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Publication numberUS1617435 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1927
Filing dateJun 25, 1925
Priority dateJun 25, 1925
Publication numberUS 1617435 A, US 1617435A, US-A-1617435, US1617435 A, US1617435A
InventorsAnna Coleman, Coleman John A
Original AssigneeAnna Coleman, Coleman John A
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Sun and air bath cabinet
US 1617435 A
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SUN AND AIR BATH CABINET Filed June 25,v 1925 Izzyen o vs Patented Feb. 15,1927. e e 'I al,6l?,4d5a

1` Ame' @OLMNI #ND 'melt @tetti/rmi; 'QF- Los t ff YsniterininritBATH CABINET. Y* l i y kfiirneet-ieniiieeirmneyzs, 1925. seriei ive/39,5485 i Ouruinventi'on relatesto a new and `iin- Fig 2 is` e perspective viewof theme il proved cabinet'which'preferably comprises :i A' frame of seid"suneir'bath-cabinet,i "f1 nieta-l iframeA and 'a'. canvascoverI that-iis vott' Fig. 3 is et cross-'sectionelvjiew of the elbowjdiininsiomx 8X6 feet-for'takingnud'e sun connections on the upper cross; rod; of' the y 5`Qand air beths', (heliot-lieijepyI and areothery frame showing theend` connection f ofthe 60 apy) andwhich c'zin' be larger or smaller if curtain cross rod; end the numbers, 43, 44, l '3 so' desired'.- l `45, 46, 47 y and;l 50, correspond'to the 'like AAgnobject of the invention isI topronumbers invFigj2', indicetingtthe particuli vide zusunfeir bath cabinet that is so conpart of the `freine which is shown` inthe'`v f 19 lstruc-ted andi arrangedlns to permit the cancross-sectional view under Fig. 3i f 65 vas to be slipped onth'e frame es it is essem Fig. 4 isl a cross-sectional 'View of' one of bled; and also to provide, :i means in each the our'upper corners ofthe-frame showing ofthe upper corners` of lthe' frame for the, the mechanism ofthe extensiondevicejin 9j? extension'of their-ame and making thefsiii'` contrect'edor normal: position. i 5.1:roundinggcenvastaut. *Y Fig; 51s a cross-sectioned'view of one of- 70'. Further objects oflourY invention are theupper corners of the freine showing the f1., Tofpi'ovi'del e simple, Vconvenient .andl mechanism of theextension' Vdevice in en* inexpensive fportableA cabinet thatA isjoonextended. positiongwhereby the upperv and-'4 structed and arranged,` so that one person lower portions of the frame are separated to j 20p may,pnt'itffogetherntwenty or twenty-live" stretch ltaut the, canvas`l surrounding zthel minutes',e nd takeitlpart intenniinutes. frame, p "ff K 2. To provide et sun and air beth V'cabinet 'The component peintsv of thei'ramezas having :L cross gableV rod onwhich divided 'Shown in Fig. 2 eredescribed as follows: r dark colored curt'ains'cen be suspended so as l, 2,v 3, andy 4 indicatev /Z nietelcaps e toisli'zldeorfscreen anyl part or' e peisonusingv Whlch 'are usar as @le fet. of the thecabinetffrom the suns'rays, orexpose any 5, 6, (,fend indicate l/gf 3' nipples. 'parteci thebody to the. suns rays, thus;V 9, l0, l1, end'12 ere 1/2 Tsf I "E eliminating the use 'of sun glasses, sun 13 sind 15, are l base-pipegZ-'gzys ./volongl' n gen .loo

` shed'efsfendother'primitive methods of proiand tlireidedzit both ends'. p 3.9 tecting'tlie'eyes, heed, or-other portions of .14 represents,y a bese .p ipe',l 5,7. Qygyi. l the body while taking nude sun baths..Y long.v i i To provide a sun and air bath cabinet 16 represents a piece ofbase pipe 1,/2fby` so constructed yand arranged that the tech- 52', 7%,011 one end of which is atte'ched the nique of, heliot-herepy may be applied and emele half of a, l/gf coupling, indicated carried voutfwith the greatest' degree oi. safeas 17.. l y j 99 ty' andaccura'cy. p' 18 is a.- 1/2 X 1%: nipple- The mfilevhzilfV 4.,'10 provide4 a. light demountable sun Of 17'15 Screwed 011 18. f r@ Y and air` bath cabinet, that is simplejin con- 19, 2,0, ,21, end22v treupright corner posts struction and easy in operation, so that any that preferably vare pipes 5, 6 long, thread- 40 person-even one greatlyweakened by illness ed at both ends, the upper ends being thread- 9@ may use or operate the same for sun and air ed WO lCheS Sd 3S" O permitv upward treatments of the body and the general ap- H'lOV'QmGnt O' 23; 24,' 25, and-'26' `for extenplication of heliotherzipy and areotherapy. sionlof frame. 'Il Y f y' 5. To provide a sunzind reirbeth cabinet 23, 24, 2,5,end26are11/2 2". syleevfesorl 'having lower and upper frame portionsthat ,couplings.v which are screwed on' vthe upper i90 are adapted to. be detechably connected by end ofpi'pesv 19.?, 20, 2 1, and 22 respectiyely. means of ycorner elbows that aren-providedy 27,529`,33 .zindp eine elbows; ith ne, 'with integral extensions that are adapted to ll/zfr-l round progje ion which--isindrrl cooperate withlsleeves tohold the fra-ine por.-

75 1"V nijFi'gs, proyections'togetheii.' e tifonfl isdesigned to 'befiittedintoftlieiopeire H The accompanying drawing illustrates'the ings, in 'the v'ilfloplei' ends oiplpesflj, invention. 1 f q '1f y i efndl22`jand also intheopen ends; of; the Fig; 1'. is a. perspective'view oi!k the ,snnslee'$23,524,112@ @Pdf asllrw'i air bathcabinet when completely 'set iip 14e mol"5 1"l f long-that connects the respective elbowV pipes 27, 295m as, 35;

`30,732, are toppipes 3/8. x 341/2 long, connected by a. center T/'pipe 31 and these pipes have theirV other ends connected to the ielbow pipes 29 and 33. 36 A is pipe form'a" detachable connection'between theY 38is atop pipe 3%;7 x 33 long. v

39,1is a 3/8 coupling.V Y

A940,;is a r 5%, x 3Q nipple, attac-lied to the elbow'pipe-27. The parts 36,37, 38 and 39 elbow pipe 35y and nipple 40.

which the curtain rings areadapted .toslide The isize of the cabinet can bev increased orlzdiminislied,without changing any of its combinations V.or arrangements. t We have selected the size 6 x 8 because it is a better size for all around purposes.

- VVingto the climatic conditions; that is, where Y winds are more prevalent the pipe or tubin n Theisize of V.pipe may be increased accord.-

may-tbeV increased to -1/2. or 1%, all arounc,

v or even more if necessary..

The canvas used on the 6 x 8 fraine is :preferably made in one-piece 6 2l wide and 28 3" long. The top of the canvas istuined 4over and sewed to form an upper casing.

Y vThe canvas casing is provided with slits adjacent thefpointswwhere the corners of the frame will be when the cabinet is assembled so as tofpe'rmit the top pipes tobe extended therethrough and connections .of the frame parts made. A strip of canvas about three inches wide and preferably th-e full lengt-li i ofthe extended cabinet cover is sewed on the Canvas Vabout four inches above its bottom edge` to form another casing through which the base pipes can be extended, and this casing is also provided with slits similar to the slits in the upper casing and'for similar purposes.

Y In Vassembling the Vcabinet the opei'ation consists of first securing the parts 1, 5 and 9 p together and then extending pipe k13 through its respective portion of the lower casing ofthe canvas and securing it to the T pipe 19; Then the parts 2,6 and 10 are assembled and secured to the free end of the pipe 13; .then pipe 14 is extended through its respec- =tiveportion of thelower casing and one end Vsecured to the T pipe 10.; then parts 3, 7 and `11 are assembledand secured to the free/end of ,thepipe4 14; then pipe 15 isextended through its respectivel portion of the'lower casing-gand oneend thereof secured to the T pipe l1; then parts'fi, 8 and12 Aare assemthen pipe 16Yis extended' through its respective portion ofthe lower casing and one end secured to the T pipe 12; lthen the nip-V ple 18 is secured to the T pipe 9, vandl then the nipple 18 and pipe 16 are joined by the pipe coupling 17. Then the upright or Vcorner post pipes 19, 20, 21 and 22 are secured to their respective T pipes 9, 10, 11 and 12, and sleeves 23, 24, 25 and 26. placed on their respective post. Then, the upper portion of the frame canvas including parts 28v to 40 inclusive with the cover connected thereto are assembledkin a manner similar to that employed in assembling .the lower frame. That is the upper corner elbow 27 and nipple are secured together andthe Y extension 5l of elbow 27 insertedinto the upper end of .post 19;'then the top pipe 28 is extended through its respective part Vof the upper casing and secured to 'thev elbow 27; then the corner elbow 29 is secured to the free end of pipe 28 and its extension 51 inserted into the upper endl of post 20 then pipes 3() and 32 areconnected by the Tppe 31 and inserted through their respective portion of the upper casing and the'free end ofV pipe 30 secured to the Velbon7 29; then corner elbow'33 issecured to the free end of pipe 32 and its extension 51 inserted into the upper end of post 21 ;`then pipe'34 is inserted through its respective portion of the upper casing and secured fto the elbow V33; then. elbow 35 is secured tothe free end, of pipe 34 and its extensionv 51 inserted into ythe upper end of post 22; then pipes36 and 38 are connected by theT pipe 37 y andin-V serted through their, respective portion of the upper casing and the free; end of pipe 36 connected to the elbow 35 ;jthen the coupling 39 is utilized yto connect the free end'of pipe 38 to the nipple 40.v Itis understooderth'at, I

as the upper portion of the frame is assembled the sleeves 23, 24, 25 'and 26 are screwed down so that the projections k51 on the corner elbow can be inserted into the upper 4ends of theirk respective corner posts 19, 20, 21 and 22 to give slack to the canvas.f

After the cabinet is assembled and the ends of the canvas are secured together by automobile curtain fasteners well understood in the art, the sleeves are screwed upwards to make the canvas taut as indicated can be done bythe position of parts inFigs. 4 and 5.

' The assembly of the ridge pole pipe 45- Y* and associated parts iswell understood in the Y art and is therefore not described in detail. Y i

flAny hind of a cot may be yused inside of the cabinet. AThe curtains shown;y in Fig. 1

hang rfrom the center to within one yfoot of the ground;

The central division of the curtain' peri mits eitherl part to'be moved back and forth on the curtainfro'd so thatfa perso-n may yexpose any part or all of theV body tothe suns some and awkward methods of shading that portionof the body which is not to be eX- posed, and also protects and shades the eyes and liead without use of covers, shades; or goggles. Y Y

Various changes maybe made without departing from the spirit ci the invention as claimed. l

We claim:

l. The sun and air bathcabinet set forth comprising a demountable frame having base pipes; corner post pipes with threaded upper ends that are supported by said base pipes; Isleeves adjustably mounted on the threaded upper ends ot'. said corner pipes; top pipes connected together and arranged to be loosely engaged and supported by said sleeves; a canvas detachably secured` to and enclosing said frame, saidl sleeves adapted to be manipulated to increas-e or decrease the distance between said base pipes and` top pipes to apply tautness or slackness to said canvas.'l

2. The sun and air bath cabinet set forth comprising a demountable frame having base pipes; corner post pipes with threaded upper ends that are supported by and se-l cured to said base pipes; sleeves adjustably mounted on the threaded upper ends oi said corner pipes; top pipes; elbows securing said top pipes together; projections from said elbows that vare adapted to Vloosely eX- tend into the open ends of said sleeves and corner posts; a canvas detacliably securedto and enclosing said frame; said sleeves adaptf ed to be manipulated to increase or decrease the distance between said base pipes and top fic pipes; corner elbows securing said top pipes together; projections integral with said el-v bows that `are adapted to'loosely extend down into said sleeves and corner pipes and prevent displacement of said top pipes; a canvasdetacliably secured to and enclosing said frame, said sleeves adapted to be manipulated to increase or decrease th-e distance between said base pipes and top pipes to apply tautf.

ness or slaclrness to said canvas.

4. The sun rvand air bath cabinet set forth comprising a frame having pipe legs; corner T pipes supported by said legs; base pipesl secured to said T pipes that are arranged to form a rectangular enclosure; corner post pipes that have threaded upper ends secured to said'T pipes; sleeves adjustable on the up# per thr-eaded ends of said post pipes; upper corner Velbow pipes; projections integral with j saidl upper elbow pipesy that are adapted to be extendedloosely downward into the open ends of said sleeves and post pipes to holdv .said upper elbow pipesin a predetermined position; and top pipes secured to said Vupper f elbow pipes and arranged to form a rectangle corresponding to thek rectangle formed by 'I .said base pipes, said sleeves adapted to he manipulated to -orce said top pipes a greater ldistance away from said. base pipes or to permit said top pipes to descend by gravity itoifard said base pipes for the purpose speci- 5. T he sun and air bath cabinet set forth comprising a frame having upper and lower detached portions; adjustable sleeves interpos-ed between the upper and lower portions voit said frame; corner elbows in the upper frame portion of said frame; and projections integral with said elbows and arranged to extend downward into .said adjustable sleeves. I 1 i j vAll of which claims are as substantially set forth and described in thel foregoing specifications. Y


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