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Publication numberUS1612343 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1926
Filing dateJun 9, 1925
Priority dateJun 9, 1925
Publication numberUS 1612343 A, US 1612343A, US-A-1612343, US1612343 A, US1612343A
InventorsAmussen Joseph S
Original AssigneeAmussen Joseph S
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Massaging implement
US 1612343 A
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Dec. 28,1926. 1,612,343

7 J. AMUSSEN MASSAGING IMPLEMENT Filed June 9, 1925 I G 9 gvwwnfoz 'JosEPH 5. AMussEN FIG-.8. TI

Patented Dec. 28, 1926.

UNETEI stares FATE 'i rvrAssAGrue Ii/rrLniii'En-r'.

Application filed June 9, 1925; Serial N5. 35,945;

This invention relates to massaging implements, and it has for its object to provide an improved massaging implement whereby portions of the back' such as the vertebral 6 column, and tissues adjacent the vertebral column'may be massaged or otherwise beneficially treated or manipulated by the user, indwithout the assistance of a Inasse-ur or manipulator.

In accordance with the invention a' proper'ly formed implement, preferably of wood or like material, is provided, and such iniplementis preferably formed 'with' acurved or bowed massaging end portion conjoined at an enlarged and preferably protruding fulcrum portion with a curved or bowed handleportion the formation and curvature being such that the grip or terminus of the handle portion may be positioned directly in front of the, user for manipulctio'n" lever fashion by one hand, while the enlarged and properly formed fulcrum or intermediate portion is seated in the palm of the other hand and held at the 'co'rresp'ondingside of i the user and about which side of the user the implement is formed to curve, the massaging portion properly re-curving forwardly and terminating in a widened and rounded nose or massaging end-per se, which nose ispreferably especially formed for manipulation of' and remedial treatmento'f' the tissu'esof the back, and other parts ofthe body;

The bowedmassaging portion is preferably carefully formed with proper edge or marginal portions and flattened portions properlyuner ged into the marginal portions, and the handle portion is preferably carefullv formed at its terminus to fit the-hand and 'of such varyingcross-sectionalong' its length as will make for strength in the curved portion of the implement well as case of manipulation in forming the hand-lo portion and the massaging portion care is tapering" of both such portions into the protrudin'g'fulcrum portion so that the hand receiving thefulcrum portion may be positioned'near the side of the body and with the elb ow extended rearwardly and so in proper anatomical relationto the remainder of end sash i'jressure may be transmitted taken to provide for proper shaping and forwardly against the back by the re-curved massaging portion of the implement The implement may be fouled, in accordance with the invention, from'one piece of wood or other suitable material or may be made conveniently of two pieces'of wood. doweled' and glued'together' at the protruding' fulcrum portion.

With the above and' other objects in View, including the provision of an efficacious massaging implement which will be of scientifically correct form as' well as relative ly simple and inexpensivein construction, the invention consists in the'novel'and useful provision, formation, combination and relative arrangement" of portions, members eatures, all as 'lie'reinafter desc'rib'ed, shown in the drawing, and finally'poi'nted out in claims.

In the drawing: I

Figure l isa perspectiveVieu 'ofthe inassaging implement, showing'the same in use,

Figure 2 isa side elevation of the same.

Figure 3 is'an" edge elevation of thesa'me,

Figure 3 is an elevation of'the inner side of the massaging portion of the implement,

Figure 4' is a transverse section taken on lin'e-e-d'o'rrigure 2",

Figure 5 is a'siinilarwiew' takeir'on line 55"of Figure 2,

Figureffi is a siinilarview takenonline 6-6 of Figure 2, v

Figure 7 is a similar view taken ou line '7'? of FigureEZ,

Figure 8 is a'p'erspeoti e'view of a massagingimplenient, embodying my invention, showing the same'in' a driferentshape; I

Figure 9' is'a side elevation of a! further mod ification', and,

Figure ldis aside clev'a'tion'of' a still further niodification'l I Referring with .particularity tothe drawinn. in the embodiment of the invention therein shown, A designates a inassagiii inipl'emen't, B" designates the handle portion thereof, C designatesth'e massaging portion thereof, andD designates the fulcrum portion.

Theim'plement A is preferably substantially rib ShapedMndmay be made by joining the handle portion B to the massaging portion C. Forthis purpose the massaging portion 'C may be equipped with a tongue d, passing intoareces's d, forine'din the handle portion l3}; These" parts may be v trier; The inipieiii e'iiif i" be excellent and beneficial results in use.

formed of one piece, if desired. The inner surface of the implement preferably lies in. a continuous symmetrical curve of sharpest curvature at the massaging portion C. as at c, with the curvature gradually widening toward and throughout the inner surface of the handle portion, as at d; the terminus of the handle portion being preferably rounded to form a suitable grip, as at d. The curvature is preferably such that in use the handle terminus is opposed to the extreme massaging end (1, which. forms a suitable nose for application to the vertebral column, so that such handle terminus or grip may be worked forwardly from the chest by one hand of the user, lever-fashion, to bring the nose at 0' against the back of the user, the other hand of the user grasping the enlarged abutment a constituting the fulcrum portion D. The abutment (1 lies at the outer periphery of the implement and is formed to be seated in the hand, the user so holding the nose at 0' against his back by extending the elbow of the fulcrum supporting arm to the rear and with the fulcruming hand at his side. It will be understood that the massaging portion is positioned, when the implement is in use, to pass about the back and side of the user and conform to the back, and to this end the implement preferably is given an inner surface contour resembling a rib, while the fulcrum portion abuts or extends at the outer surface of the implement. The inner surface of the implement at the massaging portion is preferably formed with a broad face 6 which follows the general trend of the laterally widened massaging end, which end may be progressively widened from a point near the fulcrum portion D and toward the nose 0'. The inner edge surface 7 joining the face 6 and the extreme lateral edges 8 of the implement is preferably curved as at 9 to the end that a suitable massaging edge is provided. Such massaging edge at 9 is formed to act upon tissues against which it is urged in a manner similar to the edge of a hand or finger pressed against the tissues and moved over the same in massaging action. This inner edge massaging contour is preferably carried about the nose 0 of the implement from side to side as at 10, at the inner edge of such nose. The nose 0 curves outwardly from such contour 10 and I may so terminate the massaging end in a blunt or rounded and laterally widened point which may be undercut as at 11 at the outer periphery. I find that implements formed with the cross-sections illustrated in Figures 4 and 5 possess great strength and produce The re-curve of the massaging portion upon the handle port-ion as shown in Figure 1 makes for ease of manipulation, as when the grip of the handle is urged forwardly from the chest of the user the nose 0 may be directly applied to the spinal column with as much force as it is desired to employ.

The implement may be made in the longitudinal shape or curvature, as shown in Figure 7, or it may be modified as shown in 'Figure 8, or as shown in Figure 9.

It is to be understood that the forms of my invention herewith shown and described are to be taken as preferred examples of the same, and that various changes in the shape,

and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of my invention or the scope of the subjoined claims.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

1. A massage implement having a bowed handle portion and a bowed massaging portion conjoined at an outwardly protruding enlargement forming a fulcrum adapted to be seated in thehand and about which the bowed massaging portion may be oscillated by oscillating the handle portion.

2. A massage implement having a bowed handle portion and a bowed re curving massaging portion terminating in a laterally extended and rounded nose adapted for application to tissues of the back; said handle portion and said massaging portion being conjoined with and merging into an outwardly protruding enlargement forming a fulcrum adapted to be seated in the hand and about which the bowed massaging portion may be oscillated for application of the rounded nose thereof to portions of the back upon oscillation of the handle portion.

3. A massage implement having a handle portion and a massage portion the inner surface of which implement is formed in a continuous symmetrical curve of sharpest curvature at the massaging portion with the curvature gradually widening toward and throughout the inner surface of the'handle portion; the terminus of the handle portion being opposed to the massaging end whereby a formation is produced in which the handle terminus portion may be used as a lever to bring the massaging end against the back; there being an enlargement serving as a fulcrum adapted to be seated in the hand and disposed at a suitable point opposite the inner curved surface.

4. A massage implement having a handle portion, and a massaging portion adapted for application to the back of the user; said portions being curved at their inner surfaces in such manner that the massaging portion is re-curved with respect to the handle portion; there being a fulcrum portion disposed oppositely to said surfaces and adapted to be seated in the hand of the user.

5. A massaging implement having a handle portion and a massaging portion, the portions being arranged at such an angle to IUD 10 engaged by the left hand of the user.

6. A massaging implement having a handle portion and a massaging portion, the

portions being arranged at such an angle to each other that the massaging portion may be positioned upon the back of the user i for manipulation adjacent to the vertebral column and the handle portion will then be positioned at the front of the user. said handle portion being of such length that it may be engaged by the right hand for manipu- 20 lat-ion thereby.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification601/135, 601/137, D24/200
International ClassificationA61H7/00
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European ClassificationA61H7/00D2