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Publication numberUS1615936 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1927
Filing dateJul 15, 1926
Priority dateJul 15, 1926
Publication numberUS 1615936 A, US 1615936A, US-A-1615936, US1615936 A, US1615936A
InventorsDonovan John J
Original AssigneeDonovan John J
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Shaving mirror
US 1615936 A
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Feb. l, 1927.

Patented Feb. 1, 1927.


SI-IAVING Application filed July 15,

Fig. 1 is an underside view of a shaving,- inirror construced in accordance with my invention;

Fig. 2 is a face view of the same; and

Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3-3 of F ig. 2.

This invention relates to improvement in shavingemirrors. In shaving-mirrors, it is desirable that lights should be provided and that these lights should be at4 opposite sides and in fixed relation to the mirror. The object of this invention is to provide a shaving-mirror with a fixed light at each side and so arranged that the wires to 'these lights shall be properly housed, and the invention consists in the construction as here inafter described and particularly recited in the claim.

In carrying out my invention, I employ a nirror 5 of suitable size and forni, and this mirror is provided with a metal backing 6 formed with fingers 7 to turn over the edge of the mirror, whereby the backing is held in place. Secured to the backing is a bracket-plate 8 by which the mirror is suspended. On each side is a lamp-casing 9 forming reflectors and providing supports for electric lamp-sockets 10, these reflectors being formed integral with the backing or formed separately therefrom and attached MIRROR.

1926. serial No. 122,546.

thereto. The backing is formed with two outwardly-struck grooves 11 and 12 extending from the lower corners to a point adjacent to the center of the upper edge, and these grooves form channels for wires 13 and 35 14 which extend to the lamps 10. The wires 13 and 14 are connected through a switch 15 of ordinary construction mounted on the bracket 8 and having an operating-button 16 with circuit-wires 17 Vand 18. The wires 4U :from the switch to the lamps are thus housed and are protected against displacement, and the switch is arranged in a convenient position for operation.

I claim:

A shaving-mirror, comprising a mirrorglass, a metal backing secured thereto, reflectors secured to opposite sides of the mirror, -a lampX mounted in each reflector, said backing formed with outwardly-struck 50 grooves extending from the lower corners upward to a point near the center of the upper edge, a bracket attached to the backing` for the suspension thereof, a switch mounted in said bracket, and electric wires 55 extending from said switch through said channels to said lamps.

In testimony whereof, I have signed this specification.


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U.S. Classification362/140, 362/247
International ClassificationA45D42/00, A45D42/10
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European ClassificationA45D42/10