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Publication numberUS1612665 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1926
Filing dateJul 24, 1926
Priority dateJun 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1612665 A, US 1612665A, US-A-1612665, US1612665 A, US1612665A
InventorsAlberto Tivoli
Original AssigneeAlberto Tivoli
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Combined water-closet and bidet
US 1612665 A
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Dec. 28 1926.

A. TlvoLl COMBINED WATER CLOST AND BIDET Filed July 24, 1926 amm? Patented Dec. 28, 1926.




Application filed July 24, 1928, Serial No. 124,732, and in Argentina June 9, 1926.

This invention relates to a combined water closet and bidet, formed together as a single structure and allowing of being alternately used in either way.

One of the several manners of embodying the invention, has been shown by way of example in the drawings annexed to this specification, wherein:

Figure l represents a view in central vertical section of the combined water closet and bidet, and i Figure 2 shows an upper plan view of the same, with the bidet in position of use.

In the said two figures, the saine numbers of reference are used to indicate like or corresponding parts.

In the embodiment o-f the invention shown, l is the body part of the water closet, provided with a seat 2 hinged to the usual support 3, secured to the wall. 4 indicates the basin of the bidet, arranged to bear on said seat 2, so as to occupy the hollow space thereof, being supported in position by its beaded border 6, or in any other suitable or desired manner. The basin of the bidet and the seat are arranged to oscillate on the tubular 'aXle 5. The water for the bidet proceeds from the feed main 9 and enters through the tubular axle 5, being discharged into the basin through the bent duct 7, provided with a suitable packing so as to allow of the oscillatory motion of the bidet, flowing thence by a duct 8 which discharges in the bottom of the basin or in any other suitable or desired place.

In order to effect its discharge, the bidet is raised to the position shown by dotted lines and the water runs out through the orifice l1, the projecting part l0 of the border of the bidet preventing the water from fiowing over the top of the basin.

The operation of the device according 4to my invention will be readily understood from the foregoing description and by referring to the drawings, so that further details are deemed unnecessary.

It will be evident that alternative forms of construction and details may be introduced, without departing from the scope of this invention which will be determined and clearly set forth in the claiming clauses hereto annexed.

Having now particularly described and set forth my said invention and in what manner vthe same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim, is

l. An improved sanitary device, consisting of a water closet combined with a bidet, the latter having a basin and the former having a seat, concentric pivots about which said basin and seat are adapted to oscillate independently, the basin being adapted to bear on the seat when said basin and seat are swung to horizontal position and a liquid supply conduit for the basin, concentric with said concentric pivots.

2. A device according to claim l, in which the basin 1s formed with an integral inlet connection extending from the concentric supply conduit and pivot and opening into the basin.

In testimony whereof I ax my signature.


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U.S. Classification4/420.3, 4/445
International ClassificationE03D11/02, E03D9/08
Cooperative ClassificationE03D11/025, E03D9/08
European ClassificationE03D11/02B, E03D9/08