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Publication numberUS1615323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1927
Filing dateNov 25, 1925
Priority dateNov 25, 1925
Publication numberUS 1615323 A, US 1615323A, US-A-1615323, US1615323 A, US1615323A
InventorsBrown Lawrence L
Original AssigneeBrown Lawrence L
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Display stand
US 1615323 A
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.Jan. 25 1927- BROWN IsPLAY STAND Filed Nov. 25. 1925 Witnesses. Inventor:

, I I Lawl'n e L. Brown Patented Jan. 55,1927.

p retainers for each shelf.

as v Q quantities. Suitable dies' are used for e- UNITED STATES mwnimcn 1.. new, or cmcaeo, nnnror s.


:nrsrux s'rmn.

App1lcation med November as, was. atrium. 71,398.

This invention relates to display stands especially adapted for various kinds of small merchandise such as candies, gum, or the like. .The chief objects of this invention are to produce a simple, lightweight stand which is of neat appearance and at the same time is substantial in construction; and also to produce a stand which may be made at low cost of stamped sheet metal and formed.

display stand.

Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the same.

In this invention a strip .of sheet" metal is bent and folded into stair-step form to provide the shelves, and a portion of the wire frame work is threaded through-the ste s.

a n the drawings is shown an inclined series 1 of shelves 2 supported on the wire frame work 3. The sheet metal strip, from which the shelves are formed, is bent fore wardly at 4, folded back at the front edge 5 of the shelf and carried back in the shelf bottom portion 6 which is bent upwardly at 7 to form a riser '8. At the upperend' of the riser 8 the metal is again bent for- Wa'rdly, folded back to form the succeeding step and then bent upwardly for the next riser. The succeeding shelves of the series are formed inthe same manner, and at the end of the top shelf 9 a vertical backgportion 10 is provided. The outer edge of each shelf may be inclined upwardly, as shown, to prevent the goods from sliding forwardly, and to serve as a further reinforcement for stiffening the shelf. Joining the riser into the mid-portion of the next succeeding shelf provides efiicient reinforcement for that portion of the shelf,'and the back edge of the shelf is well stiffened by the bend 7.

The frame work 3 is made up of two triangular wire frames 11 which are joined at the rear'lower corner to the cross bar 12. One side 13 of each triangle is threaded through holes in each of the shelves to secure the frame to the shelves and to hold the sheet metal strip frombeing deformed. The wires 13 also provide sides or lateral The sheet metal portion is formed so that the member may be duplicated in lar e An illustrative embodiment of the invenstandardized form of bending and the width may be varied by selecting different stock strips. The wire for the frames 3 is cut to length, bent at the corner 14, threaded throu h the holes in the shelves, and then bent ownwardly to form the rear leg 15.

The ends of the wire are then-joined 'to the ends of thecross bar at the rear corners 16. In this manner the. stand is completely assembled and is then read for use. The

rear ortion 10 may be ut' ized for labels, and t e upturned front edges 2 of the shelves may be used for the names of the various grades of goods, as indicated in the drawmgs.

Although but one "specific embodiment of this invention has'been herein shown and described, it will be understood that numerous details of the construction shown may be altered or, omitted without departing from the spirit. of this invention.

I claim:

1. A display stand comprising a receding .series of shelves formed of a continuous strip of material, and awire frame comprising two triangular members having the one side thereof threaded .through the shelves to connect the. frame to the shelves and to form side retainers for each shelf.

2. In a display stand a "series of shelves formed in a continuous. strip of material bent to form a first shelf, then bent up wardly at the rear of the shelf to form a riser, then bent forwardly and folded back upon itself to form a second shelf, then similarly bent upwardly, forwardly and back to form the succeeding risers and shelves of the series, and a wire frame having a portion ofthe wire threaded through .the shelves for attaching the frame to the providing side retainers for a frame for supporting said series of shelves,

and a support comprising. two triangular frames having one side of the, trian 1' threaded through the shelves to brace t e shelves and provide lateral retainers.

Signed at Chicago this 13th day of N ov.,


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U.S. Classification108/92
International ClassificationA47F3/14, A47F3/00
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European ClassificationA47F3/14