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Publication numberUS1618088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1927
Filing dateMay 26, 1926
Priority dateMay 26, 1926
Publication numberUS 1618088 A, US 1618088A, US-A-1618088, US1618088 A, US1618088A
InventorsHinrichs Anna W
Original AssigneeHinrichs Anna W
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US 1618088 A
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Feb. 15,1927; 1,618,088`

K 'A. W. HINRIYCHS PURSE Filed. May 26, 1926- l INVENTOR ATTORNEY `V the use of sleeve members carried by thej` Y Y tongues 'let` depending from under side there,k

Patented Fat.Y 15, 1927. g

UNITED srv ANNA w. Emmons, OFDAVEN'PORT, Iowa. l.


` vvAppiicauon sied May 26, 192e. serialy No. 111,806. i

This invention has particular relation Sto fastening and Ysupporting devices for pouches, bill folders, etc., upon wearing apparel. g y

An object ofthe invention comprehends article supportedthereby.and adapted to i the invention Vfurtherincludes the followingl reachof the wearer.

receive therethrough a pin fastener in order that thearticle may be readily suspended upon the apparelk and v` within convenient lVith the above and other objects in view,

novel features and details of construction, to be hereinafter more fully'described,` il- `lustratedin the accompanying drawing and pointed ,out in the appended claim.

In the drawings Y. f Y

Figure lis illustrative of the manner Vby vmeans of which a purse may be conveniently carried. f

Figure 2 is a perspectiveof` apouch vwith a cover flap` open'and illustrating the fasten# ing means for the sleeve members thereon.. f A

Figure 3 a perspective ofthe" purse with a pin fastener connected vwith thesleeve members. 7

Figure-..4 is a sectional view of the sleeve members connected with an appropriate portion of the purse.v

Figure is a perspective of the sleeve "member,

`Figure 6 1s a similar view vtothat of ',Fig-V vure et embodyingJ avmodifi'ed form ofthe Vin- 'r' vention.`

rig-'ure' :7 is a perspective fof the. modified form of Vsleeve'member purse.

Referring to the drawings 1n :detail Where,-

, in like characters of reference'denot'e corspaced compartments `.by strips lvl'eachof responding parts, the reference charactery f'lO indicates a purse or Vpouch*dividedr vinto 4of,"and adaptedV to penetrate the locking which terminates in flaps 12,' one of which includes a fasteningy means to close the open ends of the compartments. lSuch compart- I ments may be utilized. to carry` cosmetics,

coins and other paraphenalia.

Sleeve members 13 provide sharpened flap of the purse and .thereby depend v upon thelnselveslto securelyhold the sleeve members 13 thereon.` ySaid sleeve'members `are arranged in direct alignment transversely.y 55 j purse upon Va garment.

Itywil'll be seen from'the lforegoing die# 'A courseV and accompanying ldrawings. that theinvention provides anexceedingly useful and advantageous form of Supporting means for pouches, bill folders and .the like1[ i which may be readily and easily vadapted to any desired portion ofgarments 'and to lbe 7|The invention is vsusceptible tails of construction, and thelright is herein reservedlto makefsuch changes as properly f fall withinthe scope of the appendedc'laim'.

65 held against displacement and unauthorized' use( v ,Y y

y of --various vchanges in itsforrn, proportions and` minor del-lavingrt thus` described my invention,

what isclaimed is: l y y A purse, a khollow cylindrical supporting ber beingpointed to `penetrate afportion of lnfte'stimony whereof. I


75.; member,tonguesdepending from lthe mem-jg' ythe purse and bent upon themselves at'theirA junctures `with `said .membergto ysecure the j latter thereon, andfav pin fastener passed' aflix' my signature.` n

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U.S. Classification224/182, 24/265.00A
International ClassificationA45F5/00, A45F5/02
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