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Publication numberUS1615889 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1927
Filing dateFeb 20, 1926
Priority dateFeb 20, 1926
Publication numberUS 1615889 A, US 1615889A, US-A-1615889, US1615889 A, US1615889A
InventorsSenn Alfred H
Original AssigneeSenn Alfred H
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Page holder
US 1615889 A
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Filed Feb. 20, 1926 mil' n n n u um l ill m. H m U A MUT/V555 MW'VYM 03 Patented Fel.A 1', 1927.



non nomma".

Application led February 20, 1926. Serial No. 89,748.

same is opened in such a way that two elongated fingers, the upper one of which is curved and the lower one fiat, muy be made to engage with-the leaves on one side of the book and the book cover so as to hold the' same steady. The' clip is designed'to have protecting devices to prevent injury 'to the book, and is so shaped as to present the least obstruction to vision, to beeasi'ly aplied and lremoved and adjusted when turning from page to page and to be opened widely enough to accommodate all necessary varia-tions in the thickness of the matter to be embraced by it. The device mayv also be further utilized as a means 4of advertising.

The invention will be described in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 represents aside my improved page holder.

Figure 2 is a top view of the same. Figure 3 is a top view of the lower member of the holder, and

Figure 4 is a section through the holder i elevation of v on line 4-4 of Figure l.

The page holder consists'v essentially ot an upper member 1 and a lower member 2- pivoted together b a pin 3. The longer 'arms of these mem ers are designed to engage the pa es and cover on oneside of an open boo t, the upper member -1 being curved to avoid injury to the edges of the pages while the lower member 2 1s straight in order to la'` fiat between the cover and the-table or ot er support. The extremities -shpwn in Fig-ure 1.

belng shorter than the book-engaging ends, f

of these arms are preferably encased in soft rubber tips 4 to avoid injury to the book. The shorter ar sof the members indicated at 5 and 6 are provided with thumb and linger pads 7, which may have a slightly roughened surface and be curved to suit the contour of the finger and thumb, as clearly These handle ends a slight motion of the thumb and linger will produce a multiplied motion of the page holding arms, which is an obvious advantage. A spring 8 on the side of the pivot 3 toward the longer arms gives the necessary vtension to these arms to clamp the pages andcoyer of the book and hold them securely 1n place. `Protecting'extensions 9 act as guards to prevent the spring from coming in contact with the edge of the book and so save the latter from injury.' The members 1 and 2 are referably made thin with a greater dimension in the direction of the clamping force. In this way they mayv be made much lighter than otherwise would be necessary and, furthermore, they present less obstruction to the view of the printed page. If desired, an vadditional plate 10 'may be attached to the upper number 1, upon which some advertising may be impressed or the advertising 'may be put on the upper member 6.


A page holder comprising twov members j pivoted together intermediate their ends so as to form a pair of arms adapted to engage the pages and cover oa book and a pair of arms adapted to be gripped by the hand to spread said first mentioned arms apart, a springtending to draw said book engaging arms together, and a pair of straight guards projecting toward and to the side of each other so as to shroud said spring and to resent a continuous abutment for any object held between the arms.


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U.S. Classification24/509, 269/55, 24/508
International ClassificationB42D9/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42D9/00
European ClassificationB42D9/00