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Publication numberUS1616071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1927
Filing dateJul 7, 1921
Priority dateJul 7, 1921
Publication numberUS 1616071 A, US 1616071A, US-A-1616071, US1616071 A, US1616071A
InventorsJohn Waldheim
Original AssigneeUnderwood Typewriter Co
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Work magazine for typewriting machines
US 1616071 A
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Feb. 1, 1927,

J. WALDHEFM WORK MAGAZINE FOR TYPEWRITING iaacfimss Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July 7. 1 921 J. WALDHEIM WORK MAGAZINE FOR TYPEWRITING MACHINES Filed July 7. 21 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 some wnnnnnm, or ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY, assxonon 'ro unnnnwoon ms warren COMPANY, or nswronx, n. Y., a coarona'rron or nnnawann.


Application filed July 7,

This invention relates to an improved work support to be used in connection with continuous billing typewritin machines, one form of which is shown in epatent to VVernor and Smith, No. 1,132,055.

Usual in a machine'oi this type, typing is e ccted on a work web comprising several layers orlies, usually having printed forms. (Jar on-aheets interleaved between theplies are mounted on a carbon carriage, so as to advance with the .web while typin i 1 When a ifierent set of forms is to be typed, it is necessary to remove the web temporarily from the typewriter, and bring into use a second web with its carbon-sheets. In the atent to Fortin No. 1,237,319, granted ugustQl, 1917, there is provided a carbon-holder" (on which the carbonsheets are directly mounted), which is de tachable from the carriage of the typewriter, so that the web and its interleaved carbons may-retain their relative positionsin'th'e carbon-holder when the latter is removed. A second'carbon-holder, having its carbon-sheets interleaved with the la ers of the second web, may then be attache to the typewriter. It is only necessary to remove one carbon-holder from the typewriter and attach the other carbon-holder thereto, and the second web? will be read to advance with its interleaved carbon-s eets around the platen at the-.-typi operation.

For convenience 1 andlinp and interchangingn plurality of.lwebs,.t1is invention 'prov1des,'in connection with a table upon which thetypewriting machine'is mounted, a magazine. comprising a plurality or adjacent tiers of containers, each container or compartment having positioned therein a web pack andits attached carbon-holder (when the-latter is out of use). The megazinc is movably mounted so that any of saidtiers may be brought into efi'ective position to deliver to themachme, said position being preferably directly to the rear of the machine. When a, tier'has been so positioned,

the web from any of the containers comprising said, tier may be fed to the machine. Each container has an open end. to permit the unobstructed withdrawal of the web from the ack in that container. To prevent inte erence by an upper container of a tier with, the web from a lower container in tha' flh ill? cQutaincrs maybe arranged 1921. Serial No. issues.

with their open ends proiecting progips' I sively outwardly from top to bottom. he magazine may conveniently be mounted u on the typewriter stand or support, and, w lore compactness is desired, the magazine may be mounted within the limits of the support. However, when the magazine comprises a large number of tiers, or where Figure 2 is a side 'v1ew,partly sectioned,

of the device shown in Figure 1, and showmg a continuous, billing typewriting machine mounted upon the support.

and showing a magazine mounted outside the hmits of the stand or support, a continuous billing machine being mounted upon saidsupport.

Fgure t is a plan view of the device shown in Figure 3. a

A stand or support 10 comprises standards '11 and a top 12which'serv'es as a table for an Underwood continuous billing typewriting machine. This machine comprises a main frame 15 and ii -rearward extension 16, upon whiche'xtension travels a carriage 17, forming part of the paper-carria e. A web. comprising a'number of la crs oi worl sheets, is drawn over a rear gui e-rail 18 and is led overa carbon-holder 20, mounted on the carriage 17, the plies of work-web being. interleaved with c'arbonsheets carried by said holder. The web and interleaved carhon-sheets are drawn forwardly around theplaten 21 of the machine and past the printmg point, indicated b the type-head 22: The carbon-carriage an Web are drawn forwardly as a form is typed on the web, andthen the carbon-carriage is returned to its rearward position to co-operate with anew portion of the web, and thetyped form is cut oil. The process 's [thenrepeated to type another set of similar forms. I

However, when it is desired to type'difier--. ant forms, another web must be insertedi'in the machine in place of reviouapiyeb. The fir t web unustth a tafwitidrawn ro Figure 3 is'a side View partly sectioned,

the machine and the new web drawn over thecarbon-holderQO and interleaved with the carbon-sheets before the new forms may be drawn around the platen to typing position. There is provided a carbon-carriage of the form disclosed in the patent to Fortm,

hereinbefore mentioned, wherein the carbonholder is detachable from the body of the carbon-carriage. ,By providing a plurality of carbon-holders, one for each web, it'is 'merely necessary to change the carbon and 27, having difierent printed forms rcpeated thereon, have their sheets interleaved with the carbon-sheets attached to carbon holders 28 and 29. In each case, therefore,-

the sheets of the web are in adjusted positions relative to-the carbon-sheets of their respective carbon-holders, and, when it is desired to substitute web 26, for instance, in

place of web 25, it is only necessary to de- "tach earbon holder 2 0 and to attach carbonr' holder 28,- and the sheets of Web 26, with its interleaved carbon-sheets, may be drawn forwardly around the platen without further adjustment between the layers of web .26 and V thejnterleav'ed Carbon-sheets;

To facilitate theinterchange of webs on the machine, there is provided a magazine 40, having side-walls 41 and subdivided vertically by intermediate partitions 42, each. vertical sub-division being subdivided trans-v versely by cross-members 43 to form'containers, so that the vertical sub-divisions form tiers of containers 44 and 45. Each container is bounded. by a side-wall 41, a partition 42, the cross-member or base 4?), and a front wall:46, the rear being open to permit withdrawal of the webs,'one of which is positioned in each container, together with its attached carbon-holder when the-latter is not in use. The containers are inclined slightly downwardly at the front, so that the upper layers of the webs can be drawn 01? without disturbingthe lower layers. Eaclrcontainer is located some distance farther rearwardlv than the container next above it, thus enabling the webs in the'lower containersto clear the upper containers more easily. The bases 43 of the containers are provided with beads 43* for engaging the webs fed from the lower containers with the least possible friction- To permit proper feeding, it is essential that the container from which the web is fed to the machine should be. positioned in effective feedingpositiondirectly to the rear of the machine. for, it it is positioned to one side. the web will be twisted when it is withdrawn from the pack.

position of the bascand support.

To bring any prising said container, into eil'ective feeding position, the magazine is mounted for lateral movement relative to the support and the machine; In Figures 1 and 2, the magazine is mounted on the support below the top 12 and bctweenthe side standards, so that it fits substantially within the limits of the support. The mounting of the magazine comprises a lower rail 50 and an upper rail '51 fixed tothe support, said magazine having rollers 52 fixed thereto, for running upon the rail 50 and supporting the mags zine thereon, and pairs of pllers 5?) fixed in the magazine, each pair engaging opposite sides of rail 51 to guide the magazine in its movement. The magazine is so mounted tier into feedingposition, it is only necessary to move the magazine along the rails.

It will be understood that any number of tiers may be employed, the number in this form of the invention being limited, however, by the distance between the side standards of the support. Thus, for the support shown in Figuresl and 2, there is suthcient space to allow two tiers to move laterally into and out of feeding position.

Where the space between the standardsis used for desk drawers, or where the space .Thus, in Figures 3 and 4, a magazine 60,

similar to magazine 40, having a base. 61, is mounted by rollers 62 upon rails 63 fixed to a base 64, said base. being positioned out side otthe 'limitsrof the support audio the rear thereof. 'lhebase 64 maybe provided with openings 65 intowhich lit the rear standards l1 ol' the; support to prevent movement of the base :ind tix the relative Itfwill be obvious that base (34 maybe of any len 'th to accommodate a magazine of any 'num er of tiers. The open ends of the containers in-the magazine 60 are positioned forwardly, in which position they are nearer to the rear of the machine and can be fed thereto more-,easil'y. To permit the upper layers of a park of web to be withdrawn "without disturbing the lowcrlayers, the containers are tilted downwardly at the rear, and each container projects forwardly beyond the edge of the baseot the container above it to permit the web from a lower container to clear the container above 1t more easily.

is limited'and-it is desired to employ a lawn: i

mason desired web si-iochccl thereto may shes be mounted on the machine. When thewsb in use is to be replaced by ssecoiicl web, it is withdraws from the machine, together with its carboolioieler, coo (iepositecliii its com- :tainer. A. eecoml web, with its corbomholob or, is then moimieri on the machine, the magazine bowing previously been shiiiecl along the soils ii the cooisiner of the second web is h s (iifierent tier than the container of the first web. vThe containers srcgoi-o v widthsofiicieni to allow lateral ploy of the A webs as the typewriter, carriage moves between extreme righo and left positions oncl 'csrries the webs with iii. It will bsseen that the magazine so is Fi res 3 and {i is provided was; three tiers o containers, and.

A time the magazine. extends beyond the limits of the SRLQPQI'li or desk 1o.

- of web-contain;

.Yericticps ms-7y resisted iowilthizijthe of nvention, 'cnilfportions' of the "in reverse is may be iiseo without others.

evinglibus described my invention," I

cleim' 1. l'ceombinefizios, c, iypewriosr'seble, and

sgmsgszine for EMLYEH? maniioi size toa WPEWI'llQT-GH'? s tab e compris sci arranged in tiers, a ffss on the isypewr table for mov it loter ally thereof bring any one of is 11.213 of containers inio webfeeriing posioior gbo enable webs to be msgazinc bein s feot'othe iypewriicr from any container in saicltier. ,V,-

I 2. In combination, s'typewriizer table snfi a msgazine for suppl ing manifold webs to a, t writer on the to is comprising a set of s we containers arran ed in tiers, said me ozine'being mounted ior movement laterally of the table to bring 811g one of the tiers of fee 1 containers into weblog position'to enable webs to be fed 0 the typewriter from any container in ssi tier.

3. In combination, a. typewriter iohle, a plurality of tiers of corits-mersior folding msni'folcl webs to s bypewritcr on the table, and means on. the ieble for supporting said tiers ofconisincre in difierent positions latorally of the iableflo permit selective positio'ning of the tiers in web-feerling relationship to the typewriier;

ijln combination, a typewriter table, a

set of web'rece moles for supplying webs of diiierentsty es to s t ewriter on the table, and. a support on wine lhe receptacles are fixedly mounted, soiri support being mounted for movement lsterslly of the table to bring a selected receptacle into web-feed ing position.

5.111 combination, a typewriter table,

a set of web-receptacles for supplying webs of different styles to a typewriter on the table, and a support on which the receptacles are fixedly mounted, said are ceptacles being arranged in tiers anol'benks jarafi being open at one and the banks from "top tobotlom being arranged to have their open ends reject ro ressivel outward P i y the rceeptac e-support sing moootei for movement laterally of the table to bring ony tier of receptacles intowebfeecling relation- I ship to the typewriferi 6. In combination, o support for a typewriting machinei for typing on continuous webs of difie'rent'styies, and ans to gecili-i, tats the interchange or s ajid webs in the chine comprising; a"mogr,zihefl aving, 4 pin: raliiy of adjacent tiers of, containers, each container for holding s acker webs and o carbon-holding frame to mointairi carbonsheets interleaved between" said webs, said support including rails,saiil magazine being "mounted on tho rails omlmovable along themio bring any of. ssicl tiers into eflective feeding position relative to the machine, so thatshe vweb from any container in the tier in eii'ecjtive feedingposition may be fcillo 7. In combination, a support for o typewriting machine for t ping on consixiuous webs, and means to fsci itste the interchange of carbon-holding ironies their associate webs in the machinc'comprising a-mogazinc having a plurality of sdjocents tiers of congainers, each container for holding s pack of webs and o carbon-holding frame 00-- operating with the webs, said support hi c ucling a. supportingrail and a guide-rail positional on said support to extendlaterally thereof, said'magazine having a, roller operating on said supporting rail, and guiseioo,

rollers co-o o'rsiing with said guide-mil ibv support on guide said msgazineifor movement laterally of the machine to bring any oi ssid tiers into efiectivc feeding osit-ion" relative vto the machine, so that t c web from. any container of the tier in efie'ciivo feeding position may be feel to the machine 8.,111 combination, 2:, supportfor s type writing machine for typing on continuous webs, and means to facilitate the interchange of carbon-holding frames and their associate webs in the machine comprising a msgszioe having splurality of od'ocent tiers of conminers, each container or holding :2. pack of webs and a carbomholcling frame c0- operatiogj-with the webs, said magazine bein% mounted upon said supportricl m ov ob e webs, and means to facilitate the intercbangeof carbon-holding frames and their assocmte webs in the rnoclzune comprising a magazine having a plurality of edcent .7

iiers of containers, each container ming a pack of webs and a carbon-holding frame (to-operating with the Webs, said magazine being movably mounted on said support and movable within the limits thereof to bring any of said tiers into effective feeding. osition relative to saidmachine,

so that t 1e web fronija ny container in the tier in eiiective feeding position may hated to the machine, said containers each having an open end at the rear thereof to permit withdrawal of the webs, the open'ends of the containers in each tier being positioned progressively farther rearward from top to bottom.

10. In combination, a support for a typewriting machine of the continuous billing type, and means to facilitate the interchange of carbon-holding frames and? their associate webs in the machirna'comprising' a magazine having a pluralrty of adjacent tiers of containers, said magazine being mounted to the rear ofthe support for lateral-movement relative to said machine'to with manifold webs; said device including a magazine comprising a plurality of Webcontainers, and means for' monntingtjsaid magazine for movement horizontally in thedirection of its own length along the rear line of the type-writing machine to bring any one of the containers to eifeetive position of the machine.


tion relative to the writing operation posiv

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