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Publication numberUS1617563 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1927
Filing dateNov 30, 1925
Priority dateNov 30, 1925
Publication numberUS 1617563 A, US 1617563A, US-A-1617563, US1617563 A, US1617563A
InventorsHenry Baum
Original AssigneeHenry Baum
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Compound tool
US 1617563 A
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Feb. 15- 1927. H. BAUM COMPOUND TOOL Filed Nov. so, 1925 INVENTOR 7W W611.



i Application filed November 30, 1925. Serial No. 72,305.

for various usages.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a view of the blade holder showing the blade sheath attached; Figure 2 is an edge view thereof;- ,Figure 3 is a view showing the blade holder unsheathed;

' holder;

- and Figure 4 is an edge-view thereof;

Figure 5 is an enlarged sectional detail on line55 of Figure 1; I

Figure 6 is a detail view of the blade Figures 7 and 8 are' views of ordinary safety blades appliable to the holder;

Figure 9 is a view of the blade sheath;

Figure 10 isan edge view thereof.

Referring to the drawings 1 is an ordinary safety razor blade with, back binding, adapted to be used as a cutting or scraping blade, removably mounted in a blade holder indicated at 2,' formed of stiff spring sheet metal having a folded back portion3, intermediate. oflsetpportions 4 oppositelydisposed and opposed spring clamping ends 5 adapted to firmly grip theblade 1' therebetween. The blade back binding 1 is supported between oflset'. portions 4, abutting against the inner shoulders thereof. The blade is mountedin the holder by inserting the blade endwise betweenthe open spring ends 3 and sliding fully back against stop 6 formed atthe opposite end of the'holder.

Figure 8 shows another form of blade 25 which may be applied. I

Blade holder 2 is adjustablymounted be tween the clevis end's'8 of a handle 7 by a means of a pivot pin 9 and snap locking .means 10 which-comprises a ball 11 set in a retaining hole 12 in a clevis end 8. A leaf gagement with ball 11.' In this J between clevis ends spring '13,'pinned at one end as at 14: to handle 7," is. cupped at its free end 15 to engage and yieldingly press ball 11 into snap locking engagement with socket 16 formed in the folded portions? of holder 2, maintaining the blade at right an les relative to the handle as shown in ull lines in Figure 3. With the blade in this position the tool is adapted to be usedas a pushablecutting tool, such as a scraper for removing paint from glass, etc.

disengagement of the snap looking means,

is provided by abutment of the substantially squared clevis tips 8 against ofi'set portions 4 of blade holder -2.

-When desirable to use the toolas' a knife or a drawing cutting tool, or a 'seam ripper,

the blade may be adjusted parallel with the handle as shown in dot and dash lines in Figure 3. This is accomplished by'disengaging ball 11 from socket 16 and turning-blade holder 2 for 90 about the pivot 4 pin 11, thereby moving socket 18 formed in the folded portion 3 into snap locking enosition the handle mounting is re-enforce and accidental disengagement of the snap locking Re-enforcement of the handle mounting, preventing accidental means prevented by oflset portions 4 of holder 2 abutting against the sides of handle clevis ends 8 and the bottom edge of folded portion3 abutting against stop 19 formed A protective blade sheagh indicated at 20 is provided to protectthe lade cutting edge and permit the 'tool' to be safely carried about. Said sheath comprises folded spring sides 21 conforming to slidingly fit ov'er blade holder 2, the slightly inturned edges 22 gripping under offset portions '4. The sheath is applied sidewise, the blade abutting against stop 23 thereof. Inwardly offset tabs 24 also grip under ofi'set por tion 4. a The tool presents an attractive appearance,

is durable yet of simple and inexpensive con-' possesses a-wide range of usestruction and fulness. r

Iclaim:" A tool comprising a forked handle, a blade holder pivoted between the forks of the handle, a blade removably held in the holder, and a/ spring catch .engageable with the holder in venous positions of the latter, to 5 present the blade at different angles to the handle, the holder having sockets, and the spring catch comprising a ball carried in 0.

hole in one of the forks of the handle and yieldably engageable in any one of the sockets, and a fiat spring secured to the I handle and pressing against the outer side of the ball.

In testimony whereof, I a-fiix rnzy si nature.


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U.S. Classification30/321, 30/169, 30/336, 30/151, 30/320
International ClassificationB26B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationB26B5/006
European ClassificationB26B5/00C