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Publication numberUS1618222 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1927
Filing dateApr 6, 1926
Priority dateApr 6, 1926
Publication numberUS 1618222 A, US 1618222A, US-A-1618222, US1618222 A, US1618222A
InventorsMann Carl E, Phillips Floyd H
Original AssigneeQueen City Products Inc
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Knitted cap
US 1618222 A
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Feb. 22 1927.


KNITTED CAP Filed @pr vlv...

Patented Feb. 22, 1927.

, fUmm-Stm-S 4,

FLOYD nr'nrnnirs Armenier.' nMAnn, or Burrianofnnw Yoninfnssrenons from QUEEN "CITY PRODUCTS, lINC., onBUFrALo, New YORK. yj y, p


' Appnbationfmea vAinsi' e,

u This."invent-ionrelates to improvements in knitted caps of that kind generally known as mufller caps, and which are provided-with a crown portion, a band or portion encircling the lower part of the-crown, and tabs @or muiler portions secured to the band. These v tabs are adapted to occupy either a foldedup position aga-inst "the crown of the cap or tovbe turned `Adown with the band, or a part .of 'said band,VY and usually khave their ends buttoned or otherwise fastened togetherA beneath the chinof thefwearer. l` Y n c YThe objects ofthe invention are to produce a knitted cap of this kind having the crown and the band k-nit in Aone piece, the band being formed byvfolding'upthe extended lower portion of fthe' crown, whereby'the usual seam between bandl and crown is omitted anda imore elastic and. better tting .cap is provided; also to form the knitted fabric of which the cap is made with a different' kind ofistitching. on: Veach face thereof whereby the band lwill provide a decorative part-inf'contrast with thev crown.

vOther Objects are tovprovide a-capof this sorthaving the'flaps formed of fabric'adapt- I ed toharmonize. with the bandandcontrast withV the crown in the same manner as' the A band ;f.alsol tofseve'r vor `cut theV band of;l the cap .ina novel manner andrwithout waste to provide a diagonal attaching/edge" 'for each flap', and so that the remaining edge of each cut .can be secured to the crown to form a neat finished appearance vwhen these edges are exposed.` by turning 'down the flaps;v

also to so attach said last mentioned edges.

of theband to the crown as to strengthen: the band and forrn a seam between said edge and said crown which will act to'pr'eventv undue stretchingof'and' consequent injury to the crown. Y Y

Other objects are to improve the con-v struction and production 0f knitted muifler caps in the other respects hereinafter set forthpy "k' i In .the accompanying drawings,

Fig. '1 vis a. side'view of a knitted muiiier The cap illustrated in the drawingscomprisesa crown portion 10, a band 1lv enhaving Va frontpart A-12'and back part13.

circling the lower portion ofv said crown and The cap 'also has opposite yside flaps 14,1

which, whenfolded up, are'secured yby but'- ton holes 15 to, buttons 16 on the crown, as usual.y see F ig. 1. When used as amuflier,A

ythe flaps 14 and the back part 13 of the'fband are turned d0wn,las shown inlFigl 2,*"and lthe ends of the aps are then lbuttoned or otherwise securedL together under the chain .1n Vtheusual manner.4

In accordance with the invention, the

cardigan stitch "18,-.while i the inner face "is rack knitted aslshown at 19. Consequently,

after the material has'been cut to form the A 7o l Fior example,` thev router face of the fabric may'comprisehalf crown 10, and the lower part ofthe piece-of material has been turned outwardly'and upfVA wardly against the crown, a band 11 vis provided which'contrasts with vor, has a different appearancel to'that of the crown, resulting in a-cap of distinctive appearance.

By* making the crownof the cap andthe band in one piece, the lower part of thecap which g is stretched around the head 'of the* wearer is 'muchmore elastic'than when'AV the crown and band are" sewn' i together as lwas heretoforedone. This notonlyv affords greater comfort-'for vthe wearer but2 ralso makes it possible to use one size of cap for a larger number of different head sizes.

The flaps 14 are preferably produced from strips of material knit to match the band. In order to provide attaching edges for the flaps 14, so that each flap ,can extend at the desired angle to the band 11, the band isv severed at each side of the vcap Von a diagonal line extending downwardly land forwardly fromthe't'op substantially to the vbottom edges 'of theV flap, thus foriningthe .fronty and back portions 12 and 13,.ter1ninating in adjacent diagonal. edges 2O and .2.1 respe@ tively. Each flap 14 is cut square or' at right cap embodying our invention, showingjthef angles to itslength across `that endbywhich it is to be secured, thusfproviding a straight edge 22 which is stitched to an edge 21 of the band partl. Thus, when thevband part 13 and the flaps 14 are folded, theseparts will be of contrasting appearance to the crown. Y

,In order to provide a neat and inished appearance to theA cap, particularly when Y Would be the case, for example, if the cut-sl lll in theband were inadje straight across said band, thus leaving upright edges which could only be secured by a seamv vextending along` olie or possibly two. of the adjacent upright ribs-or the crown. K y

A niuiiler cap, produced as above edscribed, is,l neat and attracti-v'e'in appearance, and by reasonl of the one piece construction of the crown and;y band and the diagonal cutting or said band, thecap is economically produced,

without;` waste, and Yparts .are provided to Vwhich the ii'ap's can be readily attached.

W'e claim as o url invention:-

l, A cap having a crown and a turned up band aroii'ild the lower portion of said crown, said band being knitted in. one piece with saidcrownA and folded upwardly at the lower edge of thecriown, said band being slit diagoiial-ly at opposite sides of said crown substantially troni its upper edge to its connec-V tion with said crowngytlius dividing said` band intor frontI and baci; portions, and flaps each;- liaving a stra-ight edge connected to one diagonali edge.- oiy each slit and adaptedto be turned down with! the back; portion of said band tofoini a muffler. A K 2. A cap having a `crown and a turned up band around the lower portion of said crown, said band consisting or a single strip of material extending: around thel lower part of' the ciown and being slit diagonally at opposite sides of said crown substantially from its upper `edge'to its connection with said crown, thus dividing said band into front and back portions, and a flap having.

an edge cut substantially at right angles to its ylength and connectedto one diagonal edge or each slit and adapted to be turned down with the back portion of said'band to :formV upper edge to its connection with said crown,

thus dividing said band into front and back portions having diagonalends, and a pair of -ilaps each lhaving an end cut substantially at right angles to its length and adapted to be secured to one of thediagonal ends of said back portion'of said band, said fiaps being adapted to be turned down therewith to, forni a iiiuflier,l and said diagonal endsroiesaid front portion of said band being secured to said crow-n.

l1 A cap having a crown and a turned up band around the lower portion of said crown, said crown and band beingrormed or a single piece of knitted fabric' having contrasting stitching on its opposite races,and said band bein-g fold-edV upwardly from the lower edge.

or said crown whereby said band and crown are produced without a seam, and said band is of appearance contrasting with said crown,- said band being'slit at opposite sides or said crown to provide a part which, when turned down, will harmonize with. said crown, and v also to provide attachi'ngiedges on, said part, and flaps adapted to be secured to saidffattaching edges, said flaps beingadapted, when folded, to harmonize with said band and contrast withl said crown. c



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