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Publication numberUS1614068 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 11, 1927
Filing dateJan 26, 1923
Priority dateJan 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1614068 A, US 1614068A, US-A-1614068, US1614068 A, US1614068A
InventorsKelsea Clarence H
Original AssigneePeter Gray & Sons Inc
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Illuminating apparatus
US 1614068 A
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- 1,614,068 Jah l1 1927' c;T H. KELSEA ILLUMINATING APPARATUS Filed Jan. 26, 1925 Patented Jan. 11, 1927.




Application filed January 26, 1923.

rIhis invention relates to illuminating apparatus, and more particularly to an illuminating apparatus or lantern for use in railroad signal and semaphore work.

The invention has for one of its objects to provide a lantern which can be mounted upon a stationary support and have a rotary movement and comply with the requirements of the Railroad Signaling Association.

To this end, the illuminating apparatus or lantern is provided with a casing having means for pivotally mounting it upon a stal tionary support or bracket polygonal in cross section, so as to permit the beam of light projected by the lantern to be adjusted to the proper field or position desired. The lantern casing may and preferably will be provided with a sighting device for assisting the installing man upon the pole in properly positioning the beam of light.

rThe drawing shows a plan view partly in section of a signal lantern adj ustably mounted upon its bracket in accordance with this invention.

Referring to the drawing, the signal lantern illustrated therein comprises a metal casing having a substantially cylindrical body portion 10 closed at its opposite ends, by a movable cover or door 15 and by a removable cover glass not shown and holder 17 therefor.

The lantern casing is provided with means for pivotally mounting it upon a stationary support, herein represented as a metal bracket 18, rectangular in cross section, and secured to the signal pole, not shown. Tn the aresent instance, a metal sleeve 19 is secured to the rear side of the casing and is adapted to be slipped upon the bracket 18. rllhe sleeve 1S) is provided with a pivotal member 20, preferably of sheet metal, bent into the form illustrated and which is preferably welded to the inside of the sleeve adjacent the metal casing 10, and arranged to engage one surface of the bracket 18. The sleeve 19 is also provided with set screws 21, 22 screwed through bosses 23, 24 thereon. The set screws are provided with lock Serial No. 615,005.

nuts 26, 27 for securing them in adjusted position. Spring washers 28, 29 are also provided for preventing the set screws from turning. From the foregoing description it will be apparent that the signal lantern as a unit may be pivoted upon the knife edge or pivotal member 2O and in this manner the projected light beam may be swung back and forth laterally to position it upon the portion of the track where it is desired that the signal should be picked up by an approaching train. At the present time specially designed rotatable brackets are employed for supporting these signal lanterns in railroad work which are expensive and the present method of support is simpler, more convenient and equally efficient.

In order to assist the installing man upon the pole in positioning the signal lantern, the lantern casing 10 is provided with a sighting device herein shown as a sighting tube 3() soldered or otherwise secured to the lantern casing in a convenient position and arranged to extend pa "allel to the axis of the projected beam of light. 'lin use, the operator or installing man sights through the tube and at the same time may conveniently turn the set screws 2l., 22 to move the lantern casing upon its supporting bracket into the desired adjusted position.

That I claim is:

In an illuminating apparatus, in combination, a lantern casing provided with a sleeve arranged vertically with respect to the horizontal axis of the lantern, a fixed bracket polygonal in cross section and over `which said sleeve extends to support the casing thereon, a pivotal member carried by the sleeve adapted to co-operate with one face of the bracket to permit movement of the casing horizontally with relation to the bracket, and means carried by said sleeve for securing it and said casing to said bracket, said means comprising screws located on opposite sides of a vertical plane through the said pivotal member.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification.


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U.S. Classification248/274.1, 362/375
International ClassificationB61L5/00, B61L5/18
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European ClassificationB61L5/18A6