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Publication numberUS1617280 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1927
Filing dateMar 19, 1926
Priority dateMar 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1617280 A, US 1617280A, US-A-1617280, US1617280 A, US1617280A
InventorsPeter Viggiano
Original AssigneePeter Viggiano
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US 1617280 A
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P. vlGGl'ANo Feb. 8, 19?.


Filed March 19. 192e INVNTOR W alla BY' V atented Feb. 8', 1927.

PETER vIGr'efiAuo,"Y orsi-riuusroii, ,wnsrvrneriviii i o v VASE.

` ,Application l'edrMarch 19, 1926. V4Serial No, 96,027.

comprising aV mainreceptacle anda plurality of auxiliary receptacles removably vconnected Vto and supported by the main ,receptacle and forming inconjunction therewith an ornamental and lattractive, vase adapted to sup port cutl flowers, ferns, leaves or otherarti-` cles in the formingofan attractive assemblage'or bouquetj y Y, l

A further object is toprovide an improved coupling means between the main' receptacle and the auxiliary receptacles which enable the. ready` separationfof* the several receptacles for packing,v storing, ,cleaning or for any other purpose.

With these and other objects in'view, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and` arrangements of parts which will be more fully hereinafter described and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings- Figure 1 is a view, mainly in side elevation but partly in section, illustrating my improved vase;

Figure 2 is a view in transverse section c on .the line 2-2 of Figure 1 Y Figure 3 is a fragmentary view in` vertical section on the line 3 3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a fragmentary view in section on the line 4-4 of Figure l but looking i the opposite direction to Figure 3;

Figure 5 is a perspective view of one of my improved couplings.

My improved vase includes a main receptacle 1 and any desired number of auxiliary receptacles 2. I have illustrated two of these auxiliary receptacles and it is preferable to have a plurality of these receptacles oppositely disposed, or in other words located at opposite sides of the main receptacle to i give an ornamental and attractive appearance Vas Well as for utilitarian puroses.

I would have it distinctly understood that I do notlimit myself to the specific shape of the several yreceptacles as this is capable of a wide range of modification, butl I have illustrated amain receptacle 1 which tapers inwardly from its lower end to a point adjacent its upper end and is then enlarged as shown at 3. The auxiliary receptacles 2 are curved longitudinally and taper from their upperopen'lends to theirwlower closed ends althou-gh, as abovegstated, the"particular y shapel may be varied tosuit thetrade. n v

. 'I'Ihese'several receptaclesjmay lbe made of glass or anyothersuitable-material, and may be ornamented in any desired manner. i

v My'invention resides more particularly in the meansfor coupling', theyseveral recep-. tacles. lVith .thisjendl. in view-"I provide" couplings 4j'whicli arev preferably ofA sheet metal, one of which isillustrated in perspective in Figure 5. f l

These couplings are formedfninI oner end. with a vtapering recessf, and in the otherl end with an opening 6, the latter widest atits upper end andtapering `or reducing in transverser dimension toward its lower end. The two ends 5 and 6 of the coupling 4 are connected at their ends by an integral member 7 so that the 'particular form of coupling illustrated is of somewhat rectangular shape or inverted `Uvshape in end elevation, although it isy to be distinctly understood that I do not limit myself to the particular shape of this coupling, the primary object of which is to so construct the same that one end of the coupling will engage the main receptacle and the other an auxiliary vreceptacle so as to couple the receptacles together.

In the particular 'form illustrated, the main receptacle 1 lis provided at itsv opposite 85 sides with integral enlargements 8. These Y enlargements are tapering in form from their Vupper to their lower ends and are recessed or grooved inv opposite sides adjacent the Wall of the receptacle, as shown at 9, toreceive the recessed portion 5 of one endof the coupling 4 and securely engage the enlargement. v

The auxiliary receptacles 2 are provided with integral enlargements 10 of a shape to iit'within the openings 6 of couplings 4, and these enlargements 10 are grooved or recessed adjacent the body ofthe auxiliary receptacles, as shown at 11, so that the walls of the openings 6 engage in saidv grooves and securelyv couple the auxiliary receptacles to the main receptacle.

It will be noticedpart-icularly by reference to Figure 5, that the upper end yof each coupling'has an opening 12 therein communi- 105 eating with the opening 6 so that thel enlargements 1() can be positioned through this upper opening 12`and moved downwardly i into engagement Withthe tapering side Walls of the opening 6. Hence in coupling the parts together the recessedl endsV 5 are first positionedover the enlargements 8 and then the enlargements 10 of the auxiliary receptacles 2 are moved into the opening 6 of said couplings and are securely held, preferably in the spaced relationship indicated in F igure l. Y

. With avase of this character, flowers and other decorative articles may be supported intlie main receptacle l, and other Vflowers or articles in the auxiliary receptacles 2 so asl to give the desired kspread to the bouquet as a Whole, and all of said receptacles are capable of containing Water or other fluid to sustain the life of the bouquet.

Various slight vchanges and alterations might be made in the general forni of the parts described Without departing from my invention, and hence I do not limit myself to thel precise details setforth but consider myself at liberty to make such slight changes and alterations as fairly fall Within the spirit and 'scope of the appended claims;


Vand having a reces in its other end adapted to engage the enlargement. of the other receptacle and supported thereby, both of said enlargements being Widest at their outer portions whereby the Walls of the recess and the opening are accommodated back of theY outer faces of saidl enlargements.

2. A vase, comprising a main receptacle,V

dovetail venlargements at opposite sides/of the main receptacle, a pair of auxiliary receptacles, enlargements on said auxiliaryV re-v ceptacles, and inverted Ulshaped coupling members connecting said' receptacles', said. coupling members having openings' receiving the enlargements of the auxiliary receptacles and having recessed or beveled portions straddliiig the enlargements of the main reriiriin viGGiANo

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International ClassificationA47G7/06, A47G7/00
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