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Publication numberUS1617213 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1927
Filing dateAug 17, 1925
Priority dateAug 17, 1925
Publication numberUS 1617213 A, US 1617213A, US-A-1617213, US1617213 A, US1617213A
InventorsLa Paugh Louie T
Original AssigneeLa Paugh Louie T
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Handle-securing means for bottles
US 1617213 A
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Feb; a, 1927. I 1,617,213

L. T. LA PAUGH HANDLE SECURING MEANS FOR BOTTLES I Filed 11112.17, 1925 FAk 1"" 1 1 fiavendor.

Lou/E T 1/9 Patented Feb. 8, 1927.

Louis Tl A ra 'GH'; or o'aK tAnI'i, voniiiiioiaivin.

, aliases-smegma i'lrnansronro'rrigns,

Assn-eate fi'iaAug'ust 1'7, 1925. semi No. 50,808.

handles can be" readilyatta'clie'd wit'h'outdanger of breakage of the bottle during, the securing orattachin'goper'ation.

Other objects and advantages willbe apparent during "t'i'e course of the following description, l

In the 'accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, and in which like parts throughout the'-'sanie, V p

. -Figure 1 is a side elevation'offa nursmg 'num'ralsare employed to designate like bottle showi'n'g two handlesf'secured thereon,

"Figure 2 is a sectional view of thef'preferredgtypeof handle, the han'dle infth'is' i'n-- anyotherconvement stance beingof pliable material,-

or retaining members form-ed f on the 3 bottle with a fragment ofthe bottle being herein illustrated, Figure "4: *is a 'cro'ss'sectional Vie-W 01i the line"4- -5 of'iFigure'l2,*disclosing one extremity of the handle to be positioned over aretaining member,

Figure 5 is a similar view, showing the side of the handle snugly engaging the retaining lug,

Figure 6 is a view similar to Figure 3, but of a modified form of handle with a portion pose of securing guideways to nursing bottles, namely, to provide a nursing bottle that can be readily attached to ,a tape or band which can be secured to the sides of acradle,

riuickly and economically ac or h-andles formed thereon;

baby-carriage 01"any "other article-"for the purp'esegof preventing said bottle tram dropping 'and breakingas well as to be located in such-a manner that it can he reached easily byjthe infant, thus avoiding the 118- cessity of constant watchf-ulne'ssj on the part (if the -inotjher or nurse. 1 p i V In=actiral practice, I 'havefo'u'nd that it hasbeen exceedingly di fficult tooast or form guideways orh'andl es near 'the ce'uter ofga bottle surface, as this operation necessitates a thick heavy bottle, I in were prevent ex cessive amount of breakage in producing said bottle; It 'is apparent that aninfants bottle-should be of light iveight material audit is pra'ctically impossibleto:obtaina light wei-ght nursing 'bottle with -guideways I, therefore, proposeto secure separable handles- "or guideways to I a i light-Weight,

cheap bottle, su'c hias a nursingbottle,=and 1n the accompanying drawings 'Whe-rei n for the purpose of illustration is shown-atp're- 'ferred embodiment of the invention, thenumeral. 10 designates a nursing-bottle equipped :Wlth' tliescustomary rnippl'e 11 To this bottle I propose to s'ecure,'bfy casting or manner, Jugs as; indie-atedat 1-2;. 1 l V It' will be ;'11oted that these lu gs are tapered and are,likew;ise, dove tailed as atil3,

the purpose jof nih i'ch will be hereinafter I :fully described.;-- --,The numeral 14:. designates agha nd le -Whichwis circular in {cross section throughout the greater portion of its length and is equipped with two downwardly ex tending pocket-like extremities 15 which are internally recessed. In applying the handle to the lugs, theextremities 15 are positioned over the lugs and made to assume the position shown to advantage in Figure 4.

Since this type of handle is made of pliable material, the extremities will, upon sufficient pressure being exerted thereon, grip the lugs, as disclosed to advantage in Figure 5, and be so positioned that the inner surface of the" extremities will snugly engage the lugs and due to the dove-tailed formation of the lugs, a positive gripping or binding of the parts will be accomplished.

' It will be evident from this construction ment cannot beobtained due'to the fact that the internal sides .of the shelllike members which serves, as a locking member.

and the dove-tailed formation of the lugs cause 'a binding action between the mentioned parts, on the other hand, vertical displacement cannot be accomplished because of the contact of the ends of the pocket-like gripping action. I propose to make this type'of-handle of non-yielding material so that the binding action will be completely and efficiently accomplished when the extremities are positioned over the lugs.

It will be further noted that one of the pocketelike members 17 is cut to a greater depth than the opposite extremity and in the extremity that is of greater depth, I propose to insert a thin flat metal clip 20 This clip, being made of pliable metal, can be readily bentto assume the position, as disclosed in Figure 7.

Since the dove-tailed formation of the lugs '16 and the similar internal formation of theextremities 17 prevent the displace ment of the handle upwardly, the applicaing, it will be evident that I have devised The. dovetailed effect of the extremities 17 and the lugs 16 serves to accomplish a positive a simple means whereby handles can be effectively and securely attached to a lightweight bottle, the manner and operation of securing'being likewise simple and readily accomplished.

It is to be understood that the forms of my invention herewith shown and described are to be. taken as preferred examples of the same, and that various changes in the shape, size and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention orthe scope of the subjoined claims. 1

Having thus described my invention, I claim 1. In combination with a bottle, of spaced undercut lugs carried by said bottle, and a handle provided with grooved portions so constructed asto rigidly grip the undercut lugs for preventing displacement of said handle. 7

2. In combination with a bottle, .of spaced undercut lugs positioned on one side of said 7 bottle andcorresponding spaced lugs on the opposite side of said bottle, of a handle provided with a pair of grooved pocket-like extremities for receiving therein the undercut lugs carried on one side of said bottle, and a second handlecarried on the opposite side of said bottle.

3. In combination with a bottle, of spaced undercut lugs carried by said bottle, a handle being circular in cross section and pro vided with pocket-like recessed extremities for receiving therein the undercut'lugs carried by said bottle one of said extremities being grooved to a greater depth than the. opposite extremity, and a fastening element v positioned in the deeply grooved extremity for effecting a locking action between the vertical extremity and its co-operating lug. In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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