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Publication numberUS1618273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1927
Filing dateOct 31, 1921
Priority dateOct 31, 1921
Publication numberUS 1618273 A, US 1618273A, US-A-1618273, US1618273 A, US1618273A
InventorsJohn F Davidson
Original AssigneeJohn F Davidson
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Body exerciser
US 1618273 A
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Feb. 22,1927. 1,618,273

I J.F. DAVIDSON BODY EXERCISER Original Filed OC 51. 1921 Patented Feb. 22,1927,

- v The rarss PAT NT JOHN F. navrnsoif, "or s'r. PAUL, accessory BODY nxnnorsnn.

Application filed October 31, 1921,'Seria1 No. 511,570. Renewed July 28, 1526.

This invention relates to physical exercisers and 'mo re particularly to that typeof devices designed to be supported and carried by the body of the user, an object of the inven tion beingfto provide a device whereby the limbs, headand neck of the user will be resisted against movement in certain directions, by tensely elastic bands radiating from an area located in the region ofthe spine and rang ing from the girdle-of the chest to the girdle of the abdomen. I I I i I I A further object of the invention is the provision of a body receiving harness, which is adapted to be fastenedto the trunk of thehuman body, to constitute a foundation, or fixed section to which the feet, hands and head are elastically-connected by means of elastic bands so that a pull set up inl the bands, will be concentratedin a certain area of the trunk of'the user, the elastic b'ands being capable of adjustment and so arranged, that, when stretched, theywill tend to flex the body of the user into various attitu'des. V V

A still further object of :the invention-is the provision 'of a body exerciser, which will be adjustable'whereby to vary the tensile "resistance supplied bv th'e elast io con- 'nections', by shortening or lengthening them, those parts of theexerciserconstituting the foundation to which the elastics areconnected, being also constructed of yielding-or elastic material, whereby to so .yieldingly bind the muscles of the abdominal and chest walls, as to imposeworkuponthemin their effort to perform their normal functions;

To this end the invention consists in the construction," combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed:

Figure l is a perspective view of my improved exerciser. I

Figure '2 is an enlarged perspective view of-a detachable hook and ring connection, whereby the elastic bands are detachably secured tothe'abdominalbelt.

Figure 3 is a front View of a section of the chest gird-1e,- showing the ring supports thereon, and

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a figure showing the exerciser in use.

The invention comprises a' foundation section A, an upper body section B, and a lower limb section C.

Section A'consists of an abdominal belt or'girdle 1, and a chest band or girdle .2, said belt andband being connected by a pair of spaced, vertically. directed straps .3, said straps being disposed one on -either side ofthe spine of the-wearer. I I

The upper body portion B comprises a headpiece et,. c.onnected by means ofan elastic band 5, (allithe elastic bandsbeiiig preferablyof rubber) to theches'tband 2, and two ,hand' pieces 6, connected by -,;elastic bands 7, on either side "of the band 5, to the chest band and preferablv i'nelinement withthe straps 3. 1

flhe lower limb section C, consists ofxa pair of foot pieces 8,connected'by the elasticbands 9, to the abdominal belt. '1 said bands being also with the straps 31 The head piece 4, consists of a head' strap 10,:having buckle adjustment ll,said strap fastened around the skull across the forehead thereof; and a crown strap :12ssecured at'its ends'to thel1ead;stra-p,vand extending from the center of the iforeheadxover ith'e ton of the skull to the rear thereof.

Secured 'to the rear of the .head s't rap preferably in a'linenielit preferably in alinement with ithe croiv n strap 12, is .th-esnapihook 13:.(Wl1l0lLi-S typical of all the. snap ;hooks.;hereinafter -referredto).saidsnap hook being connected to r :the loople of? the elasticr ban'd 5. The ends aof :all the elastic bands shown are formed with loops similarto loop 14, these loops bein-g preferablyintegral withtlieibody of the band.- The-band .5 is connected to the chestv bandQ, by means of-snap hook-113,.and a strap adjustment-link 15, said link being preferably madei of "a leather strap, having maytbe lengthened when desired. 7

Thus, the length 'ofwthe connection :be-

an adjustable buckle joint wherebythe'link tweenthe headpiece and the chest-band may be iiaried, to render the device available for persons of different size. and also for the purpose. of increasing or' reducing the tensile' resistance of the'baird. T-he elastic band connections 7, connecting t hehand pieces 6 with the chest band or girdle, 1 incl-tide adjustable strap -links 15, secured to the chest band, preferably by means of rings 16, as shown in Figure 2, of the drawings, and whlch is typical of all rings hereinafter referred to as ring connections, these rings being attached by means of a loop 17, of suitable material stitched to the chest band. The rings are mounted'sufficiently loose in said loop as to permit a substantially universal movement of the link straps 15.

The upper ends of the straps 3, are also provided with adjustable link straps, having ring connections with the breast band 2, the ring connections with the link straps of the elastic bands 7, being secured to the chest band, by a band of material extending through the rings, and firmly stitched to the chest band as shown in Figure 3 of the drawings.

At their outer ends, the bands 7 have hook connections 13 with the rings 16, which latter, in turn are connected to the hand pieces 6, the latter consisting of a loop preferably of leather and adapted to receive the hand or be gripped thereby. A glove may be substituted for the loops if desired.

Obviously, by adjusting the strap links 15, the length between the hand pieces 6, and the chest band, may be extended or reduced as required.

The foot pieces 8, 01 the lower limb section, consist of heel. enclosures 16 having instep straps 17, whereby the foot may be firmly strapped into the foot piece, the latter being secured by means of the hook connection 13, to the loop l l of the bands 9.

At their upper extremities, the bands 9 have adjustable strap link connections 15, with the hooks 13, which in turn have ring connections 16, with the belt 1. Thus, the distance between the belt 1 and the foot pieces may be adjusted, as to length as desired.

The abdominal belt 1, is somewhat wider than the chest girdle, and is provided with two elastic sections 18, made of manufactured elastic material, such as is used for the elastic straps of ordinary suspenders an d the like, the belt being provided with strap and buckle fastening 19, whereby it may be adjusted to be firmly fastened around the abdomen of the wearer. The belt is further provided with a pair of additional rings 16,

mounted at side thereof, which are intended to receive the strap links 15, of the elastic bands 9, when it is desired to move the toot pieces, so that the direction of pull of the bands on the lower limbs. when they are exercised, may be changed from the rear of the belt to the side or front of the abdomen.

.The construction of the chest girdle, is similar to that of the belt, it having two elastic sections 20, strap and buckle fastening 21, and rings 16, whereby the upper limb exerciser elements forming part of the upper body portion B, may be shifted to the side or front of the chest band.

In operation, as shown in Figure 4, the pull of the elastic hands, when the limbs are outstretched, tend to bend or flex the upper and lower limbs, of the user, while the band 5 yieldingly resists a for *ard movement of the head, whereby the muscles of the limbs and neck may be energized to oppose the tension of the elastic mediums through a course of vigorous exercises, to develop them.

By moving the upper and lower limb elements from the rear rings to the rings provided at the front and side oi the chestband, the tendency to pull the body backward is reversed, so that the arms when extended will be subject to a ('lownwardpull, as distin guished from an upward. pullwhen the bands are resting on the shoulders, as shown in Figure 1'.

The sect-ion A, constitutes a foundation,


or a part lined to the body ot the wearer,

designed to withstand the strains and stresses to which it subjected by the ac tiviti s of the limbs, neck and head. Soit canvass shoes may be substituted for the foot pieces shown, and other "forms of foundation sections devised, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

I claim:

1. A body exerciser comprising in combination, a pair of body encircling belts, connected to each other at the rear but being unconnected at the front, a pair of hand pieces, elastic members connecting said hand pieces to the upper belt in alinement with the points at which the belts are connected, a head piece, an elastic member connecting said upper belt intermediate said hand piece members with said head piece, a pair of foot pieces, and elastic members connecting said foot pieces with said lower belt in alinenient with the points at which the belts are connected.

2. A body exerciser comprising an abdominal belt and a chest belt, strap connections between these belts at the rear thereoi. and parallel to the spine, hand pieces, elas tic members connecting the hand pieces to the chest belt in alinement with the strap connections, toot pieces, elastic members connecting the foot pieces to the abdominal belt in alinement with the strap connections, a head piece, and an elastic member connecting the head piece to the chest belt at a point intermediate of the strap connections.

In testimony whereof I ailix my signature.


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