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Publication numberUS1617556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1927
Filing dateJun 24, 1926
Priority dateJun 24, 1926
Publication numberUS 1617556 A, US 1617556A, US-A-1617556, US1617556 A, US1617556A
InventorsVineberg Joseph H
Original AssigneeVineberg Joseph H
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Strap fastening
US 1617556 A
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Feb.- 15, 1927. v 1511556' J. H. VINEBERG STRAP FASTENING Filed June 24. 1926 Patented Feb. 15, 1927.


v STRAP ,FASTENING Application yled. June 24, 1926. Serial No. 118,234.

which the strap may be-passed-around an object in either a single loop or in. twoV loops disposed onev at right angles to the other. Y

The object of they invention is to provide a new and improved fastening of this type having a wider range of adjustmentof the strap relatively to the buckle than fastenings of this type heretoforein use.

A further object is to provide a simplified Vconstruction in which the Y.endof the strap that is permanently connected to the buckle may be shifted to` diiferent positions relatively to the' latter' to adapt the fastening to various arrangements of looping, it

Y being possible to loop they strap around an object in a single loop, or in a plurality of loops disposed vat angles to one another;

' For full comprehension of -my invention, however, reference must be had to the ac- Y companying drawings in whichsimilar reference characters indicate the same parts,

and wherein:

Figure lis a plan view of a rectangular package having my improved strap fastening applied thereto in a single loop;

Figure 2 is a similar View illustrating the y fastening applied to the package in two loops disposed at other; v Y Y Figure 3 is a detail View of the buckle drawn to a larger scale and showing the adjustability of the strap relativelythereto; and

Figure 4c is a detail view ofv a modified form of buckle unit.

vReferring to the accompanying vdrawing my improved fastening consists of a strap indicated at 2 and a metallicunit connected to one end of the strapand comprising a buckle Sand a closed loopl of semi-circular or D-form. In Figures 1-3 the buckle frame is shown as formed integrally with the loop, the straight side of the loop and the rear side of the buckle being constituted by a single cross bar 6` to which the ends of the curved side 7 of the loop and the parallel sides 8 and 9 of the buckle are united. The buckle frame is smaller in width than the loop and is preferably of rectangular form although not essentially so. Its front side 10 is disposed parallel to the bar 6 and constitutes a fixed jaw adapted to coact right angles to eachy with a movable jaw `12 in gripping the free `7 and back upon itself as at 21 where it is end of the strap, such movable "jaw consisting off astra'ight bar with a toothedfside 13S having its'ends -14 looped around and slidabl'e on ther buckle frame sides 8 and 9; 6o A. keeper for the loose end. of the strap is provided by a comparatively small rectangular loop 15 within the main loop'and f constituted by cross bar' 6 and sides 16, 17, and 18. y Y VThe' strap is adjustably .connected to the semi-circularrside 7 vof the main loop in i such a manner that it maybe slidably shifted to any position on the arc of one hundred and Veighty degrees represented thereby. -The loose slidable connection of the present'construction is obtained by folding the lend 20of the'lstrap around the side secured by stitching or riveting.

Figure L illustrates a'modification in which the buckle frame is made separately l from the loop and the two are flexibly connected7 in this instance the loop being circular.

In the useof the improved fastening Aherein described when it is desired to pass the fastening around an object in a single loopA the permanentlyconnected Vend 20 is shifted toV position A on the curved side of thev loop at which `point itis invalignment with the buckle jaws so that the tension of the two strap ends on the buckle unit is in opposite directions.y When it is desired to pass the strap around the object in two loops thev end 2O is shifted to positionB and the strap is looped around the object in .parallelism with bar 6, following which it is passed through the loop and again looped around the object in a direction at right angles to the lirst loop, the end of the strap being secured in'jaws 12 and 13. l

If the shape of the object is irregular or if it is desired to arrange the4 loops in other positions than those indicated this may be done by shifting the end 20 to the position best suited for the arrangement and passing the strap through the loop `as many y times as the dimensions of the fastening will permit. Y Y

What I claimis as follows:

1. A strap fastening of the type described comprising a unit consisting of a buckle in which the free end of the strap may be secured and a closed loop of semi-circular e form connected to the buckle, and a strap one end of which is slidably connected to the ,Y iniasise Y' curved side ot the'loop and'. adjustable to any positionvthereo-n Witliin'an ,arc of 180 degrees. Y

2. A strap fastening of thetype described comprising Vra metallic unit Vconsisting of a buckle in Which the free end of the strap Vmay be secured and a closed loop ofD-form v formed integrally With the buckle and of greater Width thanthe latter, the rear side of the buckle and the straight side of the loop being constituted.' by a Ycross-bar coinmon yto both,V said buckle having straight i sides, a fixed jaW- formed integrally with saidrsides and disposed parallel to the cross;

bar, and a vmovable jaw having its ends 15 naine to this specification this tWenty-rst 25 dayy of June, 1926.


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U.S. Classification24/17.00R, 24/17.00A, 24/196
International ClassificationB65D63/10, B65D63/16
Cooperative ClassificationB65D63/16
European ClassificationB65D63/16