement. A' rod 30 is attachedto the front end of the pusher` 27 and is bent to extend longitudinally parallel to the base 22 and to project through an opening 31V in the front 24.

' It will now be seen that the slot`26 permits passage of the rod 30 in a limited reciprocating movement. The rod 30 is normally held. in a retracted position by spring 32 as i shown in Fig. 3,but upon grasping a button 33 on the outer endot said rod, the rod 90 may be drawn forward against the action' of the spring 32 bringing with it the pusher 27 which will clear the lower end 11 oitthe partition 10 and the lower panel 9 ot the front 8, as shown in'Fig. 4:. The tor-ward* end of the slot 26 will inhibit further movement of the rod 30 when it has performed the desired function.V The purpose of the pusher 27 is to actuate the carton 13 and push one carton at a'time :from the lowerv end ot the stack of cartons out upon the button 33 will brin spaced laterallywithin the cabinet and eX-f' Slots ,y 26 are cut longitudinally in'the top 25 for rca quick manipulation ofthe the carton 13 forward `with considerable orce` which will propel the said carton out upon the exposed portion of the platform 3.

The rod 30 is formed ywith an oiset 35. adapted to actnate a' tappet 36 of a: standard counting device 37. The frontl 24: of the platform 3 is formed with a plurality of openings `38 throughI which the numerals.

on the counting device may beseen.

v The operation of the dispensing device is as follows: The article or brand which Vit is desired to purchase is selected by reference to the display cartons in the door 2. The op-A l erator then lgraspsthe button 33 on the rod corresponding to the vertical column in which the desired article appears, drawing the rod 30 outwardly thereby eject-ing a single carton 13 from the column ,of caT- tons. within the cabinet 1 by means of the upper ports t e remalnlng cartons 1n the column,-

movement of pusher 27.l As the lpusher movesl the lowerinost'carton outwardly the art of the `body of the pusher supuntil it has withdrawn to its normal contracted position whereupon the entire co1- umn of cartonsdescends and another carton.

is in place for ejectmen-t. The large partition 10, the small partitions l2 Vand the back 18 of the'door 2 -prpvide a plurality of vertical chambers the approximate size of the cartons thereby retaining lthem in position. As the rod 30 is 1noved.outwardly for ejecting a carton the offset "35 engages the tappet 36 and actuates the tappet sufficiently to register a number on thecountfing device 37 thus makingz'it possible to at vany time ascertain the numberfo sales of any particular commodity or brand of articles )being vended.

In my dispensing device the'lower horizontal panel 9, is of suicient height above the platform 3 so that the passageway 15 is `always open and the operator may thus vreadily ascertain if thereare packages in any stack and if for any reason the pusher 27 should refuseto operate he may obtain the packages by hand. Various changes may parting from the spirit of the invention as claimed. y I claim: A Y

Arlispensing device, comprisingzjn combib'e ma'dewithoutide- I nation a cabinet having :partitions forming receptacles adapted to contain packages to be dispensed, a platform upon which the packages rest and may bet received, said platform havin a slot' below the receptacle; a panel spaced above the platform and leaving'ja ermanent opening .the height of the package, a door' secured tothe `cabinet and

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