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Publication numberUS1615945 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1927
Filing dateJan 20, 1925
Priority dateJan 20, 1925
Publication numberUS 1615945 A, US 1615945A, US-A-1615945, US1615945 A, US1615945A
InventorsThomas James
Original AssigneeThomas James
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Surgical appliance
US 1615945 A
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Feb. 1 1927.


Patented Feb. 1, 1927.


SURGICAL Application filed January My invention has reference to surgical appliances for use in connection with circumcision of the human male organ of generation.

The present invention is used in connection with certain surgical manipulations to obviate lesion and the issue of blood and to mitigate nervous tension on the part of the patient incident to operations of the nature, and also to facilitate the holding of the prepuce while undergoing healing of the organ.

The invention further contemplates an article of the character which may be commercialized through regular channels by physicians, pharmacists, and the trade in general.

The invention further consists in certain features of construction and application to the patient that will be hereinafter more fully set forth, and more particularly defined in the appended claims.

In the drawings forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 is an underside view of my surgical appliance before being formed up preparatory to use.

Fig. 2 is a side view in part of a penis and a cross section of my surgical appliance in place, with the retaining gauze bands untied.

3 is a cross section of Fig. 2 on the line m of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a top view of Fig. 1 showing my appliance in proper position.

Fig. 5 is a plan view of the stiffening girdle before being formed into shape.

Fig. 6 is a side view of the stiffening girdle after having been formed into shape.

Fig. 7 is a front view of the stiffening girdle after having been formed into shape.

In the drawings. like marks of reference refer to corresponding or equivalent parts in the diiierent views in which A represents the human male penis, and B, as a whole my appliance.

The appliance comprises girdle 1. an absorbent and medicated. pad 2, and a binding strip of antiseptic gauze 3.

The girdle 1 is made of flexible material, such as celluloid or equivalent composition, rubber, gutta percha, aluminum, German silver or other noncorrosive metal, and when formed up is a wide band or ring somewhat wider on its upper side, and itis burred to form a slightly rounded outwardly-turned flange 4 on its forward edge which is APPLIANCE.

20, 1925. Serial No. 3,608.

slightly curved diagonally toward its under and opened side. The girdle has a double row of stitching holes 5, one row being in the flange 4, their purpose being to facili- 0 tate the sewing of the medicated pad 2 and the binding strip of antiseptic gauze 8 to the girdle, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 in which the stitches are shown at m.

The pad 2 is of soft flexible absorbent 615 material and should be somewhat larger in dimention than the girdle 1, so that it may nicely overlap the rounded edges of the girdle to avoid any irritation to the flesh of the user 01": the appliance. The ends of the pad 79 may be formed somewhat thinner and lapped by, as shown in Fig. 3. The object of this pad is to carry a suitable medicament and provide a bandage capable of retaining the loosened prepuce removed from the glans 7 until such time as nature restores the parts to normal.

Between the girdle 1 and the pad 2 the strip of antiseptic gauze 3 is stitched. This strip extends beyond the pad 2 at both ends 80 sufliciently to permit its ends to come up and wind about the appliance from one to as many times as expedient, and tie as shown in Fig. 4. As shown in Fig. 4 the pad 2 is lapped by at its ends and the gauze strip 3 passed out between the ends of the girdle 1, in which position the l00se'0I' free ends of the strip 3 are crossed and wound about the appliance, as shown in Fig. 4, and tied. The gauze may be slitted Where it emerges from the pad, as expedient or necessary in the winding, binding and tying of the parts.

In operation the prepuce is loosened from the glans by means of the hands or the hands and the smooth round edge of some suitable instrument and carried back onto the corona glaandis, after which the appliance B, with its open edge below and with its padded flanged. edge against the corona glandis, is closed upon the loosened drawn back pre puce, and the free ends of the gauze strips 3 crossing below the pad 2 are wound about the girdle 1 and tied, a method of which is shown in Fig. 4. Owing to the peculiar formation of the appliance B fitting against the corona glandis and about the loosened prepuce, a two-fold advantage is accomplished; first, circumcision is accomplished by means of the appliance holding the loosened prepuce until nature can remedy the eiiect of the severance of the prepuce from the glans; and second, the appliance B is prevented from becoming separated from the penis owing to its position against the corona glandis.

The intent of thefiange or rim 5 is to pro vide an appliance that will conform to the anatomical configuration oi the organ for which designed, and at the same time prevent the loosening and dislodgeinent of said appliance after having been properly fitted on the patient.

Inaccordance with the provisions of the patent statutes 1 have described the principle of the construction and method of operation oi my surgical appliance, together with the best embodiment thereof or the purpose set forth. But I desire to have it understood that the device shown is illustrative of a preferred method, only, and that the invention maybe carried out/by other means than those explicitlyshown and described without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of my invention.

Having, therefore, set forth my invention, what 1. claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. In an appliance of the nature specified,

comprising a transversely separated girdle opening on its under side, said girdle being broader on its upper side than on its under extremities and having its edges disposed in diagonal curved lines from its upper side downwardly and forwardly to its open under end portions, the forward edge of said girdle beingburred or curved outwardly and terminating in vanishing points near its extremities.

2. In an appliance of the nature specified, comprising a girdle of pliant material, celluloid or analogous substance, adapted to encompass the corona glandis ol' the male organ oi generation, said girdle being wider on its upper portion and open at a narrowed. under portion to permit a free passage of the Vurethal duct, the forward edge of said girdle having a bur-red or outwardly curved edge adapted to conitm'm to the corona glandis, whereby the prepuce after having been loosened and drawn back may beheld by said girdle with the least possible incon- Yience during the process of healing.


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