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Publication numberUS1613529 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1927
Filing dateJun 22, 1925
Priority dateJun 22, 1925
Publication numberUS 1613529 A, US 1613529A, US-A-1613529, US1613529 A, US1613529A
InventorsPayne Lindsey E
Original AssigneePayne Lindsey E
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Display cabinet
US 1613529 A
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a 1,613,529 4 1927' L. E. PAYNE DISPLAY CABINET Filed June 22. 1925 4 Sheets-Sheet l Cinnamon Cinnamon Ginger Cinnamon INVENTOR ATTORNEY WITNESS: r.

, 1,613,529 4 7" L. E. PAYNE DISPLAY CABINET f ffzy l J 5 I hl -L Ill :n :;3 i

w I J Lima} Zifgrw,

I @Mfl W 'Jan. 4 1927.

1.. E. PAYNE DISPLAY CABINET Filed June 22. 1925 4 Sheets-Sheet 5 AT ORNEY WITNESS:

'Jan. 4 1927.

L. E. PAYNE DISPLAY CABINET Filed June 22. 1925 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 wirl:

w; a x

Patented Jan. 4, 1927. I


munsmr 1:. nine, or cnnmnn, cnnrronnm.


' Application filed 11028, 1925. Serial No. 38,912.

M present invention has reference to a disp ay and dispensing cabinet for packed commodities, especially spices having tin containers. I

My object is the provision of a cablnet for this purpose which willoccupysmall space in a store or the like, and wherem the commodities are arran ed in stacked relation in vertically disposed compartments having open faces whereby the nature of the commodity will be fully shelf on which the lowermost container rests so that the last mentioned container may be easil removed and the remaining containers, tate A still further objectis the provision in a cabinet for this purpose, of means for preventing the containers that rest on the shelves from being accidentally removed therefrom, and to likewise provide the said shelves with depending frames n WlllCllprice,cards are arrange A still further object is the provision of a device for this purpose that 15 characteristic of simplicity in construction, which may be cheaply manufactured -and which will perform its functions with ease and with accuracy.

To the attainment I other objects which will appear as the nature company and form 'ew on the line Figure'5 is a perspective view looking toward, the lower end of one of the compartments or casings;

Figure 6 is a central vertical longitudinal sectional view through anotlferform of the improvement. e I a Figure 7 is a sectional view on the line 7-7 of Figure 6. 1

In the construction of my improvement, asdisclosed in Figures 1 to 4 of the drawings, I make use of a substantially rectangudisplayedand also wherein each compartment has arranged therebelow a I virtue of the weight thereof, gr'avi: I ownwardly so that another container will be arranged on the shelf.

of theforegoing and lar hollow member 1 that is designed to be received between the uprights for the shelves in a store dispensing groceries or other merchandise. The member 1 is hingedly secured, as at 2, to one of the uprights 3 and fully covers the space between the upright 3 :and the adjacent upri ht. Suitable means is. emplo ed for late ing the member 1 against t e shelving. Thus the member 1 provides a door that closes a compartment between the shelves and the upright supports therefor. In this compartment, indicated by the numeral 4, there are stacked packages of. the commodities to be displayed and dispensed in accordance with my improvement.

The member 1 may be, and preferably is,

constructed of metal, and the inner and outer walls provided thereby are divided by var-- tically disposed partitions 5 into any desired numberv of equidistantly spaced compartments 6. 'The partitions 5 are preferably in the nature .of 'wooden strips so thatthe compartments 6 are properly spaced from each other. Each compartment has its outer face provided with an elongated substantially rectangular display opening 7.. The outer wall 8 of the member 1 terminates a suitable determined distance from the bottom 9 of the said member. The lower ed e of the outer member 8 is, in a line with t e center of each of the compartments '5,

formed with an inwardly directed spring tongue 10. The, bottom v9 is integrally formed with a rear wall 11 of the member 1 and. theaouter edge thereof is either inte-.

grally formed with or has attached thereto a substantially rectangular frame 12. Each of these frames designed to receivetherein a price card 13 whereby the selling priceof the commodity in the different compartments; is disclosed.

The top of the compartments are open and N there is, inserted in-each compartment, con-.

tainers 14 which rest one onthe other. The

1 weight ofv these containers is suflicient to overcome the tension of thespring tongues 10 so that the lower container will rest on the shelf provided by the bottom wall 9. It is to benoted that the length of the containers is greater than the distance between the shelf 9 and the lower edge of the outer wall- 8 so that liability of outward displacement of the container resting onthe shelf. 9 is prevented.

Preferably and as disclosed by the drawings,.the rear wall 11' of the member 1 is 'cutaway at the lower portion thereof and at the sides of the partitions 5. Also by reference to the drawings, it will be noted that the partitions 5 have their outer ends cut at a downward angle from their juncture wlth the lower end of the wall 8 of the member 1, as indicated by the numeral 15. By the arrangement ample space is provided for the reception'of the thumb and fingerof the operator between the lowermost containers so that any one of the said contalners may be grasped and removed from the shelves. Also the angle ends 15 of the partitions prevent lateral movement of the lower containers.

The improvement is primarily desi ned for displaying and dispensing spices w ich are arranged in tin containers, but may, of course, be likewise employed with equal efficiency for displaying and dispensing other packed commodities. In some instances I may find it desirable to provide a revoluble cabinet, and have in Figures 7 and of the drawings illustrated such construction. In these figures I employ a base 16 provided with a central enlargement on its upper face andon this enlargement there is a. wear plate 17. The wear plate is'in the nature of a disc and is contacted by a similar plate or disc 18 secured on the bottom wall 19 of the ,bod portion of the improvement. If desired, antlfrictional elements may be arranged between the discs 17 and 18.

The body of the improvement is the .showing of the drawings octagonal in cross section, but may, of course, present any desired number 0 angle faces. The top plate 20 has arranged therein a central opening for the reception of avertically disposed shaft 21 that passes through similar openings in the base 19, the hearing or wear discs 17 and 18 and is anchored in the base 16. The top plate" 20 is of a less diameter than the bottom plate 19 and there is secured to the outer edges or faces of the plates 19 and 20 the inner walls or plates22 of a member substantially similar to the member 1. Of course, this member has both its inner wall 22 and its outer wall 23 vide. compartments 25 for the packed commodities 26. The commodities are arranged in stacked relation and theout'er wall 23 of eachxof the compartments 25 has adisplay opening 27 ther'ethrough. The lower edge of this wall is also formed with a centralin- -:wardly directed s ring tongue 28, similar to the tongues 10 an for thesame purpose. The

partition blocks 24 have their lower ends beveled, as at 29, similar to the beveled ends of the partitions 5, and for the same pur pose. Also the inner walls 22, at the opposite sides of the depending and beveled ends of the partitions, are cut-away be or at least a portion of the metal boundedv by these slits, isbent outwardly toprovide upper shelves 32 for additional packed commodities 33. The shelves 32 have their. outer edges bent downwardly and extended inwardly to provide open faced frames 34 for price cards. Each compartment 35 for the packed and stacked commodities 32 is formed y a pfreferablywooden member36 that has .a substantially rectangular opening therethrough entering from its outer end, and the outer wall provided by this opening is beveled to correspond with the inclination of th'ewalls 22 and 23. This structure may be also arranged upon the member 1. The wooden memberis preferably reinforced by a metal strip 37 and the upper edge of this strip is rounded to provide a bead 38. The head may serve as a handheld whereby the device may be conveyed from place to place as occasion requires.

Centrally arranged on the top plate 20 there is a hollow member 39 provided with a top 40 that projects a suitable distance from the outer periphery of the said member 39. The top plate 40 has its outer edge formed with a downwardly extending intli'rned spring head 41. signed to frictionally contact with a packed container 42 which is arranged in the compartment provided between the outer face of the member 39'and the said head. The lower portion of the container 42 rests on an arched spring 43 that has one of its ends secured to the plate 20. v

In both of the constructions of my im The head is deprovement the stacked containers automatically arrange themselves in a positidn to be removed from the containers therefor. The

lower c0ntainers,-resting on the shelves are held from accidental displacement in any direction and while the simplicity and ad; vantages of my improvement will, it is thought, be perfectly apparent to those skilled in the art towhich such inventions relate, it is not to be limited to the precise details of construction herein set. forth as other shapes, material, proportions, etc.,

may be employed. Therefore I reserve the right to make such changes as fairly fall within the scope of what I claim without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Having described the invention, I claim 1. A display and dispensing cabinet for packed commodities, in which all of the packages are of a similarsize and shape, said cabinet comprising compartments formed of metal, the outer walls of which being slit longitudinally and transversely and the metal bounded by the slit being bent outwardly to provide a shelf and downwardly to provide a substantiallyrectangular frame and the opening thus afforded providing a sight opening for the compartment, the outer wall of each compartment terminating above the inner wall thereof, and the inner wall having its end bent outwardly to provide a shelf andfrom thence downwardly to provide a rectangular frame, centrally arranged inwardly directed spring tongues on the lower edge of the outer wall of each compartment, the sides of 4 the compartments having angle edges extending inwardly from the lower edge-of the j outer wall to the inner wall thereof, said compartments designed to receive therein the packed commodities, which by virtue of the weight thereof, will gravitate to cause the lower package to rest on the last mentioned shelf, and the first mentioned shelf being designed to receive other packages.

2. A display and dispensing cabinet for packed commodities, comprising vertically disposed compartments in which the packed commodities are arranged in stack, and which by virtue of the Weight thereof, gravitate through the compartments, the outer wall of each compartment terminating above the inner wall thereof andithe inner wall having its end bent outwardly to provide a shelf and from thence downwardly to provide a rectangular frame, centrally arranged inwardly directed spring tongues on the rear edge of the front wall of each lower compartment, and the sides of the compartand the metal bound by the slit being bent outwardly to provide a shelf and downwardly to provide a substantially rectangular frame, and the-opening thus afiorded providing a si ht opening for the compartment, a shelf 'isposed below each compartment to receive the lowermost packa es, and spring means engaging the outer ace of the lower package for holding the same from accidental outward movementon the shelf.

In testimony whereof I afix my signature.


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