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Publication numberUS1615319 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1927
Filing dateMay 15, 1926
Priority dateMay 15, 1926
Publication numberUS 1615319 A, US 1615319A, US-A-1615319, US1615319 A, US1615319A
InventorsWynn Lavonious K
Original AssigneeWynn Products Company
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US 1615319 A
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Jan. 25, 1927. 1,615,319

L. K. WYNN CONTAINER Filed May 15. 1926 Patented Jan. 25, 1927. v




Application filed May 15, 1926. Serial No. 109,249.

This invention relates to the packaging tainer 1, as shown in Fig. 1 of the drawfor sale of cleaning liquids, or of other prepings. The sheet metal cup-shaped member arations for application in various ways, re- 3 is provided internally with a bit 4 to form quiring a cloth or sponge or some other a sto for engaging the lower edge of the means for applying the liquid in the desired container 1 to limit the telescoping of the manner. container within the cup. The .sponge 4O Generallystated, the object of the invenand the cloth 5, or any other suitable means tion is to provide a complete combination for applying liquids or other commodities,

package, including not only the li uid or are enclosed in the compartment formed by other'preparation to be used in c eaning the cup-shaped member 3, in the manner cloth or clothing, but also including the shown. Preferably, a paper label 6, having cloth and sponge or other means for'applya tear line7, is wrapped around the coningthe cleaning liquid, or other preparation, tainer and the lower cup-shaped member, so that everything necessary to the use of with the tear line 7 substantially at the upthe cleaning fluid or other-commodity will per edge of the cup-shaped member. The be included in the package which is handed disk of paper 8 may be laced in the bottom todhe customer or consumer. of the cup-shaped mem er 3, and may have It is also an object to provide certain deprinted instructions thereon, explaining how tails and combinations tending to increase to use the contents of the container 1 and the general efliciency and the desirability of how to use the contents of'the lower cupa unitary and complete commodity package shaped member 3, in the actual use of the of this particular character. commodity thus vended in complete and uni- To the foregoing and other useful ends the tary package form with the means for apinvention consists in the matters hereinafter plying the commodity incorporated therein. set forth and claimed and shown in the ac- .After the package is sold, the purchaser companying drawings, in which, will then sever the label along the line 7, Fig. l is a side elevation of a liquid conwlth a knife or other sharp instrument, and tainer package embodying the principles of the cup-shaped member 3 can then be pulled the invention, showing a portion of the same oil from the bottom of the container 1, and broken away to illustrate the interior conthe contents of the lower cup-shaped memstruction and arrangement thereof. ber can be removed and used to apply the Fig. 2 is a side elevation of a liquid concontents of the container 1, after the closure tainer alone, showing the latter disconnected 2 has been unscrewed. Thus everything from the remainder of the package. necessary for the use of the cleaning liquid, Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the sponge or other commodity, is included in a single and cloth included ,in the (package, for-apunitary package, when handed to the conplying the cleaning liqui or any other sumer. commodity which requires application with Of course, very obviously, the smaller commeans of this kind or of any other suitable part-ment forms a relatively low hollow base character. v 4 for the larger compartment, which latter Fig. 4 is an edge view of the sheet of paper forms the main body of the package. Fur- I upon which the instructions how to use the thermore, the smaller compartment, when sponge and cloth and how to apply the cleanremoved, is adapted to serve as a shallow ing liquid are printed. dlsh into wh1ch a portion of the cleaning Fig. '5 is a side elevation of the lower comliquid can be poured for use.

partment of the package, showing the same Without disclaimmg anything, and withpartially in vertical section. out prejudice to any novelty disclosed, what As thus illustrated, the invention com- I claim as my invention is prises a sheet metal container 1 of any suit- In a unitary package for sale to the conable character, having a closure 2 at the upsnmer, for a commodity and the means for per end thereof, adapted to contain the cleanapplying it to a surface, the combination ing liquid or any other commodity. The of sheet metal means forming a relativel lower compartment is formed by a cuplarge compartment for a liquid commodity, shaped sheet metal member 3 adapted to forming the main body of the package, sheet telescope over the bottom portion of the conmetal means forming another and smaller auxiliary compartment for the means for applying said commodity, forming a rela the means forming the smaller compartment,

the smaller compartment forming an axial extension of the larger compartment, means affording access to the first compartment, and separate means allotted to and whereby to obtain access to the second compartment, by separation of one compartment from the other, without-affording access to the first mentioned compartment, a commodity in the larger compartment, means in the smaller compartment adapted and intended vfor apto permit said use of the smaller compartment as a dish for the commodity; all incorpora-ted in and forming one unitary and self-contained package for sale to the consumer, said end wall forming a bottom for the larger compartment and being separable therewith from the interior of the means forming the smallercompartment, holding the contents of the smaller compartment in place, said smaller compartment having means inside thereof to engage the outer edge of the bottom of the larger compartment, thereby to limit the insertion of the larger compartment therein.

Specification signed this 12th day of May,


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U.S. Classification206/229, 40/306, 401/125, 220/627
International ClassificationB65D25/00, B65D81/32
Cooperative ClassificationB65D25/00, B65D81/3205
European ClassificationB65D81/32B, B65D25/00