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Publication numberUS1613336 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1927
Filing dateAug 7, 1924
Priority dateAug 7, 1924
Publication numberUS 1613336 A, US 1613336A, US-A-1613336, US1613336 A, US1613336A
InventorsWalter Van E Thompson
Original AssigneeWalter Van E Thompson
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Lawn sprinkler
US 1613336 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

W. VAN E. THQMPSON LAWN SPRINKLER Jan 4, 1927. fi 336 Filed August 7, 1924 I N VEN TOR.


8 By 97 wwgm Patented Jen. 4, 1927.



Application filed August 7, 1924. Serial No. 730,564.

My invention relates to that class of lawn sprinklers which have a cast body with a slitted orifice attached to the end of a hose' plication Fig. 1, is a side elevation of mysprinkler. Fig. 2 is a top plan. Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged central longitudinal section.

Referring to the drawings the body 5 is formed by casting it from suitable metal with slot 6 and distribution chamber and threaded attaching chamber 7 therein. The lawn attaching spike 8 is secured to the body at thetime it is' cast in the well known manner as best illustrated in Fig. 4. In

the sprinklers manufactured by me I use zinc and in order to achieve the result of an even distribution of the water which issues from slot 6 I punch and form up from sheet brass what I term a slot plate 9 which is placed in the mould and the metal cast around the outside as shown in the draw ings. The slot 10 of plate 9 is a little shorter than slot 6, as best shown in Fig. 3, being in the sprinklersmanufactured by me 21/64 of an inch at each side for a sprinkler for a inch hose. The slots are preferably at an angle of 60 to the longitudinal diameter of the body and are 6/64 of an inch wide at the top and 5/64 of an inch at the bottom.

The diameter of the body at the top of the a slot is 1 inches and the inside diameter at the slot is of an inch.

These dimensions I have found from practical tests give an even distribution of the water issuing from theslot under a pressure of five pounds and up. By slanting the slot downwardly to a like extent, Icould pro-' duce a like result from a body cast from brass or other metal.

For distinction I will call the slot formed by plate 9 and body 5 a slot with a stepped bottom. By a slot with a'stepped bottom is meant one at which the inner edges are in a plane' above the plane that passes through the-outer edges. I have foundby experiment that by making the inner ed es of the slot higher than the outer edges, t e higher innerfedges cut off the flow of water sharpl and the distribution is uniform from a 1 portions of the slot.

Having described my invention I claim:

A lawn sprinkler comprising a tubularbody having at one end hose attaching. means and closed at the other end and hav- 7 ing a water outlet slot extending angularly to the longitudinal axial line of the body substantially 60 and intersecting the bore of said body, a curved plate secured in said body inthe region of said slot and defining a part of said bore, said plate having a slot therein which registers with the slot in the body, the bottom of the plate slot being in a plane spaced above that of'the bottom of 70 the body slot.

In witness that I claim the foregoing I hare hereunto subscribed my name this 2nd day of August 1924.


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U.S. Classification239/598, 239/602, 239/DIG.100, D23/217
International ClassificationB05B15/06, B05B1/04
Cooperative ClassificationB05B15/062, B05B1/046, Y10S239/01
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