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Publication numberUS1613396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1927
Filing dateApr 6, 1925
Priority dateApr 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1613396 A, US 1613396A, US-A-1613396, US1613396 A, US1613396A
InventorsKeller Sr Julius
Original AssigneeKeller Sr Julius
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Brush gear for vacuum cleaners
US 1613396 A
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Jan. l4, 1927. i 1 J. KELLER, SR v Enusa GEAR EoR VACUUM CLEANERS 2 Sheets-Sheri:` l

Filed April 6. 1925 abtorfyul Jan. 4, 1927.


BRUSH GEAR FOR VACUUM CLEANERS Filed April 6 1925 2 Sheets--Shee't` 2 Patented 1927.v4




may b e raised and vlowered` with reference to the brush whilethe gearedconnecticn and .theposition of the brush relative to the nozzle ofthe cleaner is maintained.

'A further" object is to provide a brush gearing in which. the bearings and driving gears are protected against contact byv dust and foreign matter, the protecting arrangement also serving to retain' anA adequate quantity of lubricant for the bearings and gears. My invention as shown'is adaptfed .to occupy a position forwardly of a cleaner, the brush being mounted in rigid bearings formed by a portion `of the vacuum cleaner casing while the traction wheels which are radapted to have a geared connection with the brush to drive it are preferably mounted on separate frames, Apivoted about the airis of thebrush and capable of being held inl various.positionsrelative to the nozzle and brush. L

Other objects and features oia'my invention' will become apparent in the further de scriptiqn which relates) to the accompanying' drawings. The essential characteristics will be summarized in the claims.

' In the drawings Fig. 1 is a sectional plan taken through the nozzle `portion of a vacuum cleaner adapted to receivemy brush gearing; Fig. 2is a transverse section show-A 'ingtheheight adjustment for thedriving vwheel taken along a laneindicated by the line 242 .on Fig. 1; i'g. 3 is a transverse section along a.plan'e indicatedV the line 3 3 on Fig. 1; Fig. '4 is another transverse section taken along the line Z14-4 on'Fi .1.

` teferring in' detail to thefdrawings andJ A `in icating 'the variois parts by numerals-l indicates the forward or nozzle portion of a vacuum cleaner Casin f- The nozzle may' have 'end walls 2 an 3, .front .and rear walls 4 and 5 and partition members 6 and 7, portions of which are shownas formed integralwith the' rest of the casing to provide separate chambers for enclosing the driving mechanism :for .tlie brush. `The support for the`brush10, may comprise/ in part. removable plates 11, which orm part of-the respective partitions and ApplicationA med April e', 1925. seal NO zooo.

which have recessed bearing supporting portions 12 arranged to vslide into slots 9 in the pai'tit'ions and 7. The plates may be secured in any-convenient manner, as by inwardly projecting flanges 13. One of these flanges is shown in Fig. 4 as being secured by screws to boss portions 14 on theinterior- 'A of the casing. Y

Tubular bearing members-15 may be rigshoulder 16 engaging one side of the recessed portion of the plate and a riveted over portion 17 engaging the other side.- -Short shafts 19 extend through'each of the' bearing members 15, which shafts may carry squaredprojections 20.and 27 each adapted to engage a4 square socketedferrule 32 secured to each end of a shaft 30 for the brush.

At oneend (the right as shown in Fig. 1) .the projectioncomprises a member 20 slidable on the squared endy of the shaft 19.

The member 2() is forced toward the brush by a spring' 35 `bearing against 'a' cupped lportion 21 of the member 20 and shown as.

The ferrules may loosely itithe'iprojecidly secured to each member 11 as by a.

tions 20 'and 27 so that when -the spring A -35' is compressed by the end-wise movement of the'brush (a right hand .movementas shown in Fi 1),'th`e brush may be entirely removed by eing swung downwardly clear of the ,projection 27.

One of the principal invention is that "by very simplei retaining means oil is retained in adequate quantitiesv inA the working parts of 'the mechanism while the same retaining means prevents the ingress of dust.

To Ythis endy provided with ayflangel 23,' the outwardly ceive a dust ring of 'anysuitable fibrous material Whichinay bear against the recessedl portion of the plate 11 and etfectually prel I have shown each 'shaftas characteristics of myl turned edges of which are arranged to re-A completely isolate the bearings from dust, I ,i

may employ tubular hood members 25 seated Lin the recessed portions of the members 11,. the member 25 at the righthand end of the shaft (as shown in Fig. 1) also providing a .chamber forfthe springV 35.


- previously set out.

turning .relative to the wheel.

The tubular bearing. l5 as well aS providing a rigid support for the shaft 19 also pro-I vides on its e:\'terior a' rigid pivotal mounting for a circular member or disc 43 which carries a'cup shaped traction wheel 40 having friction bands 41 'for engaging the surface. to be cleaned. Means which will be later' described provides for raising and lowering this disc by turning it up or down on its pir-ot and consequently raising or lowering the wheel with reference to the nozzle. D uring this turning, by reason of the pivotal mounting about the axis of the brush shaft, tlieoriginal relation between the brush and nozzle is maintained.

'l'.lie -means for'preventing the escape of lubricant and ingress of dust with reference to theA drivingwheel and the dise 43 and the parts therein contained preferably comprises'a groove 44 about the periphery of the disc 43 which is adjacent an inturned flange 45 of the cup-shaped driving wheel, these parts being in overlapping relation, as shown in Fig. A1. The groove and the flange provide 'a closed recess into which a. felt ring -46 is inserted in the uSual manner previous to final assembly.

The mechanism for driving the brush shaft includes a short shaft 5l bearing in a-sleeve 48 seated. in a boss portion 4T of the disc 43. The Shaft 51 has a reduced extension 52 shown as riveted over the web portion 53 of the wheel 40. A gear' concentric with the axis of the wheel is clamped and held tightly aga-inst the portion 523 of the Wheel by the riveted end ofthe shaft 51, in position to engage a second' gear 56 rigid on the outer end of the shaft 19. Any means may be utilized to prevent the gear 55 from In assembling th `s mechanism the bearing sleeve 15 may be first secured to the v )late 11; the dise 43 then slipped over the earing, the shaft 19 then put into place andassembled with the gear 56; and finally the flange ofthe traction Wheel may 'be slipped over the peripheral surface of the carrying the gear 55 finto mesh with the ar'56.; Q-

f T e whole mechanism may be theny slid into place and the plate 11 then attached by the flanged overhanging brackets 13 as By reason. of the proximity of the riveted end ofthe shaft 52to the outer partition 2 or 3, the disk 43 and the wheel'B 'andv its associated parts are all held together without the use of the pins or screws so long as the plate 11 is in position. The very slightl end' play whch'may result from. clearance .between the riveted endsof the-'pin l51 and` the end'walls is negligible. l

n wiii be: muy vastissima; from the above description that H7' swingjthe dise 43 about the axis ofthe sh; 519, either wheel may be raised or lowered. For raising either wheel independently, I preferably provide resilient arms 47 suitably secured" in any manner to the discs as by a. key shaped recess (itsI and a screw 69. rl`o provide for holdin; r the arms 47 in the desired position,

able for barev floors o'r very light nap rugs.

'llie arms would occupythe intermediate notches (52, in case a rug having a heavier nap is to be cleaned and for very heavy nap` rugs the owern'iost notches (33, are used to hold th'e nozzle' in Athe highest position shown in Fig. 3. It .will be seen that no matter in what position the wheels are held the brush will always remain in the Same relative position with the face of -the nozzle to produce the desired result.

lt will be seen that l have provided a brush gearing for a vacuum cleaner which may be easily and quickly assembled from a minimum number of simply formed parts, one part holding another'in place when the gearing is finally .fastened in the cleaner casing. Moreover, I'have devised a means whereby all the working parts of the gearing may be kept lubricated and free from dust and other foreign matter. By reason of the above characteristics and by reason of my adjustment mechanism whereby the driving wheels may be quickly adjusted to various desired positions by simple resilient arms and rigidly maintained in such positions. I have provided a Cleaner nozzle arrangement which Will `operate satisfactorily Aunder any' ureasonable conditions. I am. aware that changes may be made in the construction and hence I do not Wish to limit.

myself tov mere eonstruct-ional details..

l 1. In a vacuum cleaner in combination, a brush and a driving shaft therefor, a bearing .for the the shaft, a, member pivoted about the axis of said .bearing, a driving wheel carried by` saidmember'jn eccentric relation to t-lie shaft and having a gear,-

a 'gear cari'ied rigidly by said shaft and meshing withth'e' first named gear, a resilient. arm rigid with the pivoted member and adapted to swing the member to Araise and lower the wheel with'reference. to thebrushv shaft said .arm projectingthrough an opening iii the casing, a member rigid withthe'casng having slotsywith 'which the'arin is arranged to register -Ito hold thewheel' in 'adjustedv position withfrefreiiefto the ,brush shaft.

2.- In"v afvecuuin "cleaner,- a 'nozzle having side-and end Walls, a1 transverse,l partition dividing the nozzlev portion', a

- brush driving'shaft, a bearing therefor carried bythe partition including a removable plate and a tubular member rigid therewith, a circular member swingably mounted on'. said Lbearing,.means foradjustably holding the circular member in'a plurality ,of swu g positions, a bearing carriedby said'circu ar member, and a driving Wheel having a geared connectibn with the brush shaft and ,having a shaft rigidly secured thereto and journaled in. the last named bearing, said wheel having an overhanging peripheral flange fitting over the periphery. of thecircularvmember to form a dust proof casing for said geared connection and said-Wheel shaft bearing.

3. In a vacuumcleaner,'a housing member having Aside and end walls and a partition member, a brush driving gearing supported Within the housing -by said partition, said gearing comprising a shaft and a bearing therefor, a driving Wheel having anoverhanging peripheral flange and having a driving connection with said shaft, a mem-v ber pivoted aboutthe bearing for sup orting said wheel in -eccentric relation to tile said shaft and-having the peripheral -surface thereof adjacent the'I flange offthe wheel, oil retaining means' interposed lbetween said flange and peripheral surface, and-ian. arm

carried by the pivoted member having an adjustable resilient connection -with one of said housing walls for raising and lowering the wheel and maintaining it in adjusted position.

4f. In a vacuum cleaner having a casing, a removably mounted brush, a shaft for rotating the brush, a bearing for the shaft' comprising a removable plate rigidv'vith the vacuum cleaner casing and a tubular memthe flange of the wheel and means including.-v

ber rigidly' carried by thepate, a circular member supported by the aring member and adapted to svvingabout the axis of the lshaft, a traction -wheel in eccentric relation to the shaft and having a flange overlying the circular member to form a lubricant containing compartment, a bearing support for the Wheelcarried by the circular member, a geared connection'be'tween the 'wheel and the shaft within the compartment, means for preventing the escape .of lubricant from the compartment interposed between the periphery' ofthe circular member andy an arm rigid with the circular member for" raising and lowering the wheelywith reference to the brush for holding the ,wheel in adjustdposition.-

'5. In combination with a1 vacuum cleaner' having a casing, a bearing rigidly supported by the casing,-a 'shaft extending through said bearing,- a driving gear rigid on theshaft, a circular member adjustably and eccentrically mountedto swing about the axis of said. s'haft and supported by' the bearing,4 a traction wheel concentric with said circular member and supported thereby, a gear rigid with thelwheel adapted to drive said first mentioned gear, the circular member `andr the wheel fitting together in over-l lapping relation to form a container for the gears in which lubricant.for the gears and bearings may be contained,- and means interposed between the adjacent peripheral surfaces of the circular member and traction wheel for preventing the escape of lubricant from the container. J

6. combination with a vacuumcleaner` a nozzle. portion havingan opening adjacent a surface to be cleaned, transverse partitions located within the nozzle portion dividing )said portion into chambers, a member nection.. v

7. In combination with a vacuum cleaner...

a nozzle portion having an -opening adjacent a surface to be cleane driving shaft havingl a bearing rigidly 'supported by the partition and projecting into the cha ber, a flange on the shaft, a ring of fibrous material adapted to be retained between the shaft and the partition to retain lubricant and 'prevent the. ingress of dust to the bearing, a circular member arranged to pivot about the axis of theshaft, means to maintain the circular member in a plurality of definite pivotedfpositions, a traction wheel havig'a' flan e, the Wheel being supported by' said -circu ar member and arranged to drive the'shaft and another ri gof fibrousmaterial interposed between said. circular member and the flange of the wheel whereby a dust proof chamber is' formed between the wheel and circular member for retaining lubricant for all the beaiingsand gears.

8. In combina-tion with avacuum cleaner nozzle having end and side' walls, a partition having a removable-.portion extending across the nozzle'near one end wall, a bearing adapted to suppoi't a brushdrivin'g shaft apartition forming a chamber separate from the nozzle, a brush rigid lwith the removable portion, a circu- -lar member adjustably mounted to 'swing about theaxis of such shaft and supported bythe-bearing, a traction wheel having a flange 'inA overlapping relation with said ,cir-

cular member to. form a casing for lubricant,

a shaft and a gear rigidly supported by the \\'heel,lsaid gear being arranged to drive the brush shaft and said wheel shaft being endwise removably supported in said circular member and means including a projecting portion of thelwheel shaft arranged to contact with -an adjacent end wall and thereby hold said wheel and circular 'member to gether when said removable partition portion is in place.

9, In a vacuum cleaner, a removably mounted brush, a shaft for rotating the brush, a bearing for the shaft comprising a plate rigid with the vac'uum cleaner casing and a bearing member rigidly carried by the plate, a member having a circular peripheral-surface supported by the bearing member and adapted to swing about the axis of the shaft, a `traction wheel in eccentric relation to the said shaft and having a flange y overlapping the circular surface to form a grease containing compartment, a dust ring interposed between said fla-nge and surface,

'a geared connection between the wheel and driving shaft projecting therethrough and. Y

extendingl within the chamber, a member for adjustably pivoted about the axis of the shaft and Within the chamber, a driving Wheel and gear train carried thereby, said train being arranged' to establish a driving connection between the wheel and shaft, the Wheel and train being freely removable from the supporting member when the plate is removed from the housing and being retained in place by a wall of said housing when the plate is properly secured to the housing.

1,1. A vacuum cleaner brush gearing construction, comprising a housing member open at the bottom and having a partition thereacross, a plate secured to the housing and forming a part of such partition, a bearing and brush shaft carried thereby supported by the plate, a`circular member adjustably pivoted about the axis of'said shaft, a driving wheel having a peripheral flange, in overlapping' relation with said circular member and forming therewith a lubricant containing casing, a gear train Within said casing, one of the gears being rigid with the wheel, another being rigid with the shaft, said wheel being retained in telescoping relation with the circular member by a houS? ing wall when the plate is vproperly secured in position and being' freelyv removable therefrom when thei plate -is removed from the housing. In testimony whereof, .I hereunto alix my signature.


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