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Publication numberUS1616389 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1927
Filing dateApr 2, 1926
Priority dateApr 2, 1926
Publication numberUS 1616389 A, US 1616389A, US-A-1616389, US1616389 A, US1616389A
InventorsPiercy George F
Original AssigneePiercy George F
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US 1616389 A
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G. F. PIERCY Feb. '1 1927.

SYRINGE Filed April 2, 1926 MM m 1 m rey,


Patented Feb. 1 1927.


, sYiaI'nen.

I Application filed Apm 2,1525. Serial No. 99303.-

I V This invention relates to a yagina-lsyringe fordouche purposes and has for its ob ect to'pi 'ov-ide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, a syringe of such class for obtaining 'a' greater heat application than; the forms of such types of syringes now in general 'out any discomfort to the user, readilyo ian characters erated tofla'pply the douche solution, capable ofbeing sterilized, and comparatively inex- -pensive to manufacture. J

20 .iVith' the foregoing and, other objects in view the invention con'sists'ofthe novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter more specifically described and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein is shown an embodiment of the invention, but it'is tobeunderstood that changes,variationszand modifications thereof. can be hadwhich will fall within thescope of the claims hereunto appended.

In theNdra-Wing wherein like reference denote corresponding parts throughout the several views Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of a vaginal syringe in "accordance" with this invention. c f I p t Figure 2 1s :.a fragmentary view 111 elevation of the neck of a syringe provlded with a protecting caplfo'r the'nozzle, and Withremoved. 7 p e v FigureB is a fragmentary View in vertical section of the neck. of the syringe with the protecting cap forthenozzle enclosing the latter. v

the nonporous surface for the neck partly 'A.-vaginal syringe, in accordance with this invention, ICOIHPI'ISQS a compressible and extendible container for the douche solution, a shouldered discharge neck extending from and openingv into the container, 1 a nozzle carriedby the outer end'of the neck and'a noz zle protecting cap, and-"the aforesaid el'emen-ts respectively are referred to generally by the reference characters '1, 2, '3 and 4.

- The container 1 is compressible and extendible and is constructed from i'mper'forate soft rubber of appropriate thicknesszpossessmg sufficient elasticity to give goodsuction. Thecontainer 1 comprises a hollow bodylportion 5 of a capacityjto holdasu ifi;

cient quantity of douche solutiontofthorou'ghly extend the: vaginal ivall. fTlie'body portion, 5 is substantially semi-ellipsoidal in contour, whereby the body portion 5 tapers in opposite directions, but'the taper'ofthe' 7 upper portion of the body portion greater thanthe lower portion thereof. The body portion 5 is open at itst op and'isformect with animperforate flat bottom 6 toprovide fora'n upright posture therefor. The open top of the body portion 5"is, of appropriate diameter, to provide for an efficient discharge of the solution When the container is compressed, but the open top ofithe body portion is of less diameter than tl'iefl'flat bottom 63" At the open topof the container,

the body portion 5'l1as formed integral'there with an annular flaring coupling extension 7 of appropriate height. In vertical 'sec tion the body of the extension 7 e Xtenjds outwvardly in adirection 'from its point of joinder Witlrthe'body portion and merges tension" 7 provides means'for coupling the shoulderedneck 2 tothe container 1. i

The neck 2 is constructed from a molded,

'bodyof sponge rubber having a non-porous surfacethroughout, and s provided With adischa-rg'e canal 8 havinga 'taperedjvall,

of circular cross'section, at its inner'por-j tion and a cylindrical Wallatits outer porintoouter surfacing for the neck.- The e'xtion. The tapered partof the Wallof the v canal Sisindicated at9 and thecylindricalf part at 10. The tapered part ot the Wall of the canal 8 formsa continuation 'of the inner face of the" container 1 at the topof the latter. The tapered part 9 of the' canal ,8 i'sofless length than the cylindrical part i 10 thereof The neck 2consistsof atapered' v portion 11 and anannular portion 12 and" thelatter 1s of much greater diameter T neck .2 of spongerubber it will not heat through, it willv automatically 'ad ust ltself {to fit perfectly, it can be held firmly enough t allow pressure of fluid su'fliciently to thoroughlyjextend the vaginal wallwithout .3;,the'leakingout ot' the solution and beheld '1 t in position without painto the user; As 'lL").

the shouldered neck is of'appropriate length, that is short and ,soft, it cannot. injure the vaginal I opening or the ,infiammations of; the; V uterus,

The nozzle constructed of hard rubber ,comprises an .apertured disc l'4 which is seated "aga nst and is of the same diameter "asjthe diameterfofthe reduced end of the portion 11' of the; shouldered neck 2.-

aperture formedfin the disc 14 is arranged, gcentra'lly thereof and i'sf'indicated at .15 and has the edgethereof rounded-as'at 16." Ex- The -tendinglinwardly from the disc 14 androg- V j "hollow-stein;17;"oflset intermediate its ends soa t outefipart'ofthe cylindri-cal.wall portion 1 of the canal Sand the offset portion 180i saidstem {17 anchors the stem; within the;

a f a isteringfwith the' opening loft-hereofis a as "at 18; The steml 17' is positioned in the shouldered neck 2. Formedintegral with the disc 14 and projecting therefrom is the tapered head oft-henozzle and the taper thereof-formsa co'ntinuation of the taper of the portion 10 of: the shouldered neck.

' The tapered head'of the nozzle 3 consists of, a tapered body portion 19bit; annular cross section" having its rear edge integral with the perimeter'of the disc 14. The body portion 19at' its forward end; terminates in fa'top "piecejQOof circular contouriand which 7 "is'formed with a centrally disposed vdis-.1 .7 charge opening'21Qforthe solution; At the point ofjoinder of the body portion19 with thetop piece 2O, ;the nozzle is roundedas' at 22 to overcome any sharp corners, which might injure, theuser., The body portion 19fis formed with a series'ot. spaced slots, 23v of[appropriatewidth and which extend froma point in close p'roximity to the disc 14 to theKrounded' portion 22 of the nozzle.

constructt ngtlie, nozzle 3 with the'ar- V. rangement offslots s23 anclthe opening 21 g the fluid is thrownfin all directions in] the V va'ginafand throughwhich it is again taken up. 7 Owing toflthetapered arrangement of the nozzle, as well as the shouldered neck,

' portion, it allows easy introduction and further owing to the tapered arrangement of the' 'nozzle it prevents the mucus membrane of the vagina from being drawninto the "intake of the syringe andprevents any ob--' tion 11.

of clothing or bedding. 7

The form'o-f the nozzle permits of'the in v struction to the syringe taking up all of the solution being usedy or mucus, and discharge to be'washed out of thevaginal cavity.

The protecting cap 4 is of soft rubber, is

of inverted cup shape and possesses the necessary elasticity to tightly bind the nozzle syringe, and the cap 4 can be conveniently removed when it is desired to use the syringe; The cap 4 is of a length to not only completely enclose the head piece of the nozzle but to extend upon the neck portionll of the shouldered neck 2. I

By constructing the shouldered neck 2 of sponge rubber a non-conduct0r ofheat is provided and whichwill permit-of greater heat to the internal membrane, sinceit will to; prevent leakage of the fluid in the That is to say it not only encloses thehead piece ofthenoz'zlei but also the disc 14 of the latter and further clamps against-the outer terminal part of the pornot heat the vaginal opening, which is more I sensitive than the vaginal membrane, there by giving more value to treatment, better disinfection and cleansing. The sponge rubber construction; of shouldered neck,

when the syringe is used,,will not hurt-or give pain to the user, further it molds-itself it 7 to fit the opening and vulva perfectly and overcomes the injurious objections due to hard rubber types of necks. Furthermore membrane. snugly, without pain, can be held firm enough to permit'of pressure of solution in use, sufficient to balloon 'up'the vaginal cavity thereby straightening out all'folds of the membrane, so that they arecleansed and obtain thorough medication. The solution employed can be'whatever isdesired, heated or not, it heated it can be held in thevagina as long as desired thereby getting the full-Y- est value of theyheat. andmedication', with a minimum; amount of solution and trouble,

,the sponge rubber neck cannot harm the infiammations of the uterus, bladder or The shoulder of the necks "fits asthe shouldered neck prevents any'leaking, 5

and under such conditions prevents soiling troduction thereot'in an easy manner, and

{acts as a shield, in preventing the suction of membrane enteringthe intake of the syringe,

and on 'taking'up the solution, the latter is of 'the nozzle.

setting up the head piece of the nozzle'the action Off expelling the solutionftrom the syringe and sucking the same therein is had in thoroughly satisfactory manner.- The non-porous surface for the sponge rubber neckis provided by a thin coating of non-porous rubber. The coating extends throughout'the outer and inner peripheries readily removed owing to the construction i The introduction of the nozzle is had without any painful effect upon the user and owing to the manner of 7 lit) of thespoi'igerubber body and ,,isl indicated at-2 5 Thefcoating is of-su'ch, thickness that Will make the neck appropriately pliable and-not-fdestroy the sponge softness, orjpr'event the neckf from shaping itself to the tissues which are in contact with it.,;:The' coating extends from the outer end of the extension 7, and also from the point of joinder of the latter with the upper end of the body portion 5.

details of construction can be had which will fall within the scopeof the claims here unto appended.

1. A vaginal/syringe comprising a com pressible and extendible container formed of a body of resilient material, a discharge neck for and integral at its inner vend with .extendible container, and 'a discharge neck and communicating with said container, said neck for its entire length including a body of material of greater resiliency than the material forming the container and provided with anannular peripheral shoulder in proximity to its point of joindenwithj the container, said body of material having 7 its inner and its outer periphery non-porous throughout. V 2. A vaginal syringe, comprising a compressible "and extendible container formed of a body of resilient material, a discharge neck for and integral at its inner end with and communicating with saidcontainer, said'neck for its entire length including a body of material of greater resiliency than the material forming the container and pro-j vide d with an annular peripheral shoulder in proximity to its point of joinder with the container, said body of material having its inner and its outer periphery non-porous throughout, and a slotted nozzle'ancliored within and extended froni-theouter end of the neck.

3. A vaginal syringe comprising a co npressible and extendible container formed of a body of resilient material, a discharge neck for andintegral at its inner end-with and communicating with said container, said neck for its entire length including a body of material of greater resiliency than the material forming the container and provided with an annular peripheral shoulder in proximity to itspoint of joinder with, the container, said body of material having its inner and its outer periphery non-porous throughout, a slotted nozzle anchored Wltliin and extended from the outer end of the neck, said neck being tapered and said nozzle forming a continuation-of the taper of the neck.

4. Agyag nal syringe comprising a con-" tainer 'formedl throughout of imperfor'a te j soft rubber, a discharge. neckjfor theicontainer,,-saidfneok having its'inner: end iii-I1 tegral with andropening: into the container andforrned from .endwto iend offsponge rubber havingits outer andinner peripheries nonporous' throughout, said ineck provided with a peripheral shoulder in proximity to said container, and a nozzle anchored to the therefor integral therewith and formed" throughout of sponge rubber having its inner and outer peripheries non porous throughout, thebody of said neck being of appropriate thickness and formed of a tapered outer portion" and an annular inner portion of materially greater diameter than said tapered portion to provide a continuous container. r v

' 6; :Ina vaginal syringe a compressible and peripheral shoulder in proximity to said therefor integral therewith I and formed throughout, of sponge rubber having its inner and outer. peripheries non-porous.

throughout, the'bo-dy of said neck being of appropriate thickness and formed of a.

tapered outer portion and 'an -aniiular inner portion of materially greater diameter than i said tapered portion to providea continuous peripheral shoulder in proximity to said container, said neck having a discharge canal with its wall at the outer portion 4 thereof cylindrical and at its inner portion tapered. Y

7. A vaginal syringe comprising a compressible and extend ble container, a'dis charge neck of sponge rubbe-rextended from said container and formed With a peripheral shoulder at the inner portion thereof, said.

neck having its inner-and outer peripheries non-porous throughout, and a .nozzlepro- V vided with means extending into the outer end of the neck for anchoring the nozzle against the outerend edge ofthe neck.

'8. A vaginal syringe comprising a coinpressible and extendible container, a dis charge neckjof sponge rubber extended from saidcontainer and formedwith a peripheral shoulder at the inner portion thereof, said jneckhaving its inner and outer peripheries non-porous throughout,- a nozzle provided with means extending f into the outer end of the neck for anchoringthe nozzle against" the outer end edge of the neck, the extended portionof saidno'zzle being slotted at the sides thereof and also at the outer endth ereof.

.9..A vaginal syringe comprising a soft rubber fluid container, a neck connected therewith and formed throughout of sponge rubber having its inner and outer periphe-

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