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Publication numberUS1616432 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1927
Filing dateMay 9, 1925
Priority dateMay 9, 1925
Publication numberUS 1616432 A, US 1616432A, US-A-1616432, US1616432 A, US1616432A
InventorsAarseth Ole M
Original AssigneeAarseth Ole M
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Mail-box mounting
US 1616432 A
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Feb. 8,1927. f "1,616,432 Y o. M. AARSETH MAIL BOX MOUNTING Filed May 9, 1925 Patented Feb. s, ias?.

OLE M. AARsE'rH, '.oFvEoHo', MINNnso'Ta Main-Box Mo'UNTirre.

lApplication inea May 9, 1925. .serial No. 29,082.`

This invention relates to pivotal mountings for mail boxes or other receiving and delivering apparatus. The ordinary rigidly mounted mail box is often struck down or bent out of shape by the mail carriers vehicle or by passing vehicles or animals on the road. Oftentimes the mail carrier, in attempting to gauge the proper point at which to stop to deliver his mail, misjudges the distance and his vehicle skids in the ditch along the road, resulting in the outward end of the mail box being violently struck by the adjacent side of his vehicle.

It is the main object of this invention to provide an extremely but highly efficient pivotal mounting adapted to be attached to a standard mail box which will not only permit the box, if struck, to readilyl be swung without damage thereto but which will, moreover, automatically return Vthe box to proper position on the post or other suport. p It is a more specific object of the invention to provide a pivotal mounting for a mail box or other recept-acle, comprising a pair Vof telescoped pivot members, one of which is attached to the post or support, the other of which is attached to the bottom of the mail box or `other receptacle, said members having interposed therebetween an inclined lbearing surface adapted to automatically sti swing the box'back to normal position when, for any reason, it has been swung therefrom.

These and other objects of the invention will be apparent from the following description made in connection with t-he accompanying drawings, wherein like notations refer to similar parts throughout the several views, and in which,

Fig. l is. a side elevation of a standard mail box with some parts shown in section, supported by means of the improved pivotal mounting from an ordinary post;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation on an enlarged scale of one of the pivot members detached,

some parts being broken away;

Fig. 3 is a side elevation on an enlarged scale of the other pivot member attached;v


F ig. 4 is a bottom plan view on an enlloarged scale of the socket carried by the In the drawings, numeral 5 denotes a standard mail box supported from the usual post or upright standard 6. A socket plate T, provided. with a plurality of circumferr entially spaced apertures, is `rigidly secured to the bottom of box 5 at the center thereof,

and has the threaded depending socket '7a` An elonj member l0 and supported therein by means v of the engagement of lug 8a with the upper or outer inclined end. 'Obviously, when the box 5 is struck-or swung to one side, the inclined or oblique end of the tubular member 1Q will automatically causethe box to be returned or swung back to normal position with the door of the box in proper outward position to receive'the mail from the carrier. The pitchof the upper end l0n of tubular member 10 is sufficient to readily f. return the box to normal position and to permit the same to be readily lswung if struck by the vehicle of the mail carrier, or

passing domestic animals.

The spindle 8 is loosely mounted inthe tubular member l0 and may be readily lifted therefrom and the box removed from the i post, if, for any reasondesired.

From the above description, it will be apparent that a simple but highly efficient mounting .for mail boxes and other recep# tacles has been invented, comprising few parts and capable ofbeing manufactured at exceedingly low cost. The device may be easily installed on a standard box and supporting post. i

Extensive actual usage of the device has shown it to be highly e'l'licient for the ypurposes intended. i.

rious changes canl be made in the form, de-

tails, and arrangement of parts without de-` It will, of course, be understoodthat va-r Vim vmounting for a mail box orotherreceptaele,

comprising* upright tubular member sei cured to said support andha-vng its upper end cut at an oblique angle yt0 its iaXs, a. threaded Socket Secured to the underside of said mail boxer other receptacle, and a vertical spindle having threaded engagement with saidsocket at its upper end and having its lower portion disposed within said tubular member and carrying at one side a projeetlng lug ellgngng the upper end oil said tubular member.

2. The structure set forth in claim l, and a lock nut on the upper end of said spindle adapted to engage against the lower end of said socket.

11.1r testimony whereof I ax my signature.


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U.S. Classification248/131, 248/289.31
International ClassificationA47G29/00, A47G29/12
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