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Publication numberUS1617472 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1927
Filing dateApr 13, 1925
Priority dateSep 3, 1924
Publication numberUS 1617472 A, US 1617472A, US-A-1617472, US1617472 A, US1617472A
InventorsIone Wyse
Original AssigneeSwift & Co
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US 1617472 A
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l. WYSE Feb. 15 1927.

CARTON Filed April 13, 1925 ff ae/ Patented Feb. 15, 1927.




Application filed April 18, 1825, Serial No. 22,581, and in Canada September 3, 1924.

My invention relates to improvements in cartons for holding commodities such as butter or lard which are largely marketed in such cartons in the form of a rectangular or oblong print of standard size and weight,

" usually in one pound prints. The object of my invention 15 to provide simple means whereby thecarton itself will carry an indication of standard measurements or quantities into which the commodity may be divided for use, and resides in the arrangement and construction of parts of the cartons adapting it for such use, the essential elements of my invention being more articularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawing, Figure 1 1s a perspective view of a suitable form of carton to which my invention may be applied; Fig. 2 is a similar view on a larger scale, showing the carton open and the markings of standard measurements on 'the cover adjacent the print of the commodity within the carton; and Fig. 3 is a plan view of the blank from which the carton is formed.

Like reference characters indicate like parts in all the figures of the drawing.-

The carton, which in accordance ,with' usual practice, may be constructed of a single piece of heavy paraflined paper stock, is formed with a bottom wall 1, a back wall 2, a front wall 3 and end flaps 4 and 5 connected to the bottom wall and arranged to be bent upward at right angles to the bottom. In a pair of end flaps ,6 and 7 are formed slits arranged to be engaged by lockingtongues 8 and 9 on end flaps 8 and 9, re-

spectively, whichlatter are connected to the back wall 2 and are adapted when thefront and back Walls are folded at right angles-to such walls and the bottom adjacent the flaps 6 and 7 before mentioned. Hingedly connected to the end flaps 8 and '9 are cover flaps 10 and 11, respectively, which are adapted to fold inwardly over the top of the block of butter, or lard, within the carton.

The cover 12 of the carton is connected to the back wall 2, and at its front edge is formed with a flap 13 adapted to be inserted between the commodity contained in the carton and the front wall 3.

The inner face of the cover 12 is provided with indicating lines 14, 15, 16 and 17, the line 14 forming a space 14* corresponding to the size of the portion of the commodity A which would be contained in one cup.

The line 15 indicates a space which indicates a, quantity between the lines 14 and 15 equal to the amount which would be contained in eight tablespoonfuls of the commodity.

Similarly, between the lines 15 and 16, a quantity equal to four tablespoonfuls is indicated, and between the lines 16 and the end of the carton and the intermediate line 17, indicates a space corresponding to the quantity which would fill two tablespoonfuls.

18 is a print of butter or other commodity contained within the carton.

The above mentioned lines being placed on the inner face of the lid, are closely adjacent to the upper face of the commodity so that the housekeeper can readily score upon the commodity corresponding lines and can readily divide the print of butter or lard into portions equal to the measurements which are used in the process of cooking.

If desired, before dividing the butter, the box can be completely knocked down so that any desired portion may be at once cut off for use as indicated by the above lines.

From this description it will be seen that I have devised a very simple means whereby measurements of butter, lard or other similar commodities may be easily and quickly made without the necessity of packing cups or levelling spoons.

On the flap 13 may be placed appropriate instructions, such as the words :Before removing the lard from package, score it with a knife, a shown in the diagram below. Thus you can measure quantities as needed without the time or trouble of packing cups or levelling spoons.

I claim:

1. A carton for containing prints of butter and like commodities, provided with a cover flap hingedly connected to the body of the carton and adapted to be adjacent the longitudinal edge of the print when inserted in the carton, and having quantity indications on its inner. face and adapted to extend from the edge of the print'when so mserted.

2, "A carton of the class described having 5 a hinged cover flap adapted to bemoved to open position to permit the removal of a sub-.

stance contained therein, there being recti- 1,e17,472i i linear quantity indications on the inner surface ofsaid flap normal tothe hinged edge of the latter to enable a predetermined quantity of-said substance to be removed from the carton without mutilation of the carton.


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