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Publication numberUS1612678 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1926
Filing dateAug 28, 1923
Priority dateAug 28, 1923
Publication numberUS 1612678 A, US 1612678A, US-A-1612678, US1612678 A, US1612678A
InventorsVivas Fernando Somoza
Original AssigneeVivas Fernando Somoza
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Fireproof prepared roofing
US 1612678 A
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Patented Dec. 28, 1926.


rmnrnoor PREPARED noormc.

No Di'awing. Application filed. August 28, 1923, Serial No. 859,848. Renewed May 26, 19%6.

The invention relates to a prepared roof- I Parts. ing of the nature comprising a felt saturated ph 7 O 45 with a hydrocarbon and normally sold in rolls, or formed into strips to simulate shino ium chloride 5 5 gles, and has as an object the provision of AIIIIPOIHHIII ulphate a material for this purpose which will be i m Chlonde 5 fireproof throughout. A further object of 5 50 the invention is the provision of such a roofing material as that. described, which 10 will be inexpensive to produce and efficient both as fire protection and for the usual function of roofing-material.

The body of the material, or the felt as it is called, is preferably prepared in the manner described in connection with wall board material in my application for Patent Serial Number 645,350, filed June 14, 1923.

Briefly the felt would be prepared in the following manner:

The pulp from which the felt is formed is prepared as usual but with less water in its constituency, and there is then added to the stock an equal quantity of a solution of sizing prepared according to the following 0 formula: 4

Parts Gelatine or casein i Borax 4.0 Potash alum 40 lioric acid 20 Sodium thiosulfate 15 Ammonium chloride 15 Sodium tungstate 5 Water 845 a The stock mixed with the sizing is then formed into felt after the usual manner of felt formation, and'the thus produced sheet of material is thoroughly dried, also according to usual practice.

After the felt has been thus formed, it is run, in the usual manner of coating and saturating material, through a bath of the following composition: 4 a

Aside from the novel formula for saturating the coating material, the preparation of the material from the felt and asphalt does not differ from the usual practice. The same may be coated with slate, as is common, or otherwise finished upon its surface, according to taste.

Thus prepared the entire body of the roofing, both the fabric and the coating and saturating material will be non-inflammable, and will provide an efiicient protection for the underlying roof from fire;

While the formulae given for treatment of the materials 'is that at present preferred, yet minor changes in the proportion of parts may be made, or some of the constituents omitted, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

I claim:

1. The processof producing a roofing ma- 7 terial which comprises sizing a felt body with a solution of gelatine, borax and alum, a chloride, boric acid, sodium thiosulfate, in Water, thoroughly drying the felt, and saturating the thus prepared felt with a noninflammable hydrocarbon material.

2. The process of producing a roofing material which comprises sizing a felt body with a solution of gelatine, borax and alum,

a chloride, boric acid, sodium thiosulfate, 30 in water, thoroughly drying the felt and saturatin the thus prepared felt with a noninflamma le hydrocarbon material prepared from asphalt, rosin, borax, a chloride and asulphate. i


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