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Publication numberUS1618027 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1927
Filing dateJan 11, 1924
Priority dateJan 11, 1924
Publication numberUS 1618027 A, US 1618027A, US-A-1618027, US1618027 A, US1618027A
InventorsVogler John J
Original AssigneeAlfred H Smith Co
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Display stand
US 1618027 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Tsrspzd Feb. 15,1927. J. JVOGLER 7 DISPLAY STAND Fi led Jan. 11, 1924 Patented Feb. l5, 1927.

' UN [1 E1 5 JOHN J". voenna, or noueLAsTomivEw YonmAssxeivoR- o ALFRED E. SMITH 00.,2

. or NEW 03K, 1v. Y.,;A oonronarroivosnnw YQEK.

:DIsPLAY'sTANDQ Application filed January 11, 1924.. Serial No. 685,539. I i

i This invention relates to'certain improvements in display stands, being particularly designed for displaying tooth brushes and similar articles having handles.

It is the especial object of the invention to provide a display stand of improved design which shallmake an attractive appearance on a counter or in a show window inwhich the tooth brushes or similar articles, provided with handles, may be. displayed in an erect position,the stand being designed so that handles varying in size may be posi- -tioned as desired inthe stand.

7 It is a further object of the invention to i provide such a stand in which the articles to be displayed may be readily put in position in the stand and removed therefrom.

With these and. other objects not specifically referred to, the invention consists in certain novel parts, arrangements and combinations which will be described in connection with the accompanying drawings, and the novel hereunto appended.

In these drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view'of the im proved stand. I M

Figure 2 is a section taken on l1ne 2 2' of Fig. 1, certain of thebrushes being omitted. Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view taken on line 3 3 of Fig. 2.

g of the bottomiof the stand.

Referring now to these drawings, the 1mshort sides 3. This base isarranged to hold V the articles, such as toothbrushes in upright position, the brushes being held with the brush part at the recesses to receive the handles of the brush. These tooth brush handles are apt to vary somewhat in size sothat means are provided for accommodating handles which vary somewhat in size, the handlerecei'ving recesses being provided or. formed with handle receiving surfaces which will yield-to per-- mit this. While the specific construction for efiecting this maybe somewhat varied, as shown the base is provided with a row of recesses 4 with intervening webs 5, these recesses being provided in any desired number. The walls of these recesses are provided features pointed out in the claim,

re 4 is a partiallyibroken away view proved stand'will include a base 1, which top, and is provided with with resilient or springjmeans which will yield to receive thebrush handles, and in the particular embodiment of-the invention v illustrated, these recesses will be provided from therecesses when the brush handle is removed from the plug. This is simply effected by providing the plugs with a flange 7 which takes under a shoulder 8. formed by cutting away the base underneaththe same,

. the plugs being inserted in the recesses from the underside ofthe base. The'plugs are- I held in-position and kept from pulling out of therecesses in any suitable manner, as by a strip of veneeror the like, indicatedat 9.

These handle receiving plugs are provided with sockets, indicated by the numeral 10, and these sockets, in the best constructions are downwardly tapered, as indicated atll in Fig.2. "These sockets are, furthermore, shaped 'approximately like the brush handle they are toreceive, being, as in the present instance,'somewhat elongated to re ceive the handles 12 of the brushes, and these sockets will-extend across'the base as "shown so that the heads of the "brushes will face sideways with respect to the long-dimension of the case, thus displaying'the brushes to' the best advantage, and providing a'construction by which the brushescan only be placed 1n their correct position by the attendant in filling the case.

The display stand may, if desired, be p vided with a casing which surrounds the brushes, and this casing will preferably be 5 provided with an opening so as to permit the ready removal of the brushes therefrom; While this case maybe of various forms, as shown it comprises a top18, a front wall 14 andend walls 15, which may be of any suitable material as glass, the back of the casing 16 being left open through which the brushes may be inserted in position and removed from the casing.

With the stand shown and 7 described,

brushes and similar articles having handles g which vary considerably in cross sectlon may beaccommodated in thecase and may be secured therein so as to stand 'firmly erect, and

make. While the invention has been shown in its preferred form, it will be understood that the size, shape and material of the sockets by which the brush handles are held may be varied to some extent, as also may be the manner in which they are secured in the base, Without departing from the invention as defined in the appended claim.

-What I claim is:

A display stand for tooth brushes and a basemember having a recess provided with a shoulder adjacent thebottoin thereof,

a rubber plug seated in said r cess, a flange on said plug arranged to overlie said shoulder, saidplug having an opening there in arranged to receive the handle of the article, and a strip arranged to be secured to bottom of the base member to prevent dis placement of said plug.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set 25 my hand. 4


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