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Publication numberUS1615733 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1927
Filing dateJun 18, 1926
Priority dateJun 18, 1926
Publication numberUS 1615733 A, US 1615733A, US-A-1615733, US1615733 A, US1615733A
InventorsWilliam O Wold
Original AssigneeWilliam O Wold
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Chimney cleaner
US 1615733 A
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Jan. 25., 19 7. I 1,615,733

w. o. WOLD CHIMNEY CLEANER Filed June 18, 1926 v v -11 r" ATYORNEY WITNESS:

Patented Jan. 25, 1927.



CHIMNEY Application filed June 18,

This invention relates to flue and chimney cleaners and its primary object is to provide a cleaner that will thoroughly and expeditiously clean a chimney with very little effort on the part of the operator.

A further object of the invention is to pro vide a chimney cleaner with adjustable and resilient parts so that they conform to all sizes and shapes of chimneys.

This invention also consists in certain other features of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, to be hereinafter fully described, il lustrated in the accompanying drawings and specifically pointed out in the appended claims.

In describing my invention in detail, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings wherein like characters denote like or corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which:

Figure 1 is afragmentary side elevation of the device which forms the subject matter of the present invention with parts shown in section.

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on line 22 of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the reference numeral 1 indicates the handle for the cleaner which is formed from jointed sections as suggested in Figure 1, and the sections are threaded as at 2 whereby anyone of these sections can be secured to the body 3 of a yoke member which is formed with outwardly and downwardly inclined arms t having bearings 5 at their free ends and also formed with openings 6 midway their ends.

Pivotally secured to the arms it through the instrumentality of headed pins 6' which pass through the bearings 5 are the upper ends of a-rcuate shape scraping blades 7 which are crimped for a portion between their ends as shown at 8 to provide the corrugated formation shown in the drawings.

Formed integral with the scraping blades 7 adjacent their pivoted ends are blocks 9 provided with recesses 10 within which are pivoted one of the ends of rods 11 having threaded portions 12 formed on their opposite ends and which pass loosely through the opening 6 of the arms 4 and received on the threaded portions are thumb nuts 13 whereby the scraper blades may be adjusted with respect to each other as will be readily ap parent. Coil springs 14 surround the rods CLEANER.

1926. Serial No. 116,989.

11 for normally retaining the scraper blades in the adjusted positions, but it will be obvious that in the event that the blades contact a restricted portion or an obstruction in a flue or chimney, the blades will be rocked against'the tension of the spring 14, but will assume the normal adjusted position after passing the restriction or obstruction.

The corrugated portion of the scraping blades add materially to their strength and as shown in Figure 2 the blades are formed with rounded free ends. Any number of the sections of the handle may be-secured together for the purpose of cleaning a chimney, it being obvious that the number will depend upon the depth of the chimney.

It is thought from the foregoing description that the advantages and novel features of my invention will be readily apparent.

I desire it to be understood that'I may make changes in the construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, provided that such changes fall within the scope of the appended claims.

hat I claim is:

1. A cleaner of the character described comprising a yoke member, a handle threadedly secured to the central portion of said yoke member, scraping blades pivoted to the arms of said yoke member, and means pivoted to said scraping blades and passing through the arms respectively for adjusting said scraping blades.

2. A chimney cleaner of the character de scribed comprising a body portion, a sectional handle secured to the body portion midway its ends, arms on each end of the body portion, bearings formed on the free ends of the arms, and said arms being provided with openings, a pair of scraping blades pivotally secured in the bearings and means between the arms and scraping blades respectively and passing through the openings of said arms for adjusting the scraping blades with respect to each other.

3. A cleaner of the character described comprising a body portion, a handle secured to said body portion, arms extending from said body portion and being formed with openings, hearings on said arms, scraping blades pivotally secured in said bearings, blocks formed with said scraping blades, rods having one of their ends pivoted to said blocks and their opposite ends passing through the openings of the arms and re- SiliQIltlHGZll'lS carried by said arms for the purpose specified.

4. A cleaner of the character described comprising a body portion, arlns included in said body portion and being formed With openings, bearings formed on said arms, arcuate shaped scraping blades pivotally arranged in said bearings and being eriniped for a portion of their length, blocks formed on said scraping blades, rods having one of their ends pivotally secured in said blocks, and their opposite ends passing through the openings of the arms, thumb nuts threadcdly secured to said opposite ends and coil springs surrounding said rods for retaining said arms in-their normal adjusted position.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification15/104.68
International ClassificationF23J3/02
Cooperative ClassificationF23J3/026
European ClassificationF23J3/02C