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Publication numberUS1612262 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1926
Filing dateJan 25, 1926
Priority dateJan 25, 1926
Publication numberUS 1612262 A, US 1612262A, US-A-1612262, US1612262 A, US1612262A
InventorsCoggins Archie W, Jones Leslie N
Original AssigneeCoggins Archie W, Jones Leslie N
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Apparatus for wrapping cylinders
US 1612262 A
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Dec. 28 1926. 1,612,262


fi improve/t Patented ec. 28, i926.



Application filed January Our invention consists in a new and useful improvement in apparatus for wrapping cylinders, and is designed more particularly for the purpose of packaging rolls of paper or similar articles for protection against dirt and injury in handling. The particularly novel and advantageous features of our invention are the greatly reduced labor required in the process of wrapping, the reduction of the amount of wrapping material, and the production of a neater and more eiiicient job.

lu the drawings filed herewith, we have illustrated one specific embodiment of our apparatus, but it is to be distinrtly understood that we do not consider' that our invention is limited to the description of the apparatus. but refer for its scope to the claims appended hereto.

in the drawings: t

Fig. l is a top plan view of our apparatus.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of our apparatus.

Fig. Il is a detail showing the cylinder' and headers with unfolded edges.

Fig. l is a similar detail showing the cyliuder and headers with folded edges.

`Fig. 5 is a sin'iilar detail showing the cylinder. headers with folded edges and cover.


(iur apparatus, as illustrated in the drawings, mounted upon a base l which carries two horizontally disposed rollers 2 and 3, the former an idler and the latter rotated, at the will of the operator, by a suitable source of power. TvVc provide uprights l and 5 suitably mounted on the base l between the rollers 2 and El. In the upright 4 there is rotatably mounted a circular plate G and in the upright 5 there is rotatably mounted the circular plate 7 mountedfor lateral movement under action of the cam lever 8. Adjacent the roller 3, we provide a spindle 9 upon which can be mounted the web l0 of suitable wrapping material. Suitably positioned relative to the spindle 9 and roller 3 is the adhesive reservoir ll provided with its adhesive applying roller l2. Between the rollers 2 and 3 and concentric with the plates G and 7, we provide the arcuate presser plate 13, for the purpose to be described. lVe also provide a runway la adjacent the roller 2.

Ilhe operation of our apparatus is as follows: The cylinder C to be wrapped is rolled 25, 1926. serial iro/83,559.

up the runway let and positioned upon the rollers 2 and 3. Headers H of suitable wrapping material are then placed between the ends of the cylinder Cgand the adjacent plates 6 and 7. These headers H arev of la diameter somewhat in excess of the diameter of the cylinder C so that their peripheries extend beyond the periphery of the cylinder C. By the action of the cani lever 8, the plate 7 is caused to move inwardly, thus clamping the headers H and the cylinder C between the plates G and 7. The peripheries of the headers H are then folded over the ends of the cylinder C and tucked in, assuming the position indicated inFig'. 4. The operator of the apparatus then applies power to the roller 3 whichis caused to rotate in the direction indicated by the arrow inFig. 2, thus causing the cylinder C to rotate. T he rotation of the cylinder C causes the folded edges ofthe headers H to pass over the presser plate 13 which presses the folded edges of the headers H neatly and closely against the vouter surface of the cylinder C. The end of the web l() of suitable wrapping material is then passed over the roller l2'which applies the adhesive in the reservoir ll thereto, and is then inserted between the surface of the folded edges of the headers H and the roller 8. rotation of the cylinder C by the rotation of the roller 3 causes the web 10 of wrapping material to be applied to the outer surface of the cylinder C, thus completely sealing the cylinder C, as desired. The cylinder C is allowed to rotate slightly beyond a complete revolution, so that the web l0 may overlap itself when it is then cut.

Having described our invention, what we claim is:

l. In an apparatus for wrapping cylinders, the combination of a rotatable holder for the cylinder which is to be wrappedpro-` vided with means adapted to clamp headers of wrapping material upon the heads of the cylinder; means adapted to press the edges of the headers against the cylinder; a spindle adapted to carry a web of wrapping material; means adapted to apply adhesive to said web; and means adapted to rotate the cylinder when it is positioned in the holder and also apply the adhesive coated web to the cylinder.

2. In an apparatus for wrapping cylin- Conti'nued ders, the combination of two rotatable an adhesive applying device between said plates, one of which is mounted for lateral Spindle and said roller. Y movement; an arcuate presser plate conoen- In testimony whereof we afiX our sgna- 10 trically 'disposed relative to said plates; a tures. power roller so disposed as to support a Cylinder Ypositioned between said rotatable ARCHE W. COGGINS. plates; a spindle adjacent said' roller; and LESLIE N. JQNES. i i

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U.S. Classification53/216, 53/372.9, 53/136.2, 53/214, 53/587
International ClassificationB65B25/14
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