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Publication numberUS1617364 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1927
Filing dateApr 22, 1926
Priority dateApr 22, 1926
Publication numberUS 1617364 A, US 1617364A, US-A-1617364, US1617364 A, US1617364A
InventorsWarner Bacon Edwin
Original AssigneeErie Tool Works
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Pipe vise
US 1617364 A
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Feb. E. W. BACON PIPE v'IsE Filed April 1926 1 iNVENTOR.


Patented Feb. 15, 1927.




.Application filed April 22, 1926. Serial No. 103,850.

Pipe Vises are ordinarily made with opposing pipe jaws, one jaw being provided with two members and the opposite jaw with a single member operating between the two members. With small sizesof pipe jaws ofthis type are apt to bend the pipe and the present invention is designed to obviate, this diificulty. Features and details of the invention will appear from the specification and claims.

' The invention is illustrated in the acco1npanying drawings as follows i Fig. 1 shows a side elevation of the vise. Fig. 2 a section on the line 22 in Fig. 1. Fig. 3 a perspective View of a supplemental jaw member. 7

1 marks the base, 2 the frame, 3 the pivot boltbetween the frame and base,4l the securingchook for-the frame, 5, the latch on the '20 base with which the hook engages, 6 the vise screw operating in the frame, 7 the vise handle, 8 the vise cross head, 9 the single jaw carried by the cross head, 10 the jaw on the base formed by the two members secured to the base by a bolt 11 extending through the upstanding ears 12 on the base. The jaw 9 has'a V-shaped jaw face 13 and the members 10 have the jaw faces 14. A length of pipe 15 is shown in the j aw.

A supplemental jaw 16 is arranged be- I tween the ears 12 and secured on the base by the bolt 11. This jaw has a jaw face 17 extending but slightly eachside of the center but of suflicient length to engage the smaller lengths of pipe. It is cut away at 18 thus affording clearance for the sides of the jaw 9 as'it is brought down between the jaw members 10. In this way the pipe is" supported at directly opposing points through the supplemental jaw 17 and'jaw 9 and thus the bending of the pipe is prevented. At the same time the jaw members 10 extending ,a considerable distance along the pipe tends to hold the swinging laterally in the j aws.

What I claim as new is 1. In a pipe vise, the combination with movable and fixed jaws, one of said jaws pipe against having two separate memberswith V-shaped jaw faces and the opposing jaw having a aw member operating between the members of the two-member jaw and having a V- shaped jaw face, of a supplemental jaw 1 member between the two jaws'and opposing sa d single jaw member, said supplemental jaw having a aw face at the center and cut away at the sides affording clearance for the single jaw member.

2. In a pipe vice, the combination with movable and fixed jaws, one of said jaws having two separate members with V-shaped'jaw faces and the opposing jaw having afjaw member operating between the members of I the two-jaw member and-having a V-shaped jaw face, of a supplemental jaw member g between the two jaws and opposing said single jaw member, said supplementaljaw having a V-shaped'jaw face ,at the cen-.

'ter and cut away. at the sides affording clearance for the single jaw member.

In testimony whereof'I have hereunto set my hand. V j p 7 EDWIN ARN R BACON.

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U.S. Classification269/269, 269/272
International ClassificationB25B1/00, B25B1/24
Cooperative ClassificationB25B1/2405
European ClassificationB25B1/24B