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Publication numberUS1613133 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1927
Filing dateNov 27, 1922
Priority dateNov 27, 1922
Publication numberUS 1613133 A, US 1613133A, US-A-1613133, US1613133 A, US1613133A
InventorsLeland S Rosener
Original AssigneeParaffine Co Inc
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Paper receptacle
US 1613133 A
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Jan. 4,1927. I 1,613,133

L. s. ROSENER PAPER RECEPTACLE Filed Nov. 27, 1922 h FIG. I. 19 i p F r lllll Ill FIG. 2,


Patented Jan. 4, 1927.



Application filed November 22?, 1322.

My invention relates to receptacles formed of a folded sheet of fibrous material such as cardboard.

The object of my invention is to provide a receptacle comprising simple and ellicient means for securing the cover flaps.

The invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, some of which, with the foregoing, will be set forth at length in the following description of the preferred form of the invention as shown in the drawings accompanying and forming part of this specification. In the drawings I have shown one form of the invention, but it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to such form but may be embodied in a plurality of forms within the scope of the claim.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. l is a plan view of the blank, the dotted lines indicating the lines of the folds.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the receptacle with the cover flaps closed and secured, a portion of one cover flap being broken away.

The receptacle is formed of a single sheet of material cut to form a blank 2, and creased as indicated by the dotted lines 3. The blank comprises a bottom portion t, four fiat sides 6, four double foldable corner sections 7, one of which is formed with a projecting tab 8, inner cover flaps 9 and outer cover flaps 11. One of the outer cover flaps is perforated when the blank is cut to provide an aperture 12, and the projecting tab 8 is provided with a flexible tongue l i clinched or otherwise suitably secured there to and adapted to provide means for securing the cover flaps in closed position.

The blank is folded into receptacle form by well known means, the folded corner portions 7 overlapping on opposite sides and receiving the bail 13 which secures the folds Serial No. 603,389.

in place. It will be noted that the apertured outer cover flap and the tale with its attached tongue are now positioned on opposite sides of the open receptacle.

After the receptacle has been filled, the inner cover flaps are folded down and overlapped. The outer cover flap 16 is then folded down, the apertured outer cover flap is folded down over the flap 16 and the flexible tongue inserted thru the aperture and bent back to secure all in place.

It will be obvious that the act of pulling the tongue thru the aperture and folding it down will secure the cover flaps under considerable tension thus effectively closing the receptacle.

I claim:

A paper vessel comprising a bottom wall, two opposed side walls of single ply thickness, and two opposed side walls of multiply thickness; a bail pivotally secured to the last mentioned side walls and bonding said multi-plies together; inner cover flaps joined to the single ply side walls, outer cover flaps joined to the inner plies of the multi-ply side walls, the outermost one of said outer cover flaps having a perforation therein located centrally of the bail pivots, a tab formed on the outer ply of the side wall having the innermost, outer cover flap, said tab being foldable to force the innermost, outer cover flap and consequently the two inner cover flaps to lie fiat across the top of the vessel, and a flexible tongue carried by the tab to be passed through the aperture and folded to force the apertured flap to lie fiat against the other flaps, the tongue in its folded position entirely avoiding the path of movement of the bail.

fr testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand.

LELAND s. Rosanna.

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