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Publication numberUS1615828 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1927
Filing dateDec 26, 1922
Priority dateDec 26, 1922
Publication numberUS 1615828 A, US 1615828A, US-A-1615828, US1615828 A, US1615828A
InventorsChesney Jacques Wallace D
Original AssigneeBurdick Corp
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Therapeutic appliance
US 1615828 A
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' 1,615,828 J. w. D. cHEsNEY f THERAPEUTIC APPLIANCE y Filed Dec. 26, 1922 Patented lieb. 1, 19217. i A l i y y IUNITED STAT-Es PATENT OFFICE.



Application led December 26, 1922. Serial No. 609,068. a

' This invention relates to therapeutic ap- 5 of suitable resistance wire. These coilsA plaiices. may be Wound upon a core of suitable ina- It will be explained as applied to an apterial` such as mica, if desired.- The cham? plianceadapted for application to the sopliber may be filled `with suitable heat conducthf) agus and sigmoid ilexure and whereby heat ing material, such as alundum.

and infra red yrays are produced for treat- The open end 0j shell 4 lits ywithin one end ment of diseased conditions therein bf tube 2 and Vmay be secured in place/ by One of the objects of the invention is to suitable' means such as solder. The adjaprovide an improved therapeutic appliance. cent edges of shell 4 and tube 2 should lit Go Another object is to providean appliance tovether so as to form a smooth surface.

which may be readily adapted for insertion 'tem 2 is a hollow tube of easily flexible into the sophagus or sigmoid lexure. material such as lead pipe which is capable Another object is to provide a heat and of a fixed set when bent. Conductors 6 infra red ray generator with an elongated from heating element 5 pass therethrough 65- flexible stem so that the same may be caused and the space may be filled with suitable to reach deeply within orifices of the human heat- 'insulating material such as` asbestos body cement. Stem 2 may also be coated with Another object is to provide an ap liance `lacquer, paint or enamel. which is simple, reliable, eicient an read- Connector 3 comprises an enlarged metal 70 x ily manipulated and manufactured. nlpple 7 which is secured to tube 2 by solder Other objects and advantages will here- 0r Other suitable means. A plug 8 of suitinafter appear, able'finsulating material closes the end of An embodiment of the invention is illusnipple 7 and serves as a support for a pair trated in the accompanying drawing, whereof pin terminals 9 to which conductors 6 75 inare soldered.

Fig. l is a perspective view of the appli.- Terminals 9l are adapted to be redeived ance or applicator. 1n suitable plug receptacles of well known Fig. 2 is a longitudinal'section thereof. construction. F ig.' 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of When current is applied toI heating ele- 8o Fig, 2, and x ment 5, the' temperature of head 1 is raised Fig. 4l is a section on the line 4-4 of and the same emanates heat and Vinfra ret'. Fig. 2. rays. The flexible stem may be bent. into The appliance comprises, in general, an any desired curves for facilitatingentrance active head 1, a flexible stem 2, and a conintoV and assage through or into the soph- 85 nectorl 3.l agus or t e sigmoid lexure. Thus the heat Head l comprises a somewhat capsule or and infra red rays emanatetl from head l egg shaped hollow shell 4 of brass or other may be generated and apphed within the suitable material. The external surface of body. of the patient and in the immediate shell 4 is preferably coated witha covering vicinity of the area or rgion to be treated. 9o of black paint, lacquer,. enamel or plate. Having described my invention what I- Such a covering causesth head to approach claim asnew1 and desire to secure by Let quite closely to the condition of a. perfect ters Patent, 1s c emitter of a radiant energy and, when heat- Atherapeutic appliance comprising a lexed, to produce infra ,red rays in relatively ible stem, capable of a fixed set when bent, 95

great quantity. Thiscoating should be of ahead carried on one end-of the'stem and such a character that it will remain stable coated with a material capable of emitting when subjected to heat slightly in excess infra red rays when heated, and means of normal blood temperatures, within the head for heating the same.

A heating element is located within the In testimony whereof I hereunto subscribe 10o chamber of shell 4. This heating element my name.

may consist of a number of turns or coils JACQUESV'WAl-IACE D. CHENEY.

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U.S. Classification607/113, 219/136, 219/227, 219/236
International ClassificationA61F7/12
Cooperative ClassificationA61F7/12
European ClassificationA61F7/12