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Publication numberUS1615409 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1927
Filing dateApr 12, 1926
Priority dateApr 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1615409 A, US 1615409A, US-A-1615409, US1615409 A, US1615409A
InventorsLuciano Amato, Selden Justice L
Original AssigneeLuciano Amato, Selden Justice L
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Illuminated pistol
US 1615409 A
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QR hmsmw Jan; 25,1927.

1,615,409 J. SELDEN ET AL.

ILLUMINATED PISTOL Filed April 12. 1926 INVENTOR Patented Jan. 25, 1927.




Application filed April 12, 1926.

The object of this invention is to provide a firearm with .a flashlight by means of which the object to be sighted may be illuminated during the hours of darkness.

A further object is the provision of an illuminated means for firearms which may be readily attached thereto without interfering with the general construction of the firearm.

A still further object is the provision of an illuminating means for firearms such as a revolver, in which a battery is encased in the handle of the firearm, a bulb removably clamped on. the barrel of the firearm and the cord or wire between the bulb and battery partially encased in the stock or body of the firearm, and the circuit between the said bulb and battery being controlled by a switch arranged on the handle of the firearm.

To the attainment of the foregoing, the improvement resides in the construction, combination and operative association of parts, a satisfactory embodiment of which is illustrated by the drawings which accompany and which form part of this application.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a firearm provided with the improvement.

Figure 2 is an elevation of one of the handle or grip members of the firearm showing the battery encased therein.

Figure 3 is a section on the line 33 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a detail sectional view on the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is an inner face view of the switch.

The body or stock of a firearm, represented by the drawings as a revolver, is indicated by the numeral 1, the barrel by the numeral 2, the handle frame by the numeral 3 and the removable handle pieces or grips by the numerals, 4.

In carrying out our invention we form one of the grips 4,. on the inner face thereof, with a pocket 5. This pocket is of a size to receive a small battery 6 therein. The cords or conductors 7, leading from the battery,

Serial No. 101,454.

are controlled by a push switch 8 of the ordinary construction, the said push switch being removably secured to the grip 4. The cords or cables 7 are directed through a continuous groove or channel 9 on the inner face of a substantially L or rightangular plate 10, and this plate is secured to the lower edge and outer side of the stock 1 by means 11.

Arranged for gripping engagement with the barrel 2 there are spring clamps 12. These clamps are preferably in the nature of split spring wire members that have their central portions rounded, as at 13, and in the said rounded portions there is received an insulator body 14 in which there is screwed a lamp bulb 15. The cords or cables 7 are connected to the lamp bulb in the usual manner, the same passing through the body 14.

If desired, and as disclosed by the drawings, the part of the stock 1 against which the guide plate 10 is arranged may be formed with a groove 16, arranged opposite the groove 9 in the said plate 10, and it is believed that the simplicity of our construction and the advantages thereof will be perfectly apparent when the foregoing description has been carefully read in connection with the accompanying drawings.

Having described the invention, we claim:

A fire arm having removable hand grips, a pocket on the inner face of one of said grips, said pocket designed to receive therein a battery, a lamp bulb removably clamped on the barrel of the fire arm, an L-shaped plate having a semi-circular groove throughout its length and adapted to be connected to the stock of the fire arm. the stock of said fire arm having similar shaped grooves cooperating with the groove in the L-shaped plate to form conductors receiving channel, conductors connected to the battery and extending through the channel and connected to the lamp bulb and a switch on the hand grip for controlling the flow of current through the conductors.

In testimony whereof we affix our signatures.


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U.S. Classification362/114
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