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Publication numberUS1616708 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1927
Filing dateDec 21, 1925
Priority dateDec 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1616708 A, US 1616708A, US-A-1616708, US1616708 A, US1616708A
InventorsTanner Arnold J
Original AssigneeTanner Arnold J
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Display container
US 1616708 A
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Feb 8 A. J. TANNER DISPLAY CONTAINER Filed Dec. 21. 1925 Patented Feb. 8, 1927.



Application filed December 21, 1925. Serial No. 76,600.

The present invention relates to display dispensing containers or boxes and is applicable to folding boxes composed of cardboard, the chief object of the invention being to provide means whereby a rigid support is provided for a display device forming an integral part of the body of the container. The general construction. of the container is improved so as to present a rigid structure which co-operates with the display device to support a sample article of the merchandise to be displayed and which article may be of considerable weight, such for example as a tool, bottle or the like.

According to the present invention the container includes a body having an inspection opening therein. The top of the container is cut out to form the opening and the cutout portion is utilized to form the display device. Meansintegral with the body and the cutout display device are provided to hold the latter in a rigid raised or folded position.

The aforesaid leading features of the invention together with details relating to the construction of the container will be hereinafter more fully described with reference to the accompanying drawings illustrating a preferred form of the container in which all the features of the invention are embodied,

and, in said drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating the container in its set up position as supporting a bottle which would be a sample of 51m merchandise packed in the'container, an

Figure 2 is a plan view of the blank of which the container is composed.

Describing the embodiment of the invention, illustrated in said drawings, the container or box is composed entirely of a single sheet of card-board blanked out in the form shown in Figure 2. This blank is cut out to form the main body portion having projections or extensions therefrom which are adapted to be folded at points indicated by dotted lines so as to form a rigid box closed at the sides, ends and bottom. The top of the box has a tapered main cutout portion 1 leaving a corresponding tapered isplay opening and the cutout portion is utilized to form the display device. By means of retention devicesprovided, said display device, when folded, is rigidly held in its raised position. The retention means comprise overhanging ledges 2 located at the (Ill play device and the other end of the display device is hinged at 5 to the rear end of the box.

The main cutout portion 1 has in itself cutout portions 6 and 7 the portion 6 being so arranged that when the display device is folded on the line 8, it will stand in an erect pos tion. The portion 9 when in itsraised position, forms a brace or upright for the display device. 1 urther1nore the opening formed by the cutout portion 6 is designed to receive cutout portion 7 which is folded at the line 10 so that the tongue 11 will engage the notch 12, thereby operating in conjunction wilh the other retentive means, to hold the display device in the set angular position. The article to be displayed, for example a bottle, may rest on the cutout portion 7 and owing to the rigid structure of 5.:

the display device, a comparatively heavy article can be supported. It will be understood that various kinds of goods may be displayed and variations must be made to meet varying conditions but in all instances and locking tongues are employed only the r tuckins 13 are provided with additional tongues 15, which latter are engaged and lock in the slits 16 in theextension of the blank which constitutes the bottom of the box when folded.

It will be understood the display device and retentive means therefor can be applied to practically any type of box but it is particularly suitable for folding boxes constructed as before described. All the novel features in the box described so far can be applied to a box wherein the ends 17 and 18 of the blank are secured together by a suitable adhesive. Another feature of the present invention is the provision of means so that the box can be erected from a flat blank without the necessity of pasting. To accomi plish this the extension 19 is folded around the'send of the blank through the opening in the top of the box and engaged under ear 20 whereb the two ends of the blank are se- .rcurely loc ed together. To strengthen the container at this point the additional tongues 21 are provided and are adapted to be tucked into the sides of the container Still another.

. feature of the invention is the tongue 22 or 1U the downwardly folding lower edge of the display device which is tucked into the end- 25 the container. When the box is to set up for display purposes, the outer sleeveis removed and the display device is raised butfirst the notches are engaged by the edges of the ledges near the front of the container.

The display device is then pushed back to the position for service and the cutout portion of the display device is bent downwardly and the free endis engaged so as to lock into the back of the display device whereby the latter is held rigidly in its raised Various modifications may be ma e in this invention to meet varying conditions and to render the invention applicable to various types of boxes, so it is to be understood, any.

modifications coming fairly within the terms of the appended claims shall be covered thereby. V

I claim: V l 1. A display container as described having '45 a body, a tapering portion cut from said body providing an inspection opening in the.

top of the container and leaving overhanging ledges at each side of said opening; said tapering portion eing arranged to foldon '50 itself and on its hinged connection with the body' means for retaining said portion in a raise or folded position, said means comprising notches at the free or widest end of said portion arranged to engage the edge of said ledges so as to slide thereon; and an additional cutout portion in the said tapered cutout portion .arranged to be folded so that the free end thereof will engage and lock with the back of said tape red portion osition.

whereby a rigid display structure and support is provided. v

2. In a display container of the class described, a body composed of a one piece blank and having the top thereof cut out to form both a display opening anda display device, means for retaining said display device in a raised or folded position, means for retaining said body in a set up position, said latter means comprising an extension of the blank which is arrangedto be folded through said opening around one end wall of the container and held in the folded position by a locking device integral with the body.

posed of a single sheet of material arranged to be folded to erect the container, anopening in the top of said body, said opening being-formed by a cutout portion arranged to be folded into a raised position, retaining said device in the raised position,

." '3. In a display oontainer,'a body commeans for said body having end and side walls, an extension piece on said blank arranged to be 'foldedaround'one wall through said opening in locked engagement when folded. v

4. A folding box made of ablank composed of a single sheet of material, said blank having a main portion and an extension thereof,

and means. for holding said extension piece said main portion having laterally projecting members forming'the side walls of the box when erected; said members having locking tongues adapted to engage slits in said extension which forms the bottom of the box, said extension having a projecting piece arranged to be folded around the end of the blank which forms the front end wall and means for retaining said projection in its folded position. v

5. A folding box made of a blank composed of a single sheet .of material; said lank having a main portion and an extension; a cutout in said main portion leaving an opening and forming a dlsplay dev ce;

means for retaining saiddisplay device in a raised position; said main portion having laterally projecting members constituting the side walls of the box when erected; locking tongues on said members engaging slits in the bottom of thebox, said extension having a projection which is adapted to be folded. over the opposite end of the blank which forms one end wall of the box and means for retaining said projection in its folded position. n

Signed at 'New Haven, county of New Haven and State of Connecticut, this 18th day of December, 1925..



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